For the first time the accused police officer – Detective Constable Mark Glover – has taken the stand

Mark Glover – the  Penarth police-detective who is standing trial accused of rape and sexual assault – took to the witness-box at  Cardiff Crown Court yesterday and told the jury he never had any sexual contact with one of the two female complainants –  and had not sexually assaulted the second woman in the case.

Detective Glover (46) , who lives in Penarth and is based at Barry Police Station, is  accused of 3 counts of rape, 2 counts of assault by penetration and 2 counts of sexual assault – all of which he denies.

The jury had already heard extracts read out in court from the record of a formal police interview with Detective Glover. Yesterday Detective Glover took to the witness-box in person to answer questions from his own defence barrister –  Jonathan Rees – about his career and about the allegations made against him.

Responding to Mr Rees’s questions, Detective Glover said he had worked in Barclays Bank before joining the South Wales Police Force in 1995 . He told the court he had been married since 2006.

Detective Glover’s barrister – Mr Rees – asked him about the sexual relationship he once had with the woman who now accuses him of sexual assault – and when that sexual activity had first begun.

Detective Glover said it had happened at the woman’s house . He said “I called over for some reasons and we ended up kissing in the kitchen and it went further. I was touching her  – and she was touching me. We had sex in her bedroom.”

On subsequent occasions, Detective Glover told the court he had six with the woman “another six or seven times” – but said that it had stopped after 18 months. Asked why, Detective Glover said it had – “just petered out“.

Asked if there had been a change in how he and the woman were together, Detective Glover said “None in my eyes whatsoever.”

Defence  barrister Jonathan Rees then asked about the second woman in the case [who accuses Detective Constable Glover of rape]  and asked him if he had ever had any sexual activity with her.   Detective Glover replied “Never, no.”

Detective Glover was then asked specifically if –  at any stage in the week in question –  he had raped the second woman. Detective Glover replied  “No, I didn’t.”

The defence barrister put it to Glover “She says two weeks later you raped her again. Did you rape her two weeks after that?”. Again Detective Glover said “No, I didn’t”.  Glover also denied sexual assault.

For legal reasons neither of the two women in the case can be identified, nor can any information be published which might lead to their being identified.  The trial continues.

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  1. Expat Poonarthian says:

    i hope that penarth news will now spend the time to report the outpouring of social media chat in support of mark and his family as I don’t think anyone thought that this accusation rang true to those that have had any interaction with him in their lives. The story should more be that a well respected detective is a target and has his name dragged through the mud yet the accusers can throw that mud as much as they like and walk away with reputations intact. Where’s the balance or justice in that? Be nice to see a story of ‘man vindictated from damaging unproven claims’ . Now that would be real journalism……

    • Concerned says:

      Despite the Judge lifting all reporting restrictions and anonymity only the accused (innocent) person has been named. These two complainants have lied to the police and brought these false allegations, surely the public have a right to know who these 2 people are so that everyone knows how warped and twisted they can be. Print their names.
      The evidence was so weak it was always clear that these were false allegations. If the accused had not been a policeman it would have been thrown out immediately. But these days having to show that the CPS will deal the allegations against the police in a uncompromising manner has certainly not done the justice system any good at all in this case.
      Congratulations to Mark, his defence team and the jury for unanimously seeing through these false allegations.

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