How support for the main parties changed across the whole of Wales between 2015 and 2016 (Data by BES Research). – Further   data on shifts in political support between the two elections is to be published hortly.

Figures released by Cardiff Council have revealed a further massive increase in postal votes in the General Election in the constituency of Cardiff South and Penarth – which was held for Labour by incumbent MP Stephen Doughty.

The total of voters in the constituency applying for a postal vote in the constituency was higher than ever before –  14,380.

Postal votes and conventional votes for the Cardiff South and Penarth Constituency in the General Election were counted at Cardiff City Hall (Media Wales)

Of those who received the paperwork , a total of 11,992 actually submitted their votes by post – comprising 7,777 voters in the Cardiff South section of the constituency and a further 4,215 who live in the Penarth  sector of the constituency.

Postal voting represented 23.591% of all votes cast in the constituency.

There is no way of telling for which candidates postal voters actually cast their votes – but of all the parties it was certainly Labour who did the most to encourage people to vote by opost rather than in person at their polling stations.

In the last five years the abnormally high levels of posting voting in the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency has become a matter of increasing concern given the ease with which the criminal offence of  “personation” (voting fraud) can be carried out.

  • In the 2015 General Election in Cardiff South and Penarth, out of a total of 46,667 votes which were cast, 10,798 votes were postal –  comprising  23.14% of the total and 1,144 up on postal votes cast in 2015
  • .In the 2012 Parliamentary By Election in Cardiff South and Penarth, (in which Labour candidate Stephen Doughty was first elected) there was an extraordinary surge in postal voting. Out of a total of 19,571 votes which were cast, 6,936 of them were postal votes – comprising  35.68% of the total.
  • In the 2010 General Election in Cardiff South and Penarth, out of a total of 44,369 votes which were cast 10,430 of them were postal votes – comprising  23.5% of the total.

All the Postal Voting figures for Cardiff South and Penarth since 2010 are  unusually high compared with the normal national percentage of postal votes across the UK as a whole, which the – Electoral Commission says – was, in 2010,  just 15% .

There are increasing concerns about the growing incidence of postal votes . The Electoral Commission, which oversees elections in the UK, says  “There is a consistent level of concern among voters about electoral fraud in the UK. These concerns are shared by a broad range of people with experience of standing for election or running elections, and it is unlikely that these concerns will diminish in the immediate future.”

The Electorial Commission's report on fraud

The Electoral Commission’s report on fraud

The Electoral Commission says “Under the current Great Britain system of household electoral registration there is no effective mechanism for verifying the identity of people applying to register to vote. Fictitious electoral register entries may be created“.

The Commission also admits  that as Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) do not currently hold records of every elector’s personal identifiers (such as date of birth) .

The commission also concedes there is no direct verification that an application to vote by post has been made by the elector themselves.

The commission says “removing the act of voting from the protected public space of a polling station, people who have been sent postal ballot packs may be more  vulnerable to undue influence, intimidation, harassment or pressure to vote in a particular way

Deputy High Court Judge Richard Mawrey, who tries cases of electoral fraud, has found there are 14 different ways in which postal votes can be manipulated and says postal voting makes the electoral system  “open to fraud on a scale that will make election rigging a possibility and indeed in some areas a probability”.

In the 2015 General Election, UKIP had made a manifesto pledge to restrict the issuing of postal votes to “those voters who have a valid reason to have one”.


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  1. Chris David says:

    Wish Corbyn had continued to vote a posting for Doughty to the Falklands, as was the plan before he found our SD didn’t know what a Ltd Company was. So system suspect- just like the promises.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Personally I have always favoured the Australian Compulsory Voting System.
      Any method of democratic selection that results in a Barry Girl like our very own Julie Gillard becoming Prime Minister has got to be tidy or should I say bonza.
      Don’t register in Aussie that’s FINE
      Don’t vote that’s FINE
      Sorry but Labour Supporters don’t vote when it is raining so the Postal Vote is manna from heaven to the Party.
      George Bernard Shaw puts it another way.
      “Unbounded hopes were placed on each successive extension of the electoral franchise, culminating in the enfranchisement of women.These hopes have been disappointed, because the voters, male and female, being politically untrained and uneducated, have (a) no grasp of constructive measures; (b) loathe taxation as such; (c) dislike being governed at all; and (d) dread and resent any extension of official interference as an encroachment on their personal liberty.”

