Three of the many Stanwell students who achieved outstanding results Orla Emberson, Lily Winnan and Seren Marsh

Penarth’s Stanwell School has announced another successful performance by  6th-form students in their A Level examinations – which were released yesterday.

At A level, 34 % of all grades were A* or A, with 86 % of the year group achieving A* to C overall.  The figures included: –

  • In Mathematics students were awarded 48 A* or A grades (60% of entry).
  • In Art  78% of the candidates secured A* to B grades
  • Drama 74% of the candidates secured A* to B grades
  • English Literature 80% of the candidates secured A* to B grades
  • German 80%  of the candidates secured A* to B grades
  • Government & Politics 75% of the candidates secured A* to B grades
  • Religious Studies 77% of the candidates secured A* to B grades

The school says that overall “there were a very impressive 68 A* grades (10% of entry) and 577 A* to B grades (63% of entry including the Welsh Baccalaureate). Furthermore, 239 students (94%) achieved the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate as part of the new Welsh Baccalaureate. “

Stanwell Students Paul Monaghan, Jasper Aeshlimann, Joshua James and Bill Sims.

Stanwell School says the results at A level results have “once again put Stanwell students amongst the top performers in Wales, with many individuals securing truly exceptional grades. 54 of them (21%) achieved 3 A grades or better, with the new Skills Challenge Certificate.

The school has formally congratulated  students in the 2017 cohort, including its highest achievers:-

  • Seren Marsh (4 A* grades, 1 A grade)
  • Joseph Short (4 A* grades, 1 B grade)
  • Lily Winnan (4 A* grades)
  • Orla Emberson (3 A* grades, 1 A grade)
  • Amy Hickery (3 A* grades, 1 A grade)
  • Luke Pringle (3 A* grades, 1 A grade)
  • Linda Saji (3 A* grades, 1 A grade)
  • Basil Crack (3 A* grades, 1 B grade)
  • Paul Monaghan (2 A* grades, 2 A grades and1 B grade)
  • Jasper Aeschlimann (2 A* grades, 2 A grades)
  • Will Gale (2 A* grades, 2 A grades)
  • Jessica Martin (2 A* grades, 2 A grades)
  • Lucy Sibert (2 A* grades, 2 A grades)

Top performer, Seren, is off to Oxford University to study medicine, with Bristol and Exeter universities being the most popular destinations of Stanwell pupils.

Stanwell’s Head Teacher Mr Derek Jones says “This has been another excellent year for Stanwell.  We would like to congratulate all our sixth formers on their success and are grateful for the support given by parents and staff to ensure that our students fulfil their potential.”

Stanwell students Seren Lewis and Lucy Richards

Mrs Angharad Mansfield, Year 13 tutor, also said “We have had a very successful morning and the Sixth Form team are delighted that so many of our students have secured places at their chosen universities. It has been a pleasure working with these young people and we congratulate all of Year 13 on their achievements and wish them continued success in the future.”

PDN hopes to feature St Cyres’s School’s results – also announced yesterday – in a separate item later today.



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  1. Mark Foster says:

    Are teenagers getting brighter, is education improving or are the mindbenders simply downgrading the value of A levels? In music for example, are they familiar with say Beethoven, Brahms, Shostakovitch, Stravinsky etc.? Anybody know?

  2. cogan nomen says:

    Congratulations to all you youngsters . Keep up the good work.

  3. Ralf says:

    Lets just congratulate those young people who would have worked hard to achieve their results.
    And not blather on about whether they’re familiar with Beethoven

    • Ann Other says:

      Isn’t that taking a rather naive and sentimental view? Why wouldn’t people want to discuss the standards of exams and how they have changed over the years?

      • snoggerdog says:

        i worked my way up to remedial class at cogan skool for young gentlemen,but i dont like to brag about it (still trying for the accolade of halfwit)

      • Ralf says:

        To what end?.
        New subjects have been added, curriculums have changed and we’re not comparing like with like.
        And the results are the results.
        Quite clearly the naivety and sentimentality is with you.

  4. Mark Foster says:

    There’s the answer. Ask yourself, what is their objective in doing this?


  5. Ralf says:

    A spokesman for the Department for Children, Schools and Families said syllabuses and examinations were “appropriate and reliable”.
    “We’ve commented on Durham University’s research time and time again,” she said. “Their work is quite different to GCSE or A-level as it uses aptitude tests which are not directly comparable to performance at GCSE and A level.”

  6. Peter Church says:

    34% receive ‘A’ or ‘A star’ grades
    I wonder how this makes I and the other 76% feel 😦

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