Taking off :One of three Minis takes to the air in the classic 1969  heist movie “The Italian Job

 An entirely new Cinema Club is set to be launched in Penarth this month  by the All  Saints Social Group.

The All Saints Cinema Club is being set up in the wake of the demise of the publicly-funded purpose-built Penarth Pier Pavilion Cinema which was controversially closed down in March this year by leaseholders Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd.

Penarth businesswoman Jane McLaughlin and the All Saints Social Clubv are behind the new Cinema Club Venture

Behind the newly-formed  Cinema Club is prominent Penarth businesswoman Jane McLaughlin – the former owner of JM Textiles which was the retail supplier of school uniforms for hundreds of schools throughout Wales.

Jane sold the uniforms business in 2007 but “like everyone else” she says she’s upset about closure of Pier Pavilion Cinema and had attended meetings to see if the council could be “forced to reopen it” .

Forthcoming attraction: The All Saints Cinema Club poster for “The Italian Job”starring Michael Caine

Now, “fed up with waiting”, she  – and the All Saints Social Group –  have gone ahead and established an entirely new Cinema Club for the town which will be showing its very first movie – the original version of the “The Italian Job” starring Michael Caine –  on Thursday 28th September at a “pop-up cinema” set up in All Saints Lesser Hall.

The Club – which anyone can join –  plans to show what it calls “iconic films”  once a month  – along with food and wine to accompany the show . ….There’ll be a slice of pizza and a glass of red wine included in the ticket price of £7.50p .  A  well known local independent pop-up film company will be handling the professional technicalities to make sure everthing will be “alright on the night”.

Jane says there’ll be a warm welcome for all film lovers, plus  “plenty of cushions” on the seats to keep patrons comfortable, wine glasses can be topped up at the bar and there will also be even “cosy rugs for you to snuggle up into while watching the film” .

Michael Caine once said he originally made “The Italian Job” because it was just the sort of film that he himself liked to go to a cinema to watch. Those attending  the first night of the new Penarth All Saints Cinema Club will be invited to submit their own ideas for movies they’d particularly like to see.  Jane has also been asked about the possibility of showing children’s films during school holidays.

Tickets for the event can be bought from

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  1. Chris David says:

    Wow, what a positive response to the PACL debacle. I really do hope its a great success. Hey maybe you can take over PACL before the latest batch of monies run out, although you may not know for sometime as The HLF, VoG and PTC have no idea what the state of play is! Their collective slogan “not a lot of people know that” Well done, great idea and please do well.

  2. penarthblog says:

    This is a brilliant idea and there will be no shortage of suggestions as to what films to show.

  3. Jane McLaughlin says:

    Thanks both for your positive comments. We are hoping fellow film lovers will suggest films they will like to see each month. Although have to stress we don’t have cinema seats, just normal hall seats, but loads of cushions, coffee tables, and rugs, bar, popcorn, crisps, pizza, what more do you need for a night out? Thanks for your support – Jane

  4. Andrew Jones says:

    My comments are no way a criticism of Jane’s efforts – full marks to her for taking this initiative.
    However it’s so ironic that here in Penarth we have probably one of the most modern state of the art digital cinemas in Wales in a unique setting ( marketable in its own right) and yet it has sat in darkness for the past 7 months entirely due to complete mismanagement and negligence on the part of the operator PACL who are presently the heavily publicly funded custodian of this facility.
    Yet local politicians choose to turn a blind eye and allow this to continue for whatever reason.
    So now we have a situation where to combat this someone has taken this step ( again to restate excellent community response).

    This is Penarth – where we have a state of the art cinema which showed all the latest films and world cinema -CLOSED! We now have occasional screenings of old films in a church hall instead
    If the powers that be in Penarth had any get up and go then what we would have is a thriving cinema on the Pier where Jane could set up a monthly Cinema club. Win win.

    That of course is too difficult in a town where local politicians would rather spend their time finding more ways to silence critics ( Penarth Town Council’s new policy), avoid public scrutiny and avoid any meaningful engagement and partnership working

    Welcome to the Stalinist state of Penarth! The feudal kingdom – they may as well build a town wall and install a gatehouse and portcullis at Cogan!

    Then they may as well go the whole hog use the town roundabout for the public floggings of dissenters like Nicki Page and probably me now ( still that would get around any criticism of failure to maintain the clock and flowerbeds and put the roundabout to use!)

    How long do we all have to continue with this or are we all living the real Emperor’s New Clothes?

    • Anne Greagsby says:

      Agree entirely. Well done Jane but those seats ….and you will definitely need a blanket in the winter…Why are we still waiting for our state of the art cinema to reopen?

    • Mark Foster says:

      I can’t believe you Poms could be so stupid. The reason PACL had to close the Penarth Pier Cinema is that there is nowhere to park there and there is no way they could get two people in their seventies to walk down and up the hill to the pier. The marketeers probably were afraid to tell PACL this because they wouldn’t get paid if they did.

