All Saint’s Church Penarth and the wooded area around it is a frequent venue for late-night drinking

Members of the public and local councillors are now being consulted about new proposals to clamp down drinking in  public areas and parks in Penarth  and at other trouble-spots in the Vale of Glamorgan.

A proposed list of “Controlled Drinking Zones” in Penarth has been issued by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

The publication  comes in the wake of a number of incidents  in the last 12 months when marauding gangs of armed teenagers clashed in Station Appoach, Plymouth Road and at the Penarth Athletic Ground – where apparently a gang-fights are pre-arranged via social media.

On October 1 2015 diners in a restaurant and customers at wine bar in Station Approach were witnesses to a violent gang clash  in which there was an alleged “stabbing” or face-slashing  .

Eight police vehicles were called to the scene - buit South Wales Police say they have no record of the incident

Eight police vehicles were called to the scene on October 1st 2016  at Station Approach Penarth (NN file photo)

Another eyewitness – a  PDN poster – reported that  “There were eventually 8 police vehicles in attendance”  and that “one young lad was arrested”. At the time South Wales Police said they had “no reports to date of such an incident” and deflected enquiries to British Transport Police. Its was later established that in fact there had been were 5 arrests carried out at the incident. One eyewitness said the incident involved between 20-40 youths of both sexes, and said there had been a “stabbing” or face-slashing incident in Station Approach .

On November 26th 2016 a gang of up to seven youths, some of whom were on bikes, had  blocked the Victoria Road using traffic cones and steel scaffolding tubes stolen from a front garden .

A taxi driver has to leave his cab to remove a cone placed in the middle of the Victoria Road

A taxi driver has to leave his cab to remove a cone placed in the middle of the Victoria Road

The “intimidating” youths are said to have concealed themselves in the heavily wooded and dark square around All Saints Church . As cars stopped at the “road block” the youths are reported to have thrown what one eyewitness described as “large stones” at the cars.

The gang members were on bikes and made a getaway as soon as the police arrived on the scene

The gang members were on bikes and made a getaway as soon as the police arrived on the scene

The 2014 Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Police Act of 2014 requires local authorities to make Public Space Protection orders if they’re satisfied that what’s going on in these places can  – or will have – a detrimental effect on the quality of life in the locality.

The new legal orders would control the consumption of alcohol in all areas listed. The proposed “Controlled Drinking Zones”  in Penarth – [perhaps they would be better called “controlled no-drinking zones”] are listed as follows:-

  • Victoria Playing Fields
  • All Saints Church (including the grounds)
  • Victoria Square
  • Windsor Gardens
  • Pembroke Terrace Play Area
  • Cwrt-y-Vil / Old Penarthians Recreation Ground
  • St David’s Park / Cyres Field
  • Alexandra Park (including the tennis court)
  • The Kymin (including all grounds and the Pavilion shelter)
  • Cogan Recreation Ground – including all play areas fields and the car park
  • Windsor Road [ by which the list compilers mean Dingle Park]

Vandals regularly deface the windows of all Saints Church

The consultation on the list of venues is open until August 17th 2017 . Anyone can make a submission to the consultation  on-line on http://www.valeofglamorgan/pspo or can send in their comments by email to consultation@vale of

Submissions can also be made by letter to the Vale of Glamorgan Council or by telephone by ringing 01446700111


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  1. Max Wallis says:

    Why have they omitted Penarth Head park from the list? Is it because they plan to use the spectre of yobs drinking there freely to resist pressure to leave the park open all night? And like to defend paying one of their staff to open and lock the gates morning and night?

    • Grechla says:

      perhaps residents local to the park could volunteer to be responsible for opening/locking gates to the Park?

    • Penarthian says:

      Not that you’re a yob Dr Max but you were spotted cycling the wrong way along a one way street yesterday and thus coming out of a junction where drivers wouldn’t expect anyone to come out of.

  2. lizp says:

    St Augustine’s church grounds and the green opposite it should also be included. In fact, why should we have to put up with this nuisance anywhere? The police should patrol & take action. Or at the very least respond to complaints. Unless all areas are covered the culprits will simply take their antisocial behaviour elsewhere.

  3. Mark Foster says:

    Yet another social imposition on the law abiding British people.

    Of course the Tories like the Labour party cannot solve the fundamental problem because they cannot ban certain races from the town or from the country because the people who own them have forced them to make that illegal. Thank you Leon Trotsky (real name Lev Davidovich Bronstein) for inventing Racism which was used to disenfranchise and destroy the indigenous Russian peoples and take their country from them in the Russian Revolution.

    The same thing is happening in the UK, Europe and the USA.

    • Louise C says:

      what makes you think the lads in hoodies are of any particular race? If you know who they are, you should tell the police. The recent pictures,on this site, of local graffiti artists seemed to me to be of white boys.

      • Mark Foster says:

        OMG don’t u understand that the MSM are purposefully required by the mindbenders to disproportionately show white hands and glimpses of white chins to protect their multicultural agenda. Take for example the white moped acid crimes in London. A more horrendous consequence of this evil multicultural strategy u couldn’t imagine. Telling the police just makes it disappear down George Orwell’s memory hole.

      • Betty Swallocks says:

        Straitjacket, please.

  4. John64 says:

    All Saints Church? End of communion, then!

  5. whatsoccurin says:

    seems a good idea-have noticed signs in Alexandra Park-should include the Promenade around the Pier as well. disturbances in Penarth,free for all parking, youngsters riding their bicycles “mob handed” on North Road Cardiff will not make national news but “word” seems to be getting around that policing is minimal so there needs to be some sort of response.

  6. Penarthian says:

    I think really there should be a no outside drinking rule for the whole of the town’s geographic area. Special licences could then be applied for events.

  7. snoggerdog says:

    will the “no drinking signs”in pembroke terr park move the problem down to the next small park in queens rd/lord st with high wall to privatise what the sitters on the comfy seat provided are doing (i go by “if you look guilty you are guilty which i think is frowned upon by the thought & speech stazi who allways get a voice on the media,we commemorate our fore fathers for fighting to protect our country & at the same time give our country away !

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