Cardiff Crown Court where a South Wales Police detective who lives in Penarth is in the dock

The jury in the on-going trial at Cardiff Crown Court of a Penarth Detective Constable  – Mark Glover –  has had sections of a verbal transcript of a recording of a formal police interview read out to them  in which Glover denies being a “sexual predator”.

Detective Glover (46)  – who lives at Carys Close, Penarth – has pleaded not guilty to 3 counts of rape,  2 counts of assault by penetration and 2 counts of sexual assault allegedly involving two female complainants.

In the transcript of his police interview Detective Glover was quoted as saying of one of the complainants  “She has been freely compliant and fully consensual with this. This is completely out of left field” – adding “My sexual life with my wife hasn’t been great and we hadn’t had sex for a while.”

Detective Glover was quoted as having said in the police interview there had been times when the complainant had told him that she didn’t want to have sex . He said: “There had been a couple of occasions where I have tried it on with her and she said no but I certainly never grabbed her or put her hand on me. I never forced her to do anything. Yes we have been touching, but –  if she has said no – I have let it go. ”  He asserted that everything he and the complainant had done was “consensual from day one”.

The police transcript further quoted Detective Glover as saying “There was a time we were kissing and cuddling and I grabbed her bottom and she said ‘Not today, I’m not feeling well’ and I left it at that. I am not in the habit of forcing myself on her or of being physically, emotionally or mentally abusive towards her. For this to come out like this is unbelievable.” He was also quoted as having said  “I care for her dearly and I would never take advantage of her. The times she has said no I have backed off and walked away.” and I couldn’t do it, it’s not me. I am not a sexual predator.”

Detective Glover has also denied having had any sexual relationship with the second complainant.

The identity of the two complainants, and any information revealed in court which could lead to either woman being identified, cannot be reported for legal reasons. The case continues.

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