      • Andrew Jones says:

        The apparent lack of parking is a complete red herring. As a matter of fact the weekly matinees saw the cinema packed out every week by older people. I have never failed to park in the evenings – even if it requires me to park on a nearby street. I used to live in Canton where of course we had Chapter arts centre around the corner. Have you ever tried to park around Canton/Pontcanna?

        Our wonderful cinema is NOT closed as a result of parking or any such factor. It is entirely the product of mismanagement.

        And while we are on a roll of course we were all told by PACL that cinema has no footfall Spring & Summer ( well not in Penarth apparently) but it would re-open in the autumn. Well it’s now mid September and the venue is still mothballed. Pathetic!

      • Jan Harding says:

        no not the reason at all, busy as anything when weather nice.

      • penarthblog says:

        From personal experience, getting to and from the pier is a problem as I have mobility problems, otherwise I’d use it. To overcome this, it might be and idea to work with local bus companies and maybe work on deals and joint promotions. I think parking is a reason, but there are others.

    • Dewi says:

      It’s great if folk want to get together to watch old films but l see this as something completely different to the Pavilion Cinema. There is room for both. Personally like Andrew, I want to go to a state of the art cinema here in Penarth where the latest films can be watched in comfort.

    • Jan Harding says:

      Love you Andrew Jones you are superman, thank you for everything you have done and still trying to do to get our beloved cinema back open. Miss it so much. Well done to Jane as well.

      • Frederick says:

        If anyone deserves one of those ‘good citizen awards’ the council dishes out, it’s Andrew Jones – as long as they haven’t banned him from the offices.

  5. Frank Evans says:

    £7.50 😨

    • Steven says:

      Ditto. Though I wish them all the success.

    • Big Davey says:

      Go and try and buy a slice of pizza and a glass of wine for £7.50, then try and buy cinema ticket for £7.50.

      This is exactly the sort of initiate that PACL should have been showing to get membership and support of the Pavilion.

      The problem now with PACL Hazel mob is that now no one wants to show that organisation any good will whatsoever. So if they did re-launch an initiative for friend of the pavilion I suspect many would prefer to support this kind of initiative rather than a PACL run one.

      • Steven says:

        Big Davey, I’m not criticising Jane, I’m sure it will be a success. Just a tad too expensive.

  6. Annie Schulp says:

    What more indeed and well done to Jane for getting this off the ground instead of just grumbling about the sad affair of the Pavilion. I look forward to supporting this venture and wish you success.

    • Frederick says:

      All credit to Jane but the trouble with ‘getting this off the ground’ is it lets that lot down on the pier off the hook. Not only does it take the heat off to provide a cinema facility, they can use the ‘competition’ as an excuse to shut up shop.

      • Chris David says:

        And have an open audit/ investigation. There may be money left for a re-start of that’s done now!

  7. whatsoccurin says:

    well done to this lady-couldn’t she rent the Pavilion cinema one night per month-but I think the main enemy is “home entertainment” which gives you anything you want “on demand”-but good luck with the venture.

    • Big Davey says:

      Hmmm the petition is not going so well.

      Why not have a petition to remove the Chairman and Board of the PACL?

    • Shay Havana says:

      May I issue an apology on behalf of PDN readers? We are sorry if we might have previously given the impression of Ms Nikki Paige. We now realise that she is in fact the saviour of Penarth, victim of the oppressive regime of the Penarth politburo and a beacon of hope for freedom fighters everywhere.

    • Frederick says:

      I’m amazed this hasn’t been in the Daily Mail.

  8. Len Smart says:

    Anne, with the greatest of respect this thread is nothing to do with Nicki Page.

  9. Chris David says:

    That’s better- it came up- signed. This isn’t grumbling- this is accountability and the defeat of fascism in Penarth.

    • Sue Denim says:

      Which, of course, makes the actions of allied forces during World War 2 pale into significance. Grow up, Christopher David! You are a drama queen.

      • Chris David says:

        Ah thanks Sue, guess I’ve dressed things up. Ps if it wasn’t for the allied forces we would all be fascists now- not just the like of ignorant you 🙂 x

      • Sue Denim says:

        Yes, I can see now. You don’t actually know what fascism is, do you? It’s just another term of abuse that you toss around without any real understanding.
        I suppose that being so abusive to others stops you experiencing embarrassment for displaying your ignorance in public – fighting fascism, indeed! It belittles the heroes who really DID fight genuine fascists.

      • Chris David says:

        Oohh Sue, the ironic tonic of it. Thanks 🙂

    • Phil Space says:

      I’m totally confused now. I thought we were fighting the far left but now it’s the far right. Who would have thought that little Penarth would fall foul of political extremism. We’re a microcosm of the world’s political ills. All we need now is to get discover an ISIS cell in Cogan.

  10. lesley withers says:

    What about the state of the art cinema equipment that was installed in the Paget Rooms? Is that being used? Don’t hear anything about it now.

