The Cardiff Tidal Lagoon superimposed on an Ordnance Survey map

A so-called Environmental Impact Scoping Report on the huge Cardiff Tidal Lagoon project (which has been produced by the scheme’s own backers  Tidal Lagoon Cardiff Ltd) – says the project could :-

  • Send treated sewage from Cardiff and Penarth to the holiday beaches at Barry
  • “Impede” ships going up the Severn Estuary to Newport
  • Add to the noise in the Severn Estuary
  • Impact upon  the “significant” and “unspoiled” views out to sea from Penarth
  • Reduce the volume of visitors and tourists in Penarth
  • Increase road traffic in the Cardiff and Penarth areas

Barry’s popular beaches already have plenty of plastic detritus being washed ashore. If the  proposed Cardiff/Penarth Tidal Lagoon is built, bathers could find themselves swimming in treated sewage originating from Penarth   (Photo Nicola Selfridge September 2016 )

SEWAGE: The report says the huge Cardiff/ Penarth Tidal Barrage would so alter water flows in the Severn Estuary and Bristol Channel that it could push treated sewage, (currently discharged into the sea off Lavernock) onto  the bathing beaches of  Barry.

An extract from the Environmental Impact report indicating the potential to send Penarth sewage to Barry’s beaches.

Currently raw sewage from a pumping station on Penarth Esplanade and  from a similar station in Western Cardiff is pumped by underground pipeline to Cog Moors where the sewage is  treated before being discharged out into the Bristol Channel off Lavernock below the low tide level.

The inside of the 40 foot deep shaft beneath Penarth Esplanade from which raw untreated sewage is pumped to Cog Moors treatment facility before being discharged into the sea off Lavernock.

However the Scoping Report on the power-generating Tidal Lagoon project says that the treated sewage discharged at Lavernock is “likely  to be affected by changes in dispersion” and has “potential to affect Barry Bathing waters

The treated sewage discharged at Lavernock comes not only from Penarth and West Cardiff but also from Sully, Wenvoe and part of Barry.

The much-loved view out fo sea from Penarth Pier and Penarth Esplanade  would be gone forever if the Cardiff Tidal Lagoon is built (Photo Peter Stealey)

VIEWS FROM PENARTH: The Tidal Lagoon Scoping Report admits the  Tidal Lagoon could have  an impact on the outlook from Penarth from what it calls “Penarth Registered Park and Garden with its ‘significant views’ (as defined by Cadw) looking seaward from the Welsh coast.”

[ PDN Note: In fact the huge 40 foot high rock and concrete wall of the Tidal Lagoon would extend all the way from Cardiff, past Penarth Head , Penarth Pier, Penarth Esplanade  and further south along the Cliff Walk approximately as far as a line drawn out to sea to the East from Whitcliffe Drive. It would totally obscure the view of the Severn Estuary and the Somerset Coast from Penarth Esplanade and Penarth Pier.]

The Cardiff/Penarth Tidal Barrage would impede cruise ships like Magellan (seen here on passage down-channel from Newport)  which would have to take the “long-way around” to reach  Newport if the Tidal Barrage is built

SHIPPING : The Environmental Scoping Report also admits that the barrage would “impede” ships bound for Newport. They would have to be  to be diverted East to skirt the huge barrage and probably take the longer course East of the Monkstone Lighthouse both on “inward and outward bound voyages from Newport”. [ i.e. most shipping would have to use the Bristol side of the Bristol Channel ].

One of 90 noisy underwater power-generating turbines which would be sited at the Penarth end of the Cardiff Tidal Lagoon. It’s feared they would decimate 25% of the fish passing through them

NOISE : The potential noise levels from the 90 power-generating turbines -[ all of which would be at the  Penarth end of the Tidal Lagoon]   – is also considered by the Tidal Barrage Scoping Report.  However the report attempts to assuage concerns about noise levels by making the tenuous claim that  “Estuaries by their nature (relatively shallow with large volumes of water movements) are naturally noisy environments.”  The report also refers to the land use of  popular seafront destinations such as Penarth” – thus wrongly implying that Penarth seafront itself is already noisy.

The report says that following liaison with City of Cardiff Council [ but apparently not with the Vale of Glamorgan Council ]  “automated noise monitoring” should be undertaken at “residential locations near to the landfall at Penarth Marina or Ferry Court” . [PDN Note: No noise monitoring is proposed for Penarth Esplanade or the Penarth sea-front as a whole.]

Penarth Esplanade could be devoid of tourists if the Tidal Lagoon is built

TOURISM  The Environmental Scoping Report says preliminary research into the impacts on tourism of other significant infrastructure projects has revealed that the most likely effects may relate to what it calls  Perceptions surrounding the visual impact of the [Tidal Lagoon ]  with visitors placing value on an ‘unspoilt’ local environment, together with the importance of views across the Estuary from visitor accommodation businesses, attractions and users of recreational routes”

The Tidal Lagoon Environmental Report was first issued in March but was re-promulgated yesterday

The authors of the report –   say the negative effect the lagoon could have on tourism would be mitigated by the number of construction workers coming to stay in local hotels and guest houses.

