A motorist takes avoiding action whilst a gang-member on the pavement appears to raise his fist in celebration of another near-accident

There has been a further incident of unruly kids on bikes deliberately blocking a road in Penarth and harrassing motorists and pedestrians.

In the wake of similar incidents in Victoria Road, Penarth Esplanade, Lavernock Road and in Cardiff, it is now reported that there was a further incident on Brockhill Rise, Penarth at 16:15 on Saturday August 19th.

The senseless stunt could easily turn into a tragedy. The parents are probably unaware of what their children are getting up to. The faces of the children have been obscured.

A number of boys on bikes – aged between 10 and 13  – were said to be deliberately blocking  the road – disrupting traffic coming over the crest of a blind hill. Motorists were being forced to brake hard to avoid an accident.

One eyewitness – a man walking home with his grandson – says 3 or 4 the boys blocked the road whilst the rest of the gang “laughed and shouted encouragement” . He told PDN that what the youngsters were doing was “very dangerous”.

The biker gang blocking the road on Brockhill Rise on Saturday afternoon August 19th . The faces  of gang members have been deliberately obscured for legal reasons

When a passing  pedestrian – walking home with his grandson – warned the tearaways about their behaviour, members of the gang began following him home in a menacing fashion.

As the boys are apparently below the age of criminal responsibility it’s believed unlikely the police can do anything about the problem.

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  1. Enough is enough now , being a mother with a teenager also I now36 I can honestly say its the parenting , taught while a 18 month old upwards, Just came off from holiday fro a week in Paignton and I along with others have noticed a difference in the youths from last year, Bikes weaving in and out of busy pavements , kids on scotters even in shops ,parents don’t care if you cant hear them as im nearly 60 and cant hear as well as I used too, And don’t get me started about hearing ” Kids will be kids” no they have to learn to show consideration to others and ride in the parks like we had too. They should lower the age of responsibility to 8 years old and if younger charge the parents, I am also a grandmother to 3 and they have been raised to ride in the park . Rant over yes Im getting old ha ha ha

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Colour Blindness has reached epidemic proprtions amongst Penarth Bicyclists. Early symptoms are an acute inability to recognise the colour red. The outbreak of this severely debiltating condition is thought to have started at the “Railway Traffic Lights”. This illness which is also known as Lycratic Ignoramus Loutosis cannot be detected by the Authorities due to the special Lycra clothing worn by the Bicyclists which renders them invisible to Law Enforcement Officers.The condition has now become deadly serious as it has infected our young people and spread to Brockhill.
      My understanding is the law recognises a conveyance for these purposes as a “two wheeled vehicle” which may be impounded by the Authorities in an instance of “Anti Social Beahaviour!.”
      A seizure notce is issued which requires the responsible adult to escort the child to the Pound to reclaim the two wheeled vehicle.

      • Joe blow says:

        There are many more, far more serious, transgressions made daily by car drivers.

        Why don’t you get yourself a new hobby horse that’s actually relevant.

  2. Chris David says:

    Now Now…………… Tracy-Mercedes-Chardonnay and Cruz-Harbour-Tyson must be allowed to express themselves.

    • Mark Foster says:

      Oi cobber, u leave my WASP neighbours alone. PDN has obviously been captured by the MSM lefty propagandists. Watch out for the knives and acid on the Railway Path next. LOL.

      • Bruce Dego says:

        I reckon your brain flipped to the upside-down position when you travelled halfway around the globe.

  3. Dan Potts says:

    Unfortunately someone’s going to get hurt if this behaviour is not stopped, when the inevitable happens it will of course be the nasty driver’s fault ?

  4. Steven says:

    They are also playing around Tesco Penarth car park and playing ‘chicken’ with both traffic flows leading towards the mini roundabout at Cogan causing BOTH traffic flows to stop. It’s only going to be a matter of time before someone gets hurt badly. And as Dan mentioned it will be the driver who’ll probably get the blame. Unless dash cam footage shows something different.

  5. jamie sullivan says:

    I seen the kids on the bikes on Saturday, I think the headlines are wrong, the bids were no trouble and were crossing the road.

    • jamie sullivan says:

      Kids …

    • Grandparent says:

      Well you must have been there at a different time as it was me that took the photos and these kids were causing a problem for at least 10 minutes and deliberately blocking the road. What time were did you witness this incident? Are you acquainted with or related to any of these children?

  6. snoggerdog says:

    mildred “what are rebelling about johnny” johnny “waddaya got” marlon brando in the wild one. 1953 nothing much changes.its all down to being a yoof.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      agree snogger “kids,why can’t they be like we were-perfect in every way!”

  7. Chris David says:

    The Wild one! ha that was tamer than Stanwell Yoof Club.

  8. Peter Church says:

    ASBO’s for the lot of them and get Alun Michael to issue a “velocipede confiscation order” to boot!

