The HQ of M Camilleri and Sons Roofing Ltd in Sully

A total of 17 employers in Wales – including a local company – have been publicly listed by the Government today for not paying the minimum wage.

The local firm is  M Camilleri & Sons Roofing Limited – based in Sully –  which is reported to have  failed to pay a total of  £1,150.68 to 11 of its workers.

The registered office of the roofing company is Ty Gwyrdd A Gwyn, Sully Moors Road, Sully, South Glamorgan . It lists as its directors Simon Bailey,  Marco Anthony Camilleri, Mathew John Camilleri , Andrew Crossman, John Emyr Evans and  Steven Savory.

Michael Paul Camilleri  and Barbara Camilleri – both of whom live in Penarth – resigned as a directors of the firm in April this year.

The retailer Argos was  listed as the worst offender in the UK for paying below the minimum wage.

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  1. Chris David says:

    Look out- Doughty’s about. He’s In House of Conmans library today, looking up the definition of a Limited company.

  2. penarthblog says:

    It would be interesting to know their reasons if any.

  3. Philip Rapier says:

    The Con-Ind controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council avoid being on the other name and shame ( non payment of living wage) list by utilising sub contract tendering for waste disposal and other services. The Vale refuse to disclose or vet sub- contract wage rates (see FOI’s passim 2013) GMB and Labour-Coop Party agreed Policy is for a Local Authority to have the enforcement powers not HMRC. The Vale obviously would wish to avoid this as they would not benefit from the cheap labour cost savings they achieve by the back door.
    The previous Labour administration was no better with some high profile resignations from their Trade Union just as soon as they got their feet under the Cabinet Table.

  4. Penileaks says:

    If the total owed to 11 employees is only £1150, which incidentaly they obviously should have been paid of course, then it equates to around £100 each. It does not make clear in the report, over what period these underpayments were made, but if it was over just one year, it would only equate to £2 per week, 2 years would be £1 per week and so on. Hardly a massive fraud on the employers part and quite possibly some minor accounting error which has multiplied over an extended period of time.
    The employees involved here, should of course now be paid what they are due, but why the Government sees fit to name a successful company that has not underpaid (very probably accidentally), their employees to anywhere near the same level as say Argos have undoubtedly planned to rip off theirs, is totally unnecessary in my view.

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