The proposal is to convert the 1st and 2nd floors into flats. The  shops would remain on the ground floor

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is to consider a scheme for the conversion of the first and second floors of Nos 1-3 Stangate House –  in Stanwell Road Penarth –  into four luxury apartments.

Stangate House is a 1980s office building and charity-shop complex and was built on the site of one of Penarth’s most spectacular churches  – Christchurch United Reform Church.

1989: The  end a Penarth landmark:. In sequence: – 1. Churchchurch United Reform Church as it was. 2 Removing the cross from the 110 foot high spire. 3 the stump of the spire and 4 the final demolition – all captured by the camera of Ben Salter. The site became offices and charity shops.

Christchurch – a Gothic-style church designed by Havershon and Fauckner had a spire which was 110 feet high. It had been opened in 1897 in a ceremony attended by over 600 people including the noted Welsh composer Dr Joseph Parry and his family  .  The demolition of this noted local landmark within the Penarth Conservation Area – much of which took place on a Sunday morning  –  provoked widespread outrage in Penarth.

The 1st and 2nd floors of the modern yellow-brick Stangate development – which was  built on the site of Christchurch – currently comprise office suites. Under the new plans they would be converted into 4 self contained apartments.

Off-road parking would be provided for 6 vehicles at the rear of the site.

The George Thomas charity shop – part of the Stangate development – would remain on the ground floor – but the offices above would become flats

Under the planning application proposals the shops on the ground floor would remain in situ. They include  the George Thomas Hospice charity shop named after the disgraced former Labour MP for Cardiff West who was once Speaker of the House of Commons.  Thomas (a.k.a. Viscount Tonypandy) died in 1997. In 2015 South Wales Police began investigations into 3 complaints of historic alleged child abuse against Thomas but ended the probe in March this year without result.




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  1. Gray local says:

    There is plenty of “luxury” accommodation in Penarth. What is needed is social housing.

  2. E Robinson says:

    Why not “social housing” flats for the elderly (with appropriate stair lifts etc). Ideal for shopping, meeting friends in the cafes and access to our frequent local transport by train and bus. Many elderly no longer drive and can feel isolated Here they would be at the hub of the town. This could also mean that larger houses would be available to others.

  3. Sarah W says:

    great photos from Ben Salter!

    • snoggerdog says:

      always is,look on his website has got a motor vehicle on the bed of cosmeston lake,and,and, a topless lady on the beach that was the first since mr topliss the butcher ! (i know,cheated there a bit didnt i.)

  4. Dizzydeb says:

    Totally agree with above two comments. There is very little or no suitable accommodation for the elderly in Penarth centre. This could then free up 3/4 bedroom houses.

  5. 92 and a social butterfly says:

    Yes please, my vote is for ‘luxury’ accommodation for the old folk. I can just see us doing our morning yoga then sitting meditation out on balconies above the shops. We could call out a cheerful greeting to you all as you go about your business. We could offer a drop in creche service for shoppers.

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