  9. Papa Lazarou says:

    Where’s the childcatcher when you need him…

  10. Nincompoop says:

    Chris David- you are a complete snob and I can assure you that there are as many Henry’s/Will’s whatever other names you feel are not likely to be involved in anti social
    behaviour often just as badly behaved. I do not in any way condone behaviour that puts others at risks , However Penarth residents can’t have it both ways, there are very few facilities for children to entertain themselves, people moaned about a skate park, where are kids meant to hang around? why not channel your energy in proposing somewhere teenagers can hang out without annoying others ( probably impossible in Penarth).

    • Chris David says:

      Ahh Niny-Poop-I concur, you’re so right on so many levels…I applaud you and your thoughtful intelligent vision. One must find ways to let the little darlings- Henry’s n Wills included (ruddy hell girl wot! ) let orf steam eh! Like the Rugby Club, Football club, Library, a bit of bird watching or fishing, get the parents to put down Hello Mag and take them up the Brecon’s for a bit of a ramble and lunch…. etc. Ohh so so difficult. So so me me me I have rights ..and wants at someone else’s expense ay! Aurevoir from Byrd Crescent and San Sebastian…and the we the did it for our kids club- Luv 🙂 xx

    • Chris David says:

      Quiet! Channelled enough for you Winnypoo?

      • Buster says:

        Jeez. I don’t know what you’re on Christopher but it’s not doing you much good. Sit down quietly for a while and come up with a pithy, abusive response. xx 😘

      • Chris David says:

        Am sitting buster gut
        Restaurant in San Sebastian thanks sweetie. Take it you’re another me me then x

  11. The Tax payer says:

    I know it’s not very PC. But please god let one of the little darlings get hurt and that may wake up the rest of the retards. But as for the parents most of them don’t really care as long as they are out of the house and not disrupting the day time tv programs or down the pub 👹

  12. WINSTON WOLF says:

    BRING BACK NATIONAL SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (……… little blighters )

  13. Lucie says:

    Look at the ctv,camers that me a many more working people from,St Luke’s are paying for!you mite find a clue! 🤓

  14. Mark Foster says:

    Who said kids were deliberately blocking the road and harrassing pedestrians? Where in the photographs is this happening? Show us photographs of the near collision. The teenager in the red shirt looks like he’s waiting for the black BMW to pass. They’re just socialising.

    The trouble is there are a lot of wealthy pensioners in this area who have nothing better to do with their time. Grandparents should move out from the area and make the nice homes available for young families.

    • kidsrightsfirst says:

      I definitely agree with what you are saying hear Mark, no where in these photographs show any of these children in a near collision with a vehicle and or on the road waiting for a vehicle to almost crash into them. If the residents of Brock Hill then they should be trying to build a facility were these children could go practice tricks or whatever they do on there bikes.

      • kidsrightsfirst says:

        Sorry I meant to put if the residents of Brock Hill want them gone they should be looking for a facility

    • Grandparent says:

      They were blocking the road. I shouted “who wants to be in the news?” before I took the photo as I thought it was only fair to give them warning. So I didn’t actually take a photo of their idiotic behaviour, only the aftermath.

      Three of them then followed me, shouting abuse. Your comment regarding grandparents is beneath contempt. It is clear that these children have been mucking around in traffic for a while, obviously inspired to misbehave by their peers on North Road in Cardiff. What I saw them doing was extremely dangerous. They were not socialising, they were “having a laugh” by blocking the road.

      • Bruce Dego says:

        You’ve made the mistake of assuming that Mark Foster is interested in evidence and facts. His worldview is entirely subjective. A lifelong victim of confirmation bias.
        I wouldn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to his comments. Firstly, he wasn’t there, so his views are irrelevant and, secondly, he has a political standpoint that is lodged between Trump and Stalin, with the Queen calling in her pawns to save us from democracy. He has a perverse hatred of consensus, so he’ll disagree with the majority view regardless of facts.
        His comments are the subject of much mirth in our household, but not meant to be taken seriously on any level.

      • Mark Foster says:

        Bruce Dego you should study Plato’s Republic or go and read Politics Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University and Mein Kampf before responding to my Antipodean comments. I think you’re an assimilable Italian Aussie in disguise like wot used to exist in Leichhardt in Sydney. Jesus, you get a free education and continue reading my posts. There’s hope for youse Poms yet.

      • Bruce Dego says:

        More prejudice as you claim to know not only what I have and have not read, but also where I did or did not study.
        What a distorted worldview you have!

  15. ........ says:

    I was driving one of the cars that they purposely went out in front. One of them came straight towards me head on whilst the others were egging him on. So I just stopped. He skidded unbelievably close to my bonnet whilst laughing and calling me the chicken!! And before you all start I’m not a complaining grandparent

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