      • Chris David says:

        Very good Mr Rapier. Both amusing and pertinent, some manna for thought there. Ps I was told Ms Gillard was conceived in Penarth 😉

  2. Phil Nedin says:

    No reason why Penarth shouldn’t have significant postal voters given the affluence and the age demographic of the area. Holidays, working away and unable to get to the poling station easily due to age or ill health are all valid reasons and apply to Penarth. What seems to be implied here is that the Labour vote would have been lower had it not been for postal voting. That is a wild assumption that is not supported by any real evidence. In fact the opposite may be the case!

  3. helpnotblame says:

    I canvassed and campaigned for Stephen Doughty and I can categorically tell you that the reason people were voting Labour (many for the first time- and by no means young or ‘gullible’ voters) was because they couldn’t stomach the thought of another 5 years of Tory governance. Teresa May and her party lead in a way that suits the wealthy and elite and this has become blindingly obvious to everyone, including those that have previously not taken any interest. Maybe her shambolic campaign and dreadful manifesto were the reason for Mr Doughty’s success?

    • Kevin Mahoney says:

      On the other hand the ‘guillible’ may not have been aware that every single Labour government there’s ever been has left office with a larger unemployment rate than when it entered office. Every Labour government that I can remember has virtually bankrupted the country. And of course those poor ‘guilible’ students are now horrified to find out that the nice Mr Corbyn and his top bench all misled them in regards to the writing off of student debt (partially caused of course due to the introduction of tuition fees by a Labour government) in order to grab their ‘guilible’ votes. Chuck into the mix Mr Corbyn’s oft declared and recorded admiration for the not so nice administration in Venezuela currently bankrupt and causing civil liberties mayhem in that country and perhaps there were a few ‘guilible voters about.

      • DRT Andrews says:

        Are these the same “gullible voters” who elected a UKIP, come Independent, come Conservative councillor?

    • snoggerdog says:

      mr doughty got success?what did we get ?

  4. Mark Foster says:

    Clearly this is part of the planned destruction of Britain by immigrants under the control of the people who brought them here. The monarch really must step in with the army to ban them from voting and then repatriate them. Otherwise in 20 years time the British monarchy will suffer the same fate as their Russian relatives, but in a cellar in Woking not in Ekaterinburg.

    • Betty Swallocks says:

      Not a bad idea, that.

      • Betty Swallocks says:

        Along with Mark Foster’s laughably uninformed and xenophobic opinions on race, the idea of a British Republic, with no monarchy, and an elected head of state, in a multicultural United Kingdom, is a very good idea, in total contrast to his usual imaginative stream of conspiracy nonsense and bigotry.

      • Chris David says:

        Retired Petty Swallocks, really! Oh I DO do something. This vines wont tend themselves ya know not will the Petrus taste itself. And when I have a spare mo I wind up idiots on PDN et al. Now- cmon coward- try and debate the point(s) in hand, in your real name sweetie. Have to go- Petanque tournament in the Salle Ce Fete courts.

    • Betty Swallocks says:

      Perhaps, instead of seeing them off, we could send them to Russia to serve as monarchs in place of the Emperor Putin. Send the CoE hierarchy at the same time.

      • Chris David says:

        Ah see you’ve backtracked Swallocks but we saw yer draws luv. Partial to nuts! Sure- one luv’s your amusing meanderings x

      • Betty Swallocks says:

        No backtracking. It’s your usual problem with reading. Did you know dyslexia is an anagram of ‘daily sex’? Are you sure you know which one you have?

