Used chargers of nitrous oxide discarded on a street in Penarth ( Photo Tom Crooks)

Discarded cartridges of the illegal substance nitrous oxide [ a.k.a. laughing gas] have been discovered littering a street-side gutter at the junction of Ludlow St and Glebe St  Penarth. 

The gas [N2O] is being increasingly used by clubbing teenagers who inhale it to give themselves what used to be called a “legal high” – but in fact the misuse of the gas was banned by law in 2016 .

The small compressed gas containers can be easily mistaken for lighter-fuel canisters. (Photo Tom Crooks)

The small compressed-gas containers are legally produced for the food industry  – where they are used in whipped-cream machines – but they are an “age-restricted” item and cannot be legally purchased by anyone below the age of 18.

The presence of the discarded cartridges on the streets of Penarth is evidence of increasing  practice of substance abuse in the town .  In the UK it’s estimated that 500,000 young people are now using the  gas at “nightspots, festivals, and parties”.

The gas chargers are legitimately obtainable in the food industry for making whipped cream

The effects of the gas are listed as “Intoxication, Euphoria/Dysphoria, Spatial Disorientation, Temporal Disorientation, Reduced pain sensitivity and muscular spasms”.  As the gas isn’t metabolised when breathed-in – it remains potent even when someone who has inhaled it breathes it out – as it then affects other people nearby.

Each charger – when new- contains 8 grammes of liquid nitrous oxide. The discovery of these items in Penarth is a further indication of substance abuse in the town and is being linked to other anti-social behaviour.

Since this item was first posted this morning a number of PDN readers have posted comments detailing further discoveries of these items in Penarth  – indicating that the problem is growing.

Meanwhile  the Daily Mail has today published a video showing a youth driving a car on the motorway whilst inhaling nitrous oxide from a balloon ( See )

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  1. sjleworthy says:

    this is Church Place North, on St Augustines. dumped about 2 days ago.

    i’ve seen these canisters frequently over the months, scattered in the gutters of Pembroke Terrace too.
    Also, I dread to think what those ‘traveller’s’ that reside up there leave in their fly tipped rubbish.

  2. Penarth Marina says:

    As a member of Penarth Marina Litter-pickers, I can report that dozens of these canisters are regularly found in the central Marina car park, on the zig-zag pathway and the new pathway from Dock Hill, plus most other Marina parking areas. It appears that, although apparently ‘illegal’, no action is being taken by our local police authority(?)

  3. Jocelle says:

    Often we see lots these on cross common road

  4. Brickie says:

    Penarth Marina Litterpickers pick up these regularly, often in clusters like your picture.

  5. Fishhenge says:

    Nitrous oxide in cream? You learn something new every day.

  6. Papa Lazarou says:

    Look out for laughing policemen

  7. Chris David says:

    Lob some into the next VoG meeting. Oppsss- I’m joking PC people.

  8. Jane Foster says:

    I frequently find these in The Mariners Heights car park, sometimes alongside balloons (yes, balloons, not condoms) and only the other week, a whole bagful was dropped/thrown into one of the Paget Place gardens opposite.

  9. Me says:

    Cwrt y Vil fields is another dumping ground. No doubt the new play areas will be next.

  10. Watchful Eye says:

    You’d think that the users of illicit substances would want to leave no traces, in order to keep police suspicion to a minimum. However, this shows a lot of disrespect to the general public by littering these canisters everywhere and goads the police. This dumping shows a blatant disregard for the law and for the people of Penarth- action should be taken.

  11. David Wilton says:

    frequently discarded in the young children’s park on Pembroke Terrace

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