Windsor Road, Cogan – Penarth’s most polluted street is set for a massive re-vamp

Dozens of houses on Windsor Road between the Brains Railway Bridge and the junction with Andrew Road may all be revamped under a Vale of Glamorgan Council scheme similar to the housing regeneration scheme already undertaken in the St Augustine’s Ward  of Penarth.

The northern end of Windsor Road is so heavily polluted by fumes from passing traffic it -has been designated as an Air Quality Management Area and local residents  find that fall-out, dust and exhaust particles from passing traffic discolours painted walls and windows.

A typical terraced house in this Cogan section of Windsor Road, a list of the works to be undertaken and a map of the area showing the properties involved

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s cabinet is next week to consider  targeting this section of Windsor Road for investment. Some of the funding would come from Section 106 moneys to be paid  by developers Crest Nicholson in respect of planning permission for Penarth Heights.

What’s called the “Windsor Road Housing Regeneration Scheme” takes account of the fact that the route is the main gateway into Penarth ,. In 2013 the independent Penarth Tourist and Visitor Association in collaboration with Soltys Brewster Consulting produced a study called “Gateway to Penarth- Windsor Road”  – highlighting the urgent need to enhance this area of the town.

The once bright-yellow walls of the Station Hotel in Cogan are stained with fall-out from traffic fumes. The Station Hotel however is one of the properties not included in the scheme.

The Labour administration in the Vale of Glamorgan COuncil did nothing about the problem  but now the new Conservative administration – which took office in May –  is pressing ahead with the plan – and is likely to give it the go ahead on Monday next week.

A council report says the street is “comprised largely of pre 1919 houses, the external fabric of which have deteriorated over time as a result of their age and location. The front elevation of the properties show years of soot deposits accumulated from traffic traveling in and out of Penarth and a cumulative lack of maintenance”.

The notorious “Cogan Dip” is an Air Quality Management Area

The plan is to repair and clean the frontage of all the houses “to ensure the gateway to Penarth provides the best possible impression which will contribute towards the regeneration objectives for Penarth in terms of tourism, town centre and business development.”

The properties included are  Numbers 100 to 160, 164 to 172, No 155  and from No 157 to 163 Windsor Road, Penarth as shown on the map . In addition, improvements would be made to each  property subject to individual surveys.

The council says “the assistance detailed in this Policy is subject to applicant and property eligibility, and conditions of ownership” … Each  applicant will be informed of the terms and conditions of the financial assistance upon application to participate in the scheme . Gable ends and boundary walls will be included in the sprucing up exercise

Applicants must own the property set for the clean up and will be required to prove that so that the council can go ahead with the works. Landlords must be registered or licensed with Rent Smart Wales.

  • The work involves
  •  Renewal of rainwater gutters and downpipes
  •  Renewal of fascia, soffit and barge boards
  •  Stone / brick cleaning and re-pointing and painting, or over-rendering where appropriate.
  •  Replacement of timber doors and windows
  •  Renewal of front boundary walls
  •  Renewal of bay roof coverings

The Council’s  Grants Agency Service is to provide a full service in preparing plans, obtaining tenders, preparing and submitting the formal application forms, supervising works on site and certifying the works on completion. The Council will charge a fee for this service which will be met from the grant.

One stipulation is that owners or tenants can’t then change the outside of their homes for at least 5 years after the revamp .

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  1. cogan nomen says:

    A ******* paint job ? ?
    What about our lungs ? !

  2. Peter Church says:

    Maybe replace the tatty Brains Advert with a “Welcome to Penarth” advert!

  3. David Moorcraft says:

    “A council report says the street is “comprised largely of pre 1919 houses, “. Sorry to see “comprised ..of” in an official Council report. It’s just “ungrammatical”.
    Either “consists of ” or “comprises”. Sorry to be pedantic , but I note that PDN doesn’t make this common mistake.

    And glad to see Cogan frontages being cleaned / refurbished, not before time !

  4. Windsor in my view says:

    Perhaps deal with the problem rather than cleaning it up and waiting a short amount of time before it all turns murky grey again…..

    Or just paint them all grey that way they’ll never look dirty

  5. Steven says:

    Why as a resident, in the area being discussed have I not been informed about this before it was released? Where did PDN get this information? I have called the CV1 number and they are unaware of the above and have been given me the the number of someone in the VOG for regeneration. I’m waiting a response from them.

  6. Steven says:

    Can I ask you pdn, where did you get this information?

  7. JTR69 says:

    Great to see this road being cleaned up. The pollution problem will be solved in the near future as we all jump into our electric cars. There seems to be a problem with the parking on this road creating a bottle neck leaving barely enough room for traffic to pass both ways.

  8. Clare says:

    Disgusting! Home owners should surely maintain their own property not have handouts from local council

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