The General Election votes in the Cardiff South and Penarth Constituency were counted at Cardiff City Hall (Media Wales) – but there were no checks on whether anyone had voted more than once

The Prime Minister, Theresa May,  has now called for anyone who illegally voted twice in last month’s General Election to  be reported to police.

The call comes amidst growing concerns about suspected widespread electoral fraud carried out by Labour-supporting students – specifically affecting university cities and constituencies which have thousands of students on the electoral register.

The Electoral Commission requires a change in the law to institute more rigorous procedures

The Electoral Commission says it is investigating what it calls “troubling evidence” of illegality across the country on polling day. It has received more than 1,000 complaints from the public and 38 complaints from MPs.

Some students are said to have used stolen  polling cards to impersonate genuine registered voters at polling stations and there are reports that some students boasted of voting as many as 6 times in the General Election in a bid to get Jeremy Corbyn and Labour elected.

The result of the widespread fraud is a suspiciously high turn-out figure in many constituencies and an unusually high number of votes being cast for some Labour MPs .

Labour’s Stephen Doughty delivers his victory speech after an apparent 51% increase in his vote.

There has been a puzzling  increase in turnout in  Cardiff South and Penarth in the last 5 years which is not explained by the increase in the population of the constituency: –

  • 2012 Cardiff South and Penarth By-election Turnout = 19,436 (25.7%)
  • 2015 Cardiff South and Penarth Election Turnout = 46,667 (61.40%)
  • 2017 Cardiff South and Penarth Election Turnout = 50,736 ( 66.3%)

The number votes cast for the Labour candidate Stephen Doughty rose by an unprecedented 51%  between the General Elections of  2015 and 2017 :-

  • In the 2015 General Election  Stephen Doughty received 19,966 votes.
  • In the 2017 General Election Stephen Doughty received 30,182 votes .

Former Labour Prime Minister and MP for Cardiff South and Penarth James Callaghan

[ In 1983, in the same constituency, the former Leader of the Labour Party and former Labour Prime Minister –  James Callaghan – received only 17,833 votes and never  – in all his career –  received anywhere near 30,182 votes ]

Elsewhere, one MP has reported a case where two students who were out of the country and had not registered for postal votes were recorded as having voted in the General Election  – the suspicion being that their polling cards were stolen and fraudulently used by other students to vote twice . [Voters have to declare a  name and address at a polling station but are not required to produce or hand over their voting card].   

Peter Bone (Conservative Wellingborough)

Conservative MPs Peter Bone and Chris Chope are introducing a private member’s bill to halt  the currently-legal practice of allowing students to be registered to vote in both their home towns and their university city. He has told the Daily Telegraph no action has been taken so far by the authorities. [Currently students are legally allowed to vote on two different electoral registers in local council elections but double-voting (i.e. voting twice) in a General Election is illegal, fraudulent and can result in a £5,000 fine. ] 

The Labour Party – which induced students to vote Labour by pledging to scrap student tuition fees (a policy on which the party U-turned immediately after the election)  – has refused to support any ban on people registering to vote in two constituencies.


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  1. Proud Penarth Local says:

    The real reason for the increases in turnout and the large Labour majority is the fact that so many who voted are non UK nationals in this constituency.
    25% of all births in the UK last year are to mothers who were not born in the UK.
    As a comparison Denmark is 4%

    No wonder people voted in Wales and the UK for Brexit.

  2. Penileaks says:

    Identify the culprits (if possible), and prosecute heavily. Nothing short of cheating !

  3. mikeyorke says:

    Whatever has happened, and whatever the outcome……I just don’t understand why voters are not asked to produce ID when voting.

    When asked, you are required to show ID to. It alcohol and other things. Why not when you vote……it’s a pretty important thing

  4. Philip Rapier says:

    M’learned friends should of course be cashing in on any illegality but it may help the Tory sleuths to
    try driving round Inner City Cardiff and see the number of Student Living Blocks being constructed and completed in Cardiff South and Penarth- Splott- Adamsdown- Newport Road etc
    SAT NAV in the Range Rover will be essential for them to find the locations of course.
    The policy of relocating students and encouraging families to return to Cardiff Central is taking effect. This inevitably changes voting habits.
    Why did 5000 more people in May’s own Constituency of Maidenhead vote for the Labour Candidate than in 2015 a 50% increase in Labour Votes against the wrong and unstable Prime Minister.
    (Her vote share went down 1%)
    As she might have said herself.
    “There’s no more votes! There is no magic vote tree”!!!



    • Peter Church says:

      Turns out now Corbyn now says that Labour never made a commitment to “write off” student debt!
      So all these students that were conned into voting Labour multiple times, did so for nothing.
      So Labour v3.0, still as dishonest as the previous versions!!

  5. Louise C says:

    Doughty’s extra 10,000 votes partly came from the collapse in UKIP support and the reduction in the lib dem & Plaid vote. Not all students vote Labour, you know.

  6. Louise C says:

    One of the reasons Doughty did so well, is the he voted against article 50. So he had all the Labour votes plus some remainers who don’t usually vote Labour.

  7. May Meredith says:

    This sounds like desperation on the part of the tories. Maybe the worm has turned and people, particularly young people, have been energised by the prospect that the self serving political establishment can be defeated.

  8. Mark Foster says:

    Good to see Theresa is reading my posts about voting in Stephen Doughty’s constituency.

    The problem is of course that you cannot trust ANYBODY in the corrupt British democratic establishment to investigate this properly and honestly. Its just like the Weimar Republic. Your monarch needs to go outside the Westminster system to investigate it. Perhaps she could appoint an investigator from Australia or New Zealand or somebody from Donald Trump’s team with no axe to grind like Sean Spicer to do the investigation. She could then use the Royal Prerogative to shut down the corrupt parts of the British democratic system like the Police and Crime Commissioners, the Crown Prosecution Service, the BBC, the Labour and Tory parties etc. to give you Brits the opportunity to do the right thing and start again to save your country. The power could be taken by the British aristocratic ruling class with a system of local mayors or gauleiters replacing for example the Vale of Glamorgan and Penarth Town Councils with beneficent autocratic decisions taken from Buckingham Palace by people who after all in the final analysis built the British Empire and were born to rule.

  9. AK says:

    Doesn’t the UK send people round the world ensuring ‘fair play’ in democratic elections?
    If this double voting is found to be true – or if impostors have been voting – then perhaps we should re-evaluate our rights to tell others how to do it.
    And we should prosecute anyone found to have voted illegally.

    • Frank Evans says:

      Postal votes should be banned unless your disabled. The head of some households in Cardiff and South Penarth use all the postal votes for themselves
      Democracy seems to be going backwards. Labour gains so they keep quiet and try to stall the boundary changes.

      • Ben says:

        It’s not quite that simple though is it? I have a postal vote as I generally work at a polling station in Cardiff on the day and therefore can’t get to my polling station. People who are away on holiday or for work also need to use postal votes.

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