  11. Frederick says:

    Let’s pack the place to the rafters to show up Hi de Hi down on the pier.

  12. Jane McLaughlin says:

    Thanks Frederick, tickets are selling well but we still have some available but don’t leave it too long. We certainly hope that this is going to be something which Penarth will support us in which can be seen by the messages here so thanks for that. Cinema clubs have worked in other towns all over the UK so we hope we can say the same in Penarth – Jane McLaughlin

    • whatsoccurin says:

      think you need to come up with something slightly different-what about the singalong versions of “Sound of Music” etc with a prize for the best fancy dress.

    • Hamish Munnypenny says:

      How about anything for grown-ups instead?

      • Chris David says:

        Hope yer joking Whatsoccuring! That’s as bad as the almost worst film ever. Mama naff naff Mia. Nope Italian Job is fine. Then- what about Apocalypse Now? Only thinking of PACL’s demise with the latest £300k and then we can have The Resurrection Files followed by Follow the (apparently hidden) Money.

      • whatsoccurin says:

        grown ups will moan about nothing ever happening in Penarth but will remain in their homes with their mug of bovril!

      • Hamish Munnypenny says:

        I see that you have conducted extensive customer surveys, and concluded that, to attract the paying public to such an event, you have to cater to children by showing a dreadful 1965 musical, while requiring participants to dress as schoolgirls or Nazi officers. There may be some criticism of private wish fulfilment from certain quarters, but you want to promote this idea as a sound business model for the 21st century.
        Have you thought about a career change away from market research?

  13. Cllr Mark Wilson says:

    Wonderful initiative by Jane. Well done…

  14. Michael Caine says:

    My name is Michael Caine

    • Hamish Munnypenny says:

      But it’s really Maurice Micklewhite. Not a lot of people care.

      • whatsoccurin says:

        no-fair point-I have learned something “not a lot of people know that!”

      • whatsoccurin says:

        Thanks Hamish-my points were a bit tongue in cheek but, ask any pub landlord, the difficulty is getting people off their own armchairs-My post confirms, I do enjoy the “jukebox musicals” but if I try to “walk in” to a New Theatre matinee I run the risk of being turned away from a “full house” staff explain that the older generation particularly prefer the afternoon shows-evening performances usually have a few free seats-so what about trying the cinema club as an afternoon event?(in fact the article does not specify a starting time)

      • Hamish Munnypenny says:

        Whatsoccurrin – perhaps you shouldn’t rely on what you are told by pub landlords. At one time, a majority of the population socialised in pubs. However, that has changed for various reasons, and many people now socialise in places other than pubs – in Penarth, various restaurants, diners, coffee bars and wine bars are usually packed on most days of the week, while pubs rely on their diehard boozers and weekend revellers. The days of pub culture have gone, which is why certain pubs want to reinvent themselves as ‘foodie’ establishments.
        I imagine the cinema club will thrive with this target group of (usually) non-smoking, lighter drinkers who enjoy a bite to eat while socialising. It seems most pub landlords look back to the glory days of British boozers, and are not particularly well clued-up about current and future trends. The old pub cash cow has dried up, so they bemoan their luck and blame cheap alcohol and smoking bans. Clueless!

  15. Jane McLaughlkn says:

    Look forward to meeting you at the film night Michael Caine –

  16. Chris David says:

    I miss the proper boozers although there re still some about. But cheap alcohol? Not in pubs except for cheaper that the norm in Weatherspoon’s. Now in France, Italy et al the alcohol is really cheap (not all bars) but a ltr of Vin Rouge/blanc in your local bar is typically 8 Euros and a decent Vin de table 2-3 Euros in the Cave, even estate bottles Grand Crus can be bought for not much over 10. But- and this is the big but, no rampaging drunken crowds running around the towns and cities. Just a nice buzz!! Why ? Rhetorical q. So yes I can see the pop up cinema working (although by gum they’ll be jailed of they try to give you even a complimentary wine) And maybe if PTC, VoG will take responsibility we’ll get the pier cinema back as well- under new management, council and clerk don’t apply!.

    • whatsoccurin says:

      great discussion-I find Chapter a bit too “weird beard” for me but that is the benchmark-have lots of activities going on so something will appeal to most people-no reason at all why the Pier Pavilion should not evolve along those lines.Good luck to the Film Club.

    • Hamish Munnypenny says:

      Such a pity you misread again, Christopher David. I never mentioned cheap alcohol in pubs, because pubs are the expensive option. The pub landlords blame cheap alcohol for their woes. The cheap alcohol is sold in supermarkets, and the punters stay home to drink it, leaving the pubs half empty – and unattractive as a social meeting place when they are occupied by dedicated boozing customers, and unattractive as a business prospect for those aiming to join the licensed trade.
      What this has to do with an elderly ex-patriot keyboard warrior living on a shoestring in France leaves me puzzled, but once again, you have an excuse to tell us all about your hedonistic lifestyle, while criticising everyone you possibly can. Lotus eater!

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