A broken bed and a stained old mattress – dumped at the rear of the John Coates-Carter-designed All Saints Church Hall in Penarth’s treasured Victoria Square (Photo Tom Crooks)

Penarth’s Victoria Square – the celebrated wooded area in which All Saints Church and its famous John Coates Carter-designed Church Hall stands – is now being used as dumping ground for discarded beds.

The site is in the heart of the Penarth Conservation Area and is one of the key architectural gems of the town.

Now – it seems – this special place is being used as a dumping ground for household refuse and old bedding.

The dumped bed betrays no hint of its previous owner’s identity. (Photo Tom Crooks)

A broken bed and a stained old mattress have  been left propped up against the wall of All Saints Main Hall in full view of passers-by and the hundreds of people who attend services and events in the main church building.

The previous Labour administration in the Vale of Glamorgan Council introduced a £15 charge for the collection and removal of bulky household items and old furniture despite the protests of Conservative councillors. Former Plymouth Ward councillor Clive Williams predicted – rightly as it turned out – that the move would lead to more fly-tipping in the town.

The congregation might well hope whoever’s responsible for this outrageous example of  irresponsible fly-tipping will heed the biblical text from the book of John 5:8 – “Pick up your bed and walk”.      


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  1. Clare says:

    Created their own problems by charging for collection . Have to collect free now just from different address. Yet another example of the symbolic vale council. Sofa in llandough layby couple if weeks ago . People pay enough council tax for little in return apart from cuts in services provided

  2. M.T. says:

    They have already picked up their bed and walked it to Victoria Sq!Who is going to pick up the bill for removing it?

  3. Lover of Penarth and all that is good about it says:

    Disgraceful attitude by the people who dumped it there
    You should be ashamed of your self

  4. Chris David says:

    Disgraceful- but lets have some balance. This is not anywhere near as damaging as the vandalism the Church carried out to it’s own grounds. They used to be rich in Laurel, Bay et al. A real wildlife haven in the town. Then the Church vandals cut a huge percentage of them down wrecking habitat for Finches, Thrushes and a lot more. But yes correct- council policy once again counter productive. Someone made those beds and now we all “lay” in them. I would recommend a 160 hours community service cleaning the streets and urban spaces for dumpers + proper fines put into a clean up fund- oh yes and add the councillors responsible 🙂

  5. Peter Church says:

    Maybe its a hint that the “Syrian Family” would like to move in there!

  6. The Tax payer says:

    My money says it’s someone local. As why would you drive any distance to dump at the church with lots of people overlooking the location !!!!!

  7. Martin Rees says:

    Is the land around the church owned by the council or church property?

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