Permanent parking spaces in Penarth are expensive

The price of parking – or at least the price of a permanent parking spot in Penarth town centre – is going up.

The current going price for a couple of parking spaces which are currently for sale at the rear of shops in Stanwell Road is – according to a PDN source – no less than £12,000 each. That’s £6,000 per space.

The two spaces for sale are access-controlled by an electronic bollard

The latest offering is for two designated adjacent parking plots in an access-controlled car park off the bottom end of Hickman Road where an electronic bollard keeps out unauthorised drivers.

Meanwhile some local retailers are blaming the shortage of parking spaces in the town on other retailers who, it seems,  can’t break the habit of parking their own vehicles – all day –  outside their own shops – and then have the temerity to grouse about trading being quiet.

With new housing developments in prospect, and with estate agents being besieged by buyers wanting to come and live in the town, the price of a place to park in Penarth  is moving higher all the time .



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25 Responses to WANNA PARK IN PENARTH – 24/7? THAT’LL BE £6,000 PLEASE!

  1. RetailGuru says:

    Crazy, and only emphasises the parking issues in Penarth. On the one hand we have a huge shortage of spaces, which is putting off visitors to the town and thereby reducing the income coming in. On the other hand we have people using and abusing the limited parking available; for example people using disabled badges to park all day in some spots, clearly a flagrant abuse of the blue badge they are privileged to have. Whilst other people park all day on double yellows and across dropped kerbs, making it very difficult for people in wheelchairs to actually move around our town. What an absolute mess!

    • Philip Rapiier says:

      Sound your horn here!
      A note of caution as there may be a ye olde covenant – on the underlease preventing such a sale- or the Vale’s exclusively Cowbridge based Cabinet a.k.a. the Banana Republic of Bontfaen could simply introduce a ” Workplace parking levy” See below just in case an U Turn is required.-
      Option: Workplace parking levy (WPL) to fund local public transport.
      A Workplace Parking Levy is sometimes reported as a tax on parking. More accurately, it is a licensing scheme that charges the occupier of premises or employer for the provision of workplace parking places. The cost may be passed on to the employee but it is left to the local traffic authority to determine who must apply for a license and the appropriate sum per parking place.
      The law
      The Transport Act 2000 Part III ch. II introduces ‘Workplace Parking Levy’ Licensing Schemes
      The Act allows a Local Traffic Authority (LTA) to develop a licensing scheme that charges for the number of workplace parking places at a business premise[1]. The purpose of the scheme must be to facilitate the achievement of local transport policies. There is no statutory obligation for the authority to carry out a consultation, although an LTA may consult the public and stakeholders.

      • Peter Church says:

        Philip Rapier, I would concentrate on just spelling your own name correctly and leave parking to those with some expertise 🙂

      • Malcolm Powder says:

        St. Peter’s Church, I would concentrate on just spelling your own name correctly and leave commenting to those with some expertise.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      I think it is a routine people are used to now-recently went for an early morning walk on the Promenade-hardly any cars down there at all-the two I saw were parked in the Bus Stop near the Pier-drivers know that enforcement is non-existent so do their own thing.

  2. Chris David says:

    I’ve got two available, one minute drive outside the town centre mind but begs the question where will it all end 🙂 West House may become available?

  3. Ron Foxton says:

    Happy to pave over my front garden thus supplying four spaces… I’ll take £4.5k a piece annually (and rising 10% annually of course…)

  4. John Powell says:

    It’s true. Some traders and their staff do take up large numbers of spaces all day, which is what they will do for as long as they can get in early and park outside their shop
    all day. Parking needs a radical re-think and also some
    Council investment (a fraction of what is raised in Penarth and spent on. arry would
    do the trick). Drivers are very lazy though and won’t walk even short distances so probably all town centre spaces should be metered, perhaps up to 2 hrs free and then ratcheting up for space hoggers. The abuse of disabled badges is real, it surely only a problem if you feel that disabled people need to park free for longer than everyone else.

    In terms of spaces, why do some banks ‘need’ private spaces, and why not look at the large tarmac area behind the GPO/empty tandoori in Albert Td?

    • RetailGuru says:

      Which traders are you talking about? As far as I’m aware, parking immediately around the shops is restricted to 1 hour and 2 hour at best…. so are you suggesting that they are being ignored by the parking wardens?

