Picking out the Team Raven aerobatic aircraft against the grey skies over Penarth this afternoon wasn’t easy. The planes could be heard – but could not be seen all that well.

Despite cloud, grey skies and rain – an intrepid team of  stunt aircraft unexpectedly turned up over Penarth this afternoon for what appeared to have been intended as a fly-past or even an aerobatic display.

The weather however wasn’t prepared to play ball –  and the pilots had to settle for just a few gentle circuits of the town  beneath a very low cloud ceiling .

Flying wing-tip to wing-tip in today’s rainy conditions needed steady hands and steady nerves ..and navigation lights on

Even so, in the steady drizzle,  the conditions were so poor it was easier to hear the aircraft than to eyeball them against the dark backdrop of unremitting grey clouds.

“Team Raven” is a formation aerobatic display team formed in May 2014 and fly “Van’s RV” aircraft with a mix of 1 RV4 and 4 RV8s.  All three aircraft in today’s – albeit limited –  display are “self-build aircraft” powered by Lycoming io-360, 180 horsepower engines.

It’s still not clear what was behind the  unannounced appearance of the aircraft over the town or why the Team Raven aircraft had decided to orbit Penarth in particular.

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  1. G Williams says:

    Three of the team were returning from the Eastbourne airshow to Swansea and were holding in the area to allow commercial traffic to land in Cardiff.

  2. sjleworthy says:

    Couldnt see a thing…..but it sounded great!

  3. whatsoccurin says:

    They appeared from nowhere but the poor visibility and cloud made it very difficult for them-hope they were following all safety rules-ruin the look of our flats if we had an aeroplane embedded in the wall!!

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