      • Chris David says:

        Awww thanks J Thomas, thought I was losing me touch:-) You’ve enhanced me you little ole Philosan you. You do need to read more though sweetie. Sports fans- Petanque didn’t go great, can beat the French at their own game ay!

    • Robert Jones says:

      We are all immigrants of sorts. Look into your family history and you will find you are one too. Then what will you do ?

      • Chris David says:

        Correct Mr Jones, I’m with you all the way, being of mixed race I get it. Must be “summer” were Foster-ing a load of Swallocks. Have to admit though a putsch re the Royals hangers on-ers and CoE is attractive et al.

      • Betty Swallocks says:

        When you say mixed race, do you mean egg and spoon with Marathon? Actually, Marathon is called Snickers now, and you probably prefer a different Topic, being partial to nuts.

      • snoggerdog says:

        go down the pub & shout a religous saying.

      • Chris David says:

        Oh yes Swallock, dick-lex-ia. But I have bred successfully, unlike you. Whilst it is fun whipping a lightweight coward that cant engage in the dialogue, I think I’ll concentrate on those with intelligent posts from now on. But you never know 🙂 You do brighten a few minutes of an hour.

      • Betty Swallocks says:

        Chris David, you either have the memory of a sieve or operate on low battery. All that anyone has to do is to read over your inane comments on this thread to check who lowers the bar.
        As usual, your half-witticisms are then accompanied by a few terms of abuse. You can’t debate. You’re too used to sitting behind a desk and ordering minions to bring you coffee, bluffing and blustering your way through meetings. Now you’ve retired, why don’t you DO something useful?

      • James Thomas says:

        That’s as good an assessment of Mr David as I’ve read Betty. A bully whose only response to criticism is huff puff and abuse. An armchair pseudo intellectual who likes the last word.

  5. Buster says:

    Steven Doughty had a 15000 majority. Get over it.

    • Joe blow says:

      I wish we could. Trouble is we have another 5 years of the spineless apologist.

  6. Chris David says:

    Of course Buster- one always has to get over fences and other obstacles. With you Joe.

  7. tomdawkes says:

    If all the parties had had the courage of their convictions they would have supported moves to a proportional system, which would eliminate those who genuinely lack popular and provide a broader-based government on consensus, instead of the specious “majority results” that the first-past-the-post system gives, without even the certainty of a genuine single party majority, as wtness the current May administration.

    • snoggerdog says:

      nail on head mr dawkes, prop/rep is not perfect but a lot better than we,ve been subjected too.also,big brother is already everywhere so thats no excuse. it will all be to late when the nematodes take over! what religion are nematodes?cmon you lot stop squirming.

  8. Mark Foster says:

    Betty Swallocks (Sweaty Bollocks for the uninitiated), FYI Vladimir Putin is a royalist who supports the return of the Russian Tsar and Tsarina and is also a Russian Orthodox Christian.

    Betty you can get a charge by watching him now bare chested in Siberia on the proper broadcaster Russia Today. You can also see him each Christmas and Easter at the magnificent Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow in the magnificent Christian service which Russia Today broadcasts for 2 or 3 hours. Imagine the scumbags at the BBC broadcasting Christian services at Christmas and Easter!

    The sooner Donald Trump joins up with Vladimir Putin and Prince William to save our country the better. The Labour and Tory parties can’t do anything because they’re not allowed to.

    • Woowoo Wizzywoo says:

      You should have grown out of this when you started school. Did you not pay attention?

  9. AK says:

    A republic ?

    Who would you suggest as President? (to no-one in particular)

    Boris Johnson ? Tony Bliar ? Billy Connolly ? Joanna Lumley ? Dianne Abbott ?

  10. Chris David says:

    OK Doc but I’d suggest Richard Dawkins for election.

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