Police patrols are to be stepped up in Penarth in a bid to stamp out the craze of Nitrous Oxide sniffing

South Wales Police are to step up patrols of trouble spots in the Penarth area following several discoveries of cartridges of liquid nitrous-oxide in the area. (see PDN reports on ……………and ……………) 

Inspector Gary Smart  – who is in charge of Penarth police station  – says  “We are aware of the issue of nitrous oxide cartridges being discarded in a few public spaces throughout Penarth, and we have stepped up patrols while we continue to investigate.”

Nitrous Oxide chargers littering the roadside in St Augustine’s. The potentially lethal gas they contain is inhaled from balloons to give addicts a “high”

Discarded canisters of Nitrous Oxide (N2O) have been found in Glebe St / Ludlow Street, on Church Place North near St Augustines Church  and in the Penarth Council children’s playground near Pembroke Terrace

Inspector Gary Smart of South Wales Police

Inspector Smart warns “Not only is using nitrous oxide for anything other than its intended use extremely dangerous – it can even prove fatal – the antisocial behaviour associated with those inhaling it has a negative impact on those living and working in the area and it will not be tolerated.”

The police are again asking for the public’s help to stem the menace and are reminding retailers of their responsibilities in selling Nitrous Oxide cartridges .

Inspector Smart says   “I’d like to encourage the public to continue reporting any concerns to us via 101 [ the police access number for non-emergency calls] and I’d also like to remind retailers that it is an offence to sell nitrous-oxide to anyone under 18 if they suspect it is likely to be used to inhale.”


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  1. Peter Church says:

    It might be a start if they made the supply of them a little more difficult or made it mandatory to add a noxious chemical, say bromine to them to make the gas taste awful.
    This would also help the lard buckets who spend all day eating whipped cream.
    eBay and Google seem to sell little else.

    • Doc Whassup says:

      If all the busybodies keep Googling ‘nitrous oxide’ it creates a link which leads to more being advertised. You are adding to a minor problem by searching for it.
      Why don’t you do something useful and write to your M.P. with your concerns?

  2. Tom Strickland says:

    Here is a fairly balanced account of the dangers of nitrous:

  3. Spongebob Square Head says:

    Our local Police may have more success patrolling (undercover) the barrage car park opposite the Custom House Restaurant in the evenings. It is a hive a anti-social car cruising, cannabis smoking and nitrous oxide use. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights being the most popular cruise nights with the worst anti-social activity. I’ve reported this to 101 on numerous occasions but the police have done nothing.

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