The Dinas Powys Transport Study Area includes routes into and out of Penarth

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s ruling cabinet is to consider a report on ‘Dinas Powys Transport’ – including proposals for a Dinas Powys By-Pass – on Monday next week .

The report was funded by the Conservative-controlled Vale Council along with the Welsh Government and has been prepared by Acadis Consulting Ltd.

It presents options for improving transport in the Dinas Powys area  – extending from Biglis Roundabout in Barry to Penarth Road and Cardiff. All the solutions have major ramifications for Penarth.

The £18,000 report puts forward three different options described as :-

  • A:”Do-Minimum Option ” (already dismissed by the council)
  • B: A “Build the By-Pass” Option
  • C :A so-called “Multi-Modal” solution .

An internal council report says the study was “required because of the high traffic flows experienced in the area with frequent traffic congestion causing delays and poor journey time reliability” . It points out that public transport in the area is “at capacity during peak periods of travel” and there are only “limited walking and cycling opportunities“.

At the public consultation held in March this year, Dinas Powys residents poured over maps of the  area -discussing transport options with consultants Arcadis and submitting 95 responses.

The consultants say that the public consultation event held at Dinas Powys was well attended and there were 95 feedback forms returned (with no limits on the number of suggestions respondents could put forward – so the total reply percentages add up to more than 100% ).

  • 44% of respondents wanted a bypass  built
  • 43% wanted “larger trains with more capacity and frequency”
  • 34% wanted to improve footpaths and cycling infrastructure
  • 19% called for more reliable and frequent bus services

Local residents said the main road through Dinas Powys (the A4055 ) cuts the community in two and “adversely affects access to schools and other services”.  They also raised the issues of air quality, noise pollution and unreliable journey-times/

THE “DO MINIMUM” OPTION: The report  acknowledges that a ‘do minimum’ approach wopuld amount to nothing more than the Vale Council continuing to  use the funding it currently has available – and the option will “not solve the underlying congestion problem”. [In effect –  this option has already been junked.]

THE BY-PASS OPTION : The By-Pass option assumes a single carriageway which would link Barry to a massively re-engineered Merrie Harrier junction – but consultants say “this assumption would need a great deal of further work to determine”. The By-Pass Option would also “need to include” so-called “active travel” connections for walking and cycling .

THE MULTI-MODAL OPTION : This – the report says – involves a package of short, medium and long term improvements and enhancements to bus and rail services and their associated infrastructure such as parking. Also there would be additional cycling and walking schemes and improvements to key junctions with the implementation of appropriate road safety measures.

Cllr John Thomas Conservative Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council

Cllr John Thomas (Conservative St Athan)  Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, says : “The perennial problem of congestion in Dinas Powys is finally getting the attention it deserves. This is an issue that I know matters greatly to local residents and one that local councillors are very keen to see addressed.”

“The Vale of Glamorgan Council is determined to play its role in achieving this and both proposed options will now receive thorough scrutiny and more detailed plans for both will be compiled so that a final appraisal can take place.”

“What this report makes clear though is that no single organisation can deliver the solution that the area needs. This is why we will now seek to work closely with Welsh Government, local elected members and any other interested parties to identify the funding this project will need.”

Cllr Geoffrey Cox

Cllr Geoffrey Cox, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services and Transport says:

The most eye-catching is certainly the proposal for a bypass.”

“This, along with the multi-modal approach, is now under active consideration and I look forward to bringing a further more detailed report on both to Cabinet later this year.”



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  1. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Hmm, significant that only under 50% of respondents want a bypass. That doesn’t really help the case much.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      The only significant option is to convert Pen-Y-Turnpike* in to a dual carriage way. The average property price is £592000 rising to a top dollar of £1.5 million for some of the self indulgent “South Fork” Dallas style Ranches up there.
      Tory Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas do they so it does not even get mentioned here.
      Note to Cowbridge Green Welly Conservative Grammar School types on their way to Waitrose-
      *Turnpike is an ancient word for toll road-so poetic justice for the working class in restoring it to the original purpose then.

  2. tomdawkes says:

    The real URGENT thing is to repair the current road, particularly at the Merrie Harrier lights, where the rod surface is dangerously worn and pitted.

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