The film crew and actors at work on Penarth Pier this morning. Access for visitors and residents is restricted.

Part of Penarth Pier is temporarily out of bounds to visitors and residents this morning as it’s being used – yet again – as a location for filming

A  full scale multi-camera production crew is on the scene  shooting what appears to be a drama production.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has clearly suspended its by-law prohibiting cycling on the pier – at least for the duration of the shoot.

The director cues “Action” – and a small dog stands by with its trainer for what is clearly a walk-on part

In this year’s August weather most the production crew are wisely wearing heavy-duty Arctic anoraks – except for the actors who have to be dressed for “summer” – and the dog, who doesn’t seem to mind the weather too much

Work is expected to carry on most of the morning.


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  1. David Moorcraft says:

    Penarth Pier – or part of it – closed on a Sunday in the middle of the Holiday period ? Couldn’t have done it during the week ?
    At least I hope they pay well for the privilege

  2. AK says:

    I wonder how they would have managed had today’s Balmoral sailing not been cancelled.


  3. Anne Greagsby says:

    Balmoral sailing cancelled again? It’s becoming increasingly unreliable.

    • snoggerdog says:

      it has been in dock because of propeller fouling.back in action on 23rd august.

      • Balmoral Fan. says:

        Repair Assessment Divers / Materials / Parts / Dry docking / Labour / Compulsory Tug /Towage Sadly all this adds up to almost £10,000, the struggle continues !!

  4. Peter Church says:

    Are these filming events and road/pier closures advertised anywhere?
    Where does the money go? To subsidise those in Barry who don’t/won’t/can’t pay the Council Tax.
    Keep money generated in Penarth, in Penarth.

  5. Michael Amity says:

    I’m very pleased to see that the Vale of Glamorgan Council have relaxed their rules on cycling and dogs on the pier.
    I’m sure they won’t be too bothered if the fishermen light a bonfire to take the chill off the August evenings.

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