Cardiff Crown Court

A South Wales Police detective from Penarth, Mark Glover, has appeared in Cardiff Crown Court charged with 7 counts of serious sexual abuse.

The court heard that Mr Glover (46) – who is based at  Barry Police Station and lives at Carys Close, Penarth – is pleading not guilty to 3 counts of rape, 2 counts of assault by penetration, and 2 counts of sexual assault.

Media Wales reports that for the prosecution, barrister Simon Mills said the charges related to 2 alleged victims and spanned a 12 month period from the summer of 2015 to the summer of 2016. The jury of 7 men and 5 women was told that Mr Glover specialised in burglary investigations.

The first count was said to relate to an alleged rape in August 2015  in which the prosecution alleged that Mr Glover had blocked the complainant’s way out of a room  – and had kissed her.

The woman – who can not be named – told the court  she had started crying and had pushed Detective Glover away but he had grabbed her arm in what was described to the court by the prosecution as a “physical struggle”.

The complainant told the court that Detective Glover had said he thought she “wanted it” because of the way she was dressed – but she said she did not understand how he could have thought that, as she was crying and telling him to stop.  The prosecution said the complainant was confused, distressed and too scared to tell anyone about the incident afterwards.

The court heard that the second alleged rape occurred about 2 weeks later in which it is alleged that Detective Glover  “cornered” the woman again and allegedly “manhandled” her, ignoring her requests for him to stop. Prosecution barrister Simon Mills told the court it was  perfectly plain the woman was not consenting.The woman said Detective Glover had called her “selfish” and “a tease” and had blamed her for allegedly “leading him on”.

The court also heard allegations that Detective Glover had behaved inappropriately towards a second woman before sexually assaulting her in February 2016 – allegedly telling the woman “you know you want it” – even though she had told him to stop.


The prosecution also alleged that the first complainant was raped again by Detective Glover in July 2016. On that occasion the alleged victim had locked herself in a bathroom  – but it was claimed that Glover had told her there was no point in hiding and had claimed he could break the door down. The woman reported matters to the police the following month – in August 2016.

The court heard that when Detective Glover had been interviewed he had denied sexual assault and had stated that the second woman had consented  – and that nothing had been done against her will. A month later – in a second interview – Detective Glover had denied having any sexual contact with the first complainant.

The trial is likely to continue for 5 days . Judge Michael Fitton QC has told the jurors the case involves allegations of “sensitive and intimate conduct” and has told them the need to be “detached,  calm, objective and unbiased.”

Detective Glover denies all 7 of the charges against him.

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