Penarth author and former Glamorganshire captain Robert Edwards, granddaughter Clare Stableford and publisher Graeme Ryan at the launch of the book commemorating the achievements of the Penarth golf pioneer Dr Frank Stableford – the man who changed the way the game was scored

A new book  has been published on the life and achievements of Dr Frank Stableford  – the 19th century golfing pioneer from Penarth who changed the way the game of golf is played around the world.

The book – written by former Glamorganshire Golf Club captain and author Robert Edwards – is called  ‘Stableford – A Life in Golf, Medicine and War’ .

The Glamorganshire Golf Club, Penarth where in 1898 Dr Frank Stableford devised his now-famous points scoring system

It was Dr Stableford who,  in 1898 –  at the Glamorganshire Golf Club in Penarth –  invented a totally new  points-scoring system for the game which has since been adopted globally.

Such was the success of the Stableford scoring system – devised on the links in Penarth   – that the late Dr Stableford is now referred to as the “patron saint of golfers”.

Robert Edwards’s biography of Dr Stapleford was released last month and is to be launched in Penarth at a special event at the Glamorganshire Golf Club,   on Friday August 25th at 19:30.

A plaque at the Glamorganshire Golf Club in Penarth also commemorates Penarth golfer Dr Frank Stapleford’s invention of the unique scoring system that’s now used around the world

After creating his now famous scoring system in Penarth,  Dr. Stableford volunteered as an army surgeon in the Boer War and then  served in Royal Army Medical Corps in WW1 and was promoted to the rank of Major.

The new biography was commissioned by an Australian publisher who head-hunted the  former captain of ‘The Glamorganshire’ Robert Edwards to write the work  – which has just been published.

Dr. Stableford’s sole surviving grandchild, Clare Stableford, who helped with research on the project travelled from Cape Town for the inaugural launch of the book last month at Wallasey Golf Club  – where her grandfather played golf in the latter years of his life.

The book has a preface written by James Corrigan, the Daily and Sunday Telegraph golf correspondent [son of renowned Penarth journalist, the late Peter Corrigan] . James Corrigan writes  “Bob Edwards has applied the diligence acquired from a life as a leading solicitor to compile this study of Dr Frank, which answers so many questions.”

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  1. Chris David says:

    Well well you live and learn. Not a golfer but have heard of the famous Stableford system. Didn’t have a clue as to its history though. I’m sure James has done an excellent job in the preface, he’s carved a growing career and had a great mentor in Peter.

  2. Ann Other says:

    Stableford was a great man whose innovation has had the effect of increasing the enjoyment of a fine sport for many, many people over, now, many years. People like this, making apparently small changes that add, incrementally and quietly, to our happiness are far more important to society than the swarms of airy, blustering politicians whose ideas and plans always dissolve into white noise with no definition, no results and no human content. (Now wait for some half-wit to say something stupid about golf!)

  3. snoggerdog says:

    one of my greatest attainments in life was to rise to the giddy heights of being a half wit but sadly——— doh.

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