This part of Glebe St , Penarth will be closed for repair work this morning

The lower end of  Glebe St is closed this morning for long-awaited repair work.

This section of Glebe St has become the main route into the town centre for traffic entering the town via Plassey St – and has probably one of the worst surfaces in Penarth.

In some parts of Glebe St the top-surface has totally failed – revealing loose chippings beneath.

As a period of only 5 hours has been allocated to carry out the work , it would appear this is going to be a patching-up exercise rather than the complete resurfacing  – which local residents and businesses say is what the road badly needs.

Yellow signs have been on display for a few days warning motorists of today’s closure. The road will be closed from 08:00 to until 13:00.

The work is to be carried out by Vale of Glamorgan contractors Centregreat Ltd

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  1. Windsor in my view says:

    They should pop along and take a look at Ludlow Street some time if they think Glebe Street is bad.

    The drains are completely blocked with silt that’s been washed down the street from all the holes.

  2. Glebe Street is my no means the worst road surface in Penarth. Mind you it’s worse than anywhere in Barry that I know.

  3. Penileaks says:

    I note that the work was just to patch the road and only to the upper part of the lower section if that makes sense, rather than resurface the whole road which is what it needs.
    Positive point is that Penarth garages can still test the suspension on it if they wish too 🙂

  4. Pope says:

    Yet again a terrible job has been done ‘patching up’ – it’s no better than before. Same with Ludlow Street – patched up (yet again) and no better.

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