“We want a By-Pass”: A packed public meeting in Dinas Powys in November last year chaired by Andrew R T Davies  gave overwhelming support to the by-pass

The Conservative leader in the Welsh Assembly Andrew R T Davies – who’s been pressing the Welsh Government for an update on its response to Dinas Powys villager’s  demands for a by-pass – has now received an encouraging update on the potential project.

Welsh Government Transport Minister Ken Skates

In a written response to Mr Davies,  the Welsh Government’s  Infrastructure Minister  Ken Skates has now  confirmed that the Welsh Government is awaiting the outcome of a stage one report into the transport issues in Dinas Powys and that the next phase would be commissioned to provide details on costs – before recommending a preferred solution.

Andrew R T Davies –  who represents South Wales Central – has been leading the campaign for a by-pass and attended the packed public meeting in Dinas Powys at which there was a unamumous vote in favour of the by-pass scheme .

Mr Davies said, “Dinas Powys residents have been promised a by-pass for over 5 decades, and I’m pleased that the campaign is finally gaining serious traction. The progress that has been made is to be welcomed, and I look forward to the publication of this latest report.”

Andrew R T Davies speaking to the packed public meeting on the Dinas Powys By Pass in November 2016

The by-pass scheme could have major implications for Penarth.  Andrew R T Davies said today “I will continue to work alongside local residents to deliver a by-pass and secure a solution to the significant bottleneck in Dinas Powys – which has implications for all travelling between Cardiff and Barry.”


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  1. Ian Perry says:

    A meeting was held for, and attended by people wanting a by-pass. They then had a show of hands… It wasn’t likely that the vote would be anything but unanimous.

    They’ve also found people to support their opinions that yet another road will solve the problems of too many vehicles squeezing through junctions… Of course this is total nonsense, but not what people want to hear.

    No road is a “bottle neck”. The problems occur at the junctions like Merrie Harrier and Baron’s Court. This by-pass, like the other Tory road building schemes planned for the Vale, does nothing to address the real problems.

    There is a belief in the Conservative Party that if you repeatedly spend public money on old, discredited, failed ideas that eventually you will get success, or at least you’ll get votes and divert public money for your own advantage.

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    Today the Welsh Government (and Scottish) are demanding £1.67bn from Theresa May after the shameless bribing of the DUP to prop up her government. Andrew RT Davies and the Welsh Torys are keeping silent about this. Dream on Andrew if we don’t get the cash it can’t happen.
    There is no magic money tree remember!

  3. Dave says:

    There is no capacity at the merrier harrier or barons court to increase throughput without major works and how do they do major works when they can’t close the roads. Plus the amount of houses creeping along sully lane and near the Murch means that a bypass to the Penarth side won’t be viable in years to come as it will then be full of houses. A better move would be to add lots more bus lanes 😉 and them make the busses free and run every 10 minutes. Oops what nonsense, a bit like this bypass plan…..

  4. Steven says:

    Talk about delusion. The issue for any government is to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, not to build more roads, by-passes and motorways. Look at ways to reduce cars, not encourage their increase. Soon we will have gridlock everywhere. It will be like something from a JG Ballard novel.

  5. Max Wallis says:

    Of course a by-pass won’t solve the ‘congestion’ problem that the Council say it’s to address. But there are advantages in having vehicles queue up on roadway outside the main street and homes. The by-pass could be coupled with bus-gates to stop cars passing through and deter cars running around the village/town. High NO2 and venhicle fumes at the Murch junction and school would be cut. A town bus could circulate freely and quickly, so at low cost. Cycling around would be safe and comfortable, while commuting-cyclists would gain a pleasant through route, instead of the stupid diversion up the Murch and via Penarth’s Billybanks to Penarth Haven and Pont y Werin or the Barrage (that the Council did try to impose on us). We’ll keep the traffic congestion as the way to pressurise people to switch to the train and bus. As proposed at the Dinas consultation event, a big Park& Ride with new Biglis station off the link road east of Barry, accessed by the rail underbridge, could work(with upgraded rail capacity), unlike Labour’s Park&Ride from Cosmeston.

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