The WalesonLine video shows Balmoral rolling as she approaches the jerry in a heavy swell. Her bow dislodges a wooden fender piling – sending it into the sea

Video has emerged today of an incident last Wednesday in which the excursion ship MV Balmoral is seen approaching Ilfracombe in heavy swell and striking a stone jetty.

The video shot by Martin Mcilvaney shows onlookers and passengers waiting to embark aboard the ship and appears on YouTube.

They appear to be alarmed as the ship rolls heavily as she approaches the  jetty – striking her bow against wooden pier fender with a crash, dislodging the large baulk of timber from the pier, and then going astern to back away .

This morning Balmoral was operating on schedule and calling at Penarth to pick up passengers . 

MV Balmoral gingerly approaching Penarth Pier this morning (Monday July 31st 20176) where she came alongside gently and without the slightest trouble

There were a few scrapes evident on Balmoral’s starboard bow but nothing to cause any concern.

It was evident that Balmoral had sustained no serious damage in last week’s incident . Nothing more than a scrape to her paintwork on her bow was visible as she came in to berth at Penarth Pier on schedule this morning at 09:45  .

Wales on Line reports that Ilfracombe harbour master Rob Lawson said it was a “very unfortunate berthing incident.”

He said “These things can be a bit upsetting for people who see it who aren’t mariners, but being the master of a ship is a very difficult job – that’s why for most people it is the pinnacle of their career. Ships quite regularly bang the jetties, and in this case the wooden fenders did their job very well”

Heavy Atlantic swell is always a problem for ships approaching Ilfracombe and makes berthing difficult.

Continuing heavy seas at Ilfracombe on Friday morning caused the cancellation of Balmoral’s sailing from Penarth which had been due later that same day. Sailings on Saturday morning were also cancelled but that afternoon’s scheduled voyages took place as planned as did yesterday’s .

Balmoral off Penarth today. She is carrying out all her scheduled sailings

Today Balmoral is sailing as scheduled from Penarth



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  1. snoggerdog says:

    watching it this morning from the stone fishing pier on the barrage,wondering who was going to “disappear” first me or the boat. no voting please you may hurt my fragile ego!

  2. The Tax payer says:

    Looking at the photos above the waves look to be at least 5m to 10m high so can well understand her hitting the pier ???? Who was helming the ship ?? Was it’s the ships cat ?? 😹😹

    • Victor Y says:

      You clearly don’t know much about boats then as you’re ignoring the affect the cross wind is having on her.

  3. The Tax payer says:

    Sorry but your wrong on this one. As I was always taught that you look at the conditions before you go past the point of no return when entering harbour. And in daylight you have no excuse what so ever but could sort of understand at night

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