Swathed in scaffolding, the house in Victoria Road being used as Penarth’s latest film location (Photo John Clark)

The filn unit’s hydraulic platform occupies a coned-off section of Victoria Road – where it’ll hoist “the moon” into position (Photo John Clark)

Penarth is so picturesque – and has such a variety of appealing locations – hardly a day goes-by without a tv or film company setting up its mobile units for a shoot somewhere in the town.

An ITV unit using Penarth as a backdrop – and using a large house in  Victoria Road as a location –  was at work yesterday and last night.

However, night-time shoots bring their own problems. The cameras still have to be able to see what the actors are doing . …And those ordinary orange sodium street lights just make the entire cast look ill.

If they’re lucky, the location crew will have a bright, clear  moonlit night to work with, but sometimes – expecially  with the kind of weather experienced over the last few days – they just have to resort to bringing their own moon along with them

The “moon” is prepared for its part in the filming on Victoria Road (Photo John Clark)

The huge  hydraulic platform with a 40 foot arm is used to hoist a powerful HMI lamp up to an elevation just about in line with where the moon ought to be and bingo  – no matter how overcast the night – there’s dramatic moonlight on the streets of Penarth.



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  1. e roberts says:

    It was a nightmare trying to get past yesterday – there were vans and lorries absolutely everywhere – that junction on Victoria Road is a bit of an accident waiting to happen at the best of times!

    • Mr George Boyne says:

      Yes, I totally agree with your comments.
      You should have seen the amount of BBC casualty Vans and Lorries outside my house last week.
      Shocking, an accident waiting to happen.

  2. Mr David Frost says:

    I wish the BBC and the other film crews would basically P*55 off and leave Penarth alone.
    They have been filming in Plymouth Road over the past few weeks as well and have caused traffic chaos, not even a sign put up to apologise.
    I would not mind if Penarth Town Council gained, instead its the lucky and selfish home owners who are probably friends with the producer.

    • Carry On Filming. says:

      So Lucky and Selfish is your view. Do I detect a hint of Jealousy ? Not Half.

      • Mr Stephen Cox says:

        I suspect that you maybe one of the lucky ones who receive a cheque or are in some way connected to the filming itself?
        Try getting out of your drive when its blocked by a production lorry.

  3. Sir Gerry Wogan says:

    ITV Unit filming 😦
    Do they take a break every 10 minutes for an Advert?

    I didn’t think Penarth allowed commercial TV.

    We want our roads and pavements disrupted by the good ole Aunty Beeb

  4. Chris Shamb says:

    What film was this in aid of??

  5. Frank Evans says:

    Can we start a petition to stop them using our town as a film set. The only winners are the home owners of the million pound houses they film in. I hope the tax man knows

  6. Peter Church says:

    I too wish the BBC and ITV film crews would find some where else to disrupt traffic.
    Greedy house owners who just need that extra bit of income.

  7. Jealous says:

    Certainly agree with you Frank Evans. They never film in my housing association place

  8. Jean Thomas says:

    If these film crews are using Penarth, is the revenue they create being used for the benefit of the people of Penarth who are inconvenienced by their presence?

  9. Mr Stephen Cox says:

    People don’t realise how angry some local residents of Lower Penarth are with all the road closures and disruption. If this were to resurface the roads or clear the drains or even fix the awful pavements, then great, but its not!
    On some shoots each side of the road is coned off with security guards days before and for the next few days up to 20 lorries appear with noise and commotion going on late into the evening. They think of the area now as their own area and can pop back any time they wish.
    I and my near neighbours have had enough and will asking the location manager and the production crew to find some other streets and local residents to annoy.
    Better still they build a purpose built set in the BBC studios in Cardiff Bay as I’m sure this would be a lot cheaper.

  10. tarquin smythe-chatterley says:

    Found this BBC Article on hiring ones home out.

    “It is not without its hassle and disruption, but the money can be good.”
    “Day rates tend to start from £350 for a small crew and go up to £3,000 for a major feature film. Agencies such as Location Works take a cut of the fees, ranging between 15% to 25%.”

    Yes the hassle and disruption is mainly caused to neighbours and those wishing to get past so that’s ok.
    But after weeks filming we have enough cash to pop over to our other house in Lombardy

    Only those is large mansions need apply 🙂

  11. Nincompoop says:

    To. “David Frost” I would say get a life!! I am in no way connected to or have ever benefited from having my home used as a location, for goodness sake why is Penarth full of miserable moaners? So what if you have to wait a bit longer to get down Plymouth Road, which is very congested without film crews. Does it really matter if you have to wait ? The only vehicles needing to attend to something urgently are the emergency services. There are plenty of other ways around Penarth so stop moaning.

  12. AK says:

    How inconvenient and inconsiderate – you may have to park some way away, and walk to your door for a day.

  13. Penarth Bourne and Bread! says:

    What direct benefit to Penarth do these film crews bring?
    Nothing at all.
    Except the payments to the owners of the large houses.
    Here is my Top Tip: turn the florescent LOC signs around that litter our lamp posts and send the lot of them back to the BBC HQ

  14. PennyP says:

    What a bunch of intolerant miseries. So what if there’s a bit of filming going on, its rather fun to have our streets presented on national telly, it makes me proud. The only down side to living in such a wonderful place is being surrounded by these bigoted attitudes. Hey, what would you say if it weren’t actually the Beeb, dare I mention Channel 4…… Perhaps Penarth should be re-named Happy Valley!

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