  5. snoggerdog says:

    the cars are getting bigger, the roads are getting busier,the park anywhere,anyhow are getting bolder,the police are?and the wardens are most probably on a (short) stopwatch. i am so grateful we dont live in a backward country! some countrys capital city wanted to spend £200,000,000.on a garden bridge now theyve abandoned the idea at a cost of £43,000,000. did this cause debate no they were wringing their hands about big ben NOT chiming whilst its being repaired.message to BBC 3 words fiddle,rome burning

  6. john64 says:

    Oh come on! If somebody wants to rent a parking space and is willing to pay this kind of fee so be it. As for disabled parking? Try getting a permit under the Assembly’s revised guidelines. I see many car parked in ‘disabled bays’ without blue badges, shop and office workers’ (and the employers’) cars parked all day but the simple matter is TOLERANCE and CONSIDERATION for others. This is not a parking problem alone but part of the way our society has been guided by those who think they know best. Too much regulation, too many “rights” (often by people who couldn’t consider the idea of earning “rights”; I could go on, and on, and on, and on.

  7. Guido says:

    I think you might find that the ‘sale’ of such parking spaces are in breach of the original planning permission of circa 2002, a condition of which requires the spaces to be retained for the use of both the residential and commercial uses comprising Washington Buildings.

  8. Ted says:

    The traders seem not to have to abide by the same rules around parking restrictions as other drivers. I received a ticket for exceeding the 1 hour by 10 mins fair enough but the traders range rover parked next to me was there before I arrived and after I left !!!!!!

  9. My suggestion for what its worth…
    btw im well aware this will never happen …
    1. for parking to work it needs to be as near to the parking need as possible ie the monty smith site wouldnt work because people are too lazy to park then walk up a hill especially as they have paid for the privilege.
    2. parking takes up space… pun intended… and there isnt any in the town centre

    SO i would say that …. Penarth currently has its own sorting office with a large ish car park to the rear…. now less that a few miles away on Penarth road there is a massive main sorting office so if the Penarth service was moved here (i live further away from it that Penarth and have to go there to retreive parcels on occasion) OR the service was relocated to the post office in Penarth? which would boost footfall and trade and also allow for collections past 12.30..

    THAT – would free up probably the only single site in the center to redevelop for parking…

    its large enough that if flattened it would provide enough parking to make a real difference at very little cost (level the building to provide dual street access & enlarge existing car par area) stick a kiosk in there and charge a nominal fee for parking.

    the site could also then generate some revenue and benchmarking could be done and then seen if it is viable to develop further ie go up (low level multi story)

    i really cant see any other option that doesnt involve the displacement of multiple other businesses or residents. the council could buy it and run it.

    As an Aside – there is and indie documentary film called “the parking lot movie” which all those with a sense of entitlement of being able to park ones car should probably watch.


  10. Vic says:

    I think it was in the 80’s, when the then town clerk, Eddie Vick, proposed a great idea of building over the railway cutting at Woodland Place to provide parking spaces close to town. Today, with electrification of the lines under way, his plan sounds very possible. Apparently, the Stanwell Road Bridge is too low for electrification and Network Rail may have to consider moving the town station. If they sited a new station in Railway Terrace, or just up from the existing Dingle Road station, think of all that parking space. Unless of course, it was used for flats!

  11. penarthblog says:

    I suggested that the Monty Smiths site could be developed as a multi story car park, but I was shot down by many contributors, some saying that there was no need for it as parking was not a problem in the town.

  12. Ken says:

    “…Wanna…” ?

    “Want to”, surely?

  13. Sue@56 says:

    I agree with Daniel that the post office site in Albert Road would be the perfect place for a car park. Where are the momentum group? – could they not take up this matter. How about the Penarth Society – what is their opinion on the fact a town the size of Penarth does not have a car park to encourage visitors to our lovely town.
    By the way, the traffic warden was spied down on the Esplanade Sunday lunchtime.

  14. Chris David says:

    Good idea. Very old idea. Was proposed right back when it was announced the PO was closing. But you have to keep and tidy up the “Art Deco” façade. No more vandalism. I also wonder if the idea to cover over the railway cutting is feasible.

  15. £12,000 each. That’s £6,000 per space. Er, no it isn’t.

    • Doc Dry says:

      Didn’t read it properly, did you? Try reading the article again, and report back when you’ve understood it.

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