Somewhat crassly, the report lists the “positive impacts as a result of workers  providing welcome off-season business to accommodation providers, pubs and shops”  and also notes the potential negative impacts”  as a result of the “take-up of accommodation space by construction workers during the main holiday season, possibly leading to reductions in visits to local attractions.” 

[PDN Note: The report does not go on to forecast what sort of state the blighted Penarth tourist industry would be left in after construction work is complete and the huge concrete and rock-armour curtain has been erected across Penarth’s seafront.]

The report also tentatively suggests the Cardiff/Penarth Tidal Lagoon could become a “tourist generator” in its own right –  pointing out that 70,000 people a year go to look at the La Rance Estuary in France

Penarth commuter traffic could be made worse by congestion on key routes caused by the huge construction project

TRAFFIC : The report says there would be a further impact on tourism deriving from increased traffic on the local road network due to construction of the Tidal  Lagoon
Project. [PDN Note: The report does not mention the impact on road congestion during construction for Penarth commuters ] 

Local fishermen waiting off Penarth Pier for starting signal beginning of the annual cod fishing contest (Photo Peter Stealey)

YACHTING AND BOATING AND WATER RECREATION: There is only nominal mention in the report on the effects that the Cardiff / Penarth Tidal Lagoon would  have on the thousands of leisure craft and fishing vessels now operating from Penarth and Cardiff Bay and no detailed analysis of the navigational issues which would arise.

FISH KILLING : Despite several pages of the Cardiff Tidal Lagoon Environmental Impact Scoping Report being devoted to an analysis of fish stocks in the Bristol Channel the report gives no estimates of the volume of fish which would be killed by the 90 underwater turbines . [PDN Note: Natural Resrouces Wales have estimated  that 21% of migrating salmon and 25% of sea trout could be killed by the Swansea Tidal Lagoon every year – but these figures are disputed by the Swansea scheme’s backers]

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  1. Chris David says:

    This looks very worrying- what do our professionals here think? I know some readers have expertise in the sector. The fish kills are very worrying when you consider that 25% killed leaves a reduced number migrating the following year and 25% of the reduced number killed the following year means eventually migratory fish stock will reduce to nil or near. We must also remember that it’s two way- isn’t it? i.e. salmon and sewin post spawned, or as young fish leaving the rivers for the sea will be decimated as well? There are other species that traverse as well like mullet.

    • Mark Foster says:

      Wot about the poor Noah’s Arks, also known as Carcharodon Carcharias, Monsieur Cabane de Plage. LOL.

  2. Dan Potts says:

    I would not worry too much about the possible impact of this, reading the press reports yesterday about the Swansea barrage which may not be built unless the funding is sorted soon, if this is the case the Cardiff barrage unfortunately is dead in the water so to speak.

  3. Jan Harding says:

    Penarth is beautiful as it is so please Tidal Lagoon Cardiff Ltd don’t do this I feel it will spoil everything about our perfect town.

  4. Max Wallis says:

    While some of Penarth’s sewage has to be pumped, most flows downhill to Cog Moors. But the Cog Moors works does not just discharge treated sewage, as the “storm time” by-pass is often used. Dwr Cymru added a UV system on this by-pass to reduce the numbers of sewage bacteria and enteroviruses, but still discharge untreated macerated sewage.diluted with rainwater. The bathing water data show this is already reaching Barry’s beaches; whether tidal current changes due to the lagoon would increase or decrease this – and similar discharges from Cardiff East Moors discharge – seems speculative. At least the consultants have covered themselves by flagging up the point.

  5. snoggerdog says:

    the way youve described it,turkeys & xmas come to mind !

    • Max Wallis says:

      … perhaps better – chickens coming home to a sewage-strewn roost.
      Several dogs using Barry Island/Whitmore Bay beach in the winter season (when they switch off the UV system) were taken ill, but the VoG officers declared it to be a mystery, rather than point fingers at sewage discharges – with the signals that would put out to day-trippers.

  6. cogan nomen says:

    There has been a large pipe crossing the river Ely for at least 80 years .
    I believe it has been conveying Cardiff sewage towards Barry .
    Am I wrong ?

  7. JTR69 says:

    I don’t think that Penarth will become a Chernobyl like ghost town as suggested by the tone of this article.
    I don’t see why they don’t just go the whole hog and do a proper barrage to North Somerset from Lavernock Point with Motorway / rail / foot/ cycle path across. The Chinese or Qatari Sov Wealth fund will gladly pay for it.

  8. Clive says:

    Are 2 lagoons more or less than one pucker Barage from lavernock to brean down?

  9. Mr Plymouth Hoe says:

    At least the disruption caused by the tidal barrage we will have something to show for it.
    Unlike the media luvvies blocking Plymouth road again today and tonight, they cant be bothered even to put a sign up apologising for the disruption the cause.

  10. Fishhenge says:

    Penarths rates seem to get siphoned off towards Barry, we may as well send them the s**t too.

  11. winston wolf says:

    BWAAHAHAHAHA !!!! Fair go Fishhenge , genuine thanks for posting the funniest comment I’ve read in MONTHS !! -nailed it in one line !
    (been laughing like a DRAIN all day !!!!)

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