It’s emerged that the former Labour administration in the Vale of Glamorgan initiated a clampdown on “secure” tenants who didn’t pay their rents

It’s been revealed that between April 2016 and March 2017,  the former Labour administration in the Vale of Glamorgan Council issued “Notices Seeking Possession” to no fewer than 869 so-called “secure” council tenants. 

The figure represents an increase of 28% in the legal actions taken against “secure” tenants in the previous year.

Secure tenants are a category of council tenant who enjoy several benefits not available to other local authority tenants: –

  • Secure council tenants in the Vale are allowed to bestow “succession rights”  in their tenancy on their death to their spouse or another member of their family – ensuring the property remains occupied by the same family.
  • Secure tenants are allowed to  take-in paying lodgers
  • Secure tenants are allowed to “sub-let” part of the property they occupy.
  • Although maintenance to the property is carried out by the Vale Council, “secure” tenants can – if they wish to – to carry out ‘home improvements’ .
  • Secure tenants also continue have the right to buy the home they rent from the council  at a discount to current market values

The Labour administration – which initiated the clampdown on tenants who didn’t pay their rent on time – lost control of the council  when the Conservatives took power after the local government elections on May 4th 2017.

  • Between April 2016 and March 2017 the Labour administration initiated what it called “formal recovery proceedings” against a total of 117 council tenants.
  • In the case of “Secure” tenancies”,  legal “Notices of Seeking Possession[ – i.e. removing secure tenants from their homes]  were issued to 869 secure tenants  – compared with 677 in the previous year.
  • Most defaulting tenants appeared to have paid up when confronted with eviction. A total of only 13 tenants were actually evicted from Vale council-houses and flats in the 12 months period to the end of March this year .

An internal council report says that there has been “further automation of the recovery process which has saved time carrying out administrative tasks and allowed staff to increase personal contacts with tenants and provide assistance to manage their rent accounts”.

The Vale Council  is now increasing the use of SMS messaging to remind tenants of their rent arrears and reports that 3 new “Income Officers ” have been appointed to chase-up defaulting tenants .

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  1. Chris David says:

    Secure tenants!! I just want to be secure in the knowledge they’re paying there way like the rest of us.

    • Lucie says:

      Don’t be silly we are paying! I always thought social housing was for low wage earners!But no you have to be on benefits or you won’t get one!!(and have at least 3 kids!!!I think that helps)

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    How can they run a Housing Policy if they can’t afford stamps for the Eviction Threats and have to resort to threatening by text?
    There are 6300 Social Housing Units under control of the Con with Independents Vale Council of which 869 tenants went into default in a 12 month period if PDN is correct. 14 out of every 100 had imminent CCJ level eviction arrears then at some time during the year
    The Vale continue to perpetuate the lie that 6000 new Houses are needed in Sully/Lavernock/Cosmeston. This fiction is based on the inflated “homeless” figures and lies blatantly peddled by the Edogan Turkish style LDP and the North Korean tactics of the Welsh Government Housing Ministry of Fear.
    Section 106 dictates where such dire homelessness need occurs that up to 50% i.e. 3000 will need to be Social Housing.
    That looks like another 430 Eviction Notices (sorry- Texts) per year could be on the cards for the cash strapped ruling Con with Independents -Cowbridge run Council.
    The housing admin at the Vale is clearly out of its depth now so what of the future.
    We can safely add extra Rent Arrears Enforcement Bailiffs to the cost of our Roads and Children’s lungs choked with Traffic fumes as they make their way to the non existent school places.
    Heaven help us!

  3. sadlab says:

    I have been summer seasonal worker at a job (5 years) that I enjoy but looking for permanent local work due to family comitments etc and do other jobs in winter as I can find them.
    Last winter I could not find work for a long time so I had to apply for universal credit (UC) when I finished at the start of November . I was in constant communication with the UC phoneline and was promised payment within days that did not materialise I had to pay my rent from my savings and was using them up at a rapid rate paying £110.00 pw for a council property and about £10.00 pw for water rates besides gas electric internet/phone food mobile etc with no income I was entitled to UC but they kept on making excuses and finally paid me in the middle of January .
    In the meantime I had stopped paying rent for the last 6 weeks or so having been sworn that I would be paid all back rent that I was owed only after I said i would contact my local MP and press btw.. To be fair to the vale council they believed the UC promises as I did and held off but finally gave me a (notice to quit tennancy)=veiled threat – and I had to pay the arrears from my savings again untill my UC was finally paid with arrears .
    I think it may be due to the switchover to the totally ill concieved universal credt rather than just the Vale housing dpt but if I had no savings I would have been one of the many homeless.

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