On August 24th Gething turned his back on an ITV news team to avoid further questions about setting up an independent investigation into the case of the NHS sex predator and convicted  murderer Kris Wade. Now Gething has had to change course again and initiate a long-overdue independent inquiry

The Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth – Health Minister Vaughan Gething – has been forced into making a humiliating U-turn in his maladroit handling of the case of an Wales NHS employee –  who became a killer.

Gething had refused calls for a public inquiry into the case – and flounced out of an ITV News interview when the questions got to hot to handle.

NHS Wales nursing assistant,  sexual predator and killer Kris Wade (left) and Christine James – the neighbour that he murdered in a sexually motivated attack. Kris Wade’s father –  Stephen Wade –  was the Swansea Health Board’s Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Clinical Service Director but “played no part” in the recruitment of or investigations into the conduct of his son. 

The case involves the sexual predator and now-convicted killer Kris Wade. Before Wade  murdered his frail female neighbour in Cardiff in a “sexually motivated” attack in 2016, he  was employed by the NHS Swansea Health Board in its Learning and Disabilities Centre at Rowan House in Cardiff.

Whilst employed by the NHS  was suspected of having carried out a string of sexual attacks on patients at Rowan House – but nothing was ever pinned on him. It appears the Labour-dominated Swansea Health Board  – despite its denials to the contrary –  had never carried out any employment checks on Kris Wade.

An internal report found the Swansea NHS Health Board had not “robustly” pursued the sex assault complaints against Kris Wade.

It just so happens that Kris Wade’s father – Stephen Wade MBE – was the Swansea Health Board’s Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Clinical Service Director – although the Health Board said he played no part in the recruitment of his son or in subsequent investigations. Stephen Wade has now retired.

Penarth Labour AM and Health Minister Vaughan Gething being interviewed by ITV news last month

The British Medical Association in Wales cranked up the pressure on Health Minister Vaughan Gething by calling for independent inquiry into the whole affair – saying it was unacceptable that the Swansea Health Board should investigate itself.

Gething, however, continued to resist an independent inquiry and appeared to happy with the internal report written by the Swansea Health Board  – after it had investigated itself.

When interviewed by ITV News last month, Gething  told reporter James Crichton Smith there was no need for any inquiry – and then avoided further questioning by turning-tail and walking away from the camera crew. See

Now Gething has had to back-track on his refusal to dig deeper into the scandal and has been forced to call-in the independent NHS watchdog – the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales.

The Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) will now drill down into “areas that the original report missed”  and find out whether actions taken since the scandal broke were  “sufficiently wide-ranging and robust”.

In belatedly announcing the new independent HIW inquiry, Vaughan Gething said : “This report provides a stark reminder to ensure that the policies and procedures in place in this area are fully understood by all staff and that their implementation and application is regularly monitored. It is clearly essential that we take all appropriate steps to ensure that all NHS organisations learn from it.”

Dr David Bailey, chairman of the BMA’s Welsh Council said  “The onus is now on HIW to address the areas that the original report missed.”

Plaid Cymru Bethan Jenkins is demanding a full public inquiry in the Swansea Health Board Scandal – the very thing Gething wants to avoid

Meanwhile Plaid Cymru has voiced reservations about even the new HIW inquiry .

Plaid Cymru AM Bethan Jenkins says: “I’m not convinced today that the remit for the Health Inspectorate Wales assessment will be wide enough. Will HIW be able to ask critical and crucial questions relating to the whole of the Kris Wade case, going back to the initial allegations against Mr Wade some years ago? Until we have greater assurances over what HIW can look into and clarity over the exact remit, I cannot welcome this at the moment.”

South Wales West Conservative AM Suzy Davies has said : “It’s clear it should never have been left to the health board to investigate serious concerns about itself, especially given the magnitude of the failings of this case, which led to severe breaches of patient safety.”


Meanwhile other problems are mounting up for Vaughan Gething – who is responsible for the NHS in Wales

It’s been revealed that out of 5,861 complaints about the NHS in Wales in 2016-17, only 2,393 of them were dealt with in the expected timescale of 30 days.

In same period in the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board – out of 1,142 so-called “formal concerns” raised –   394 were not dealt with within 30 working days.

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  1. whatsoccurin says:

    What was the line in “House of cards” “all political careers end in failure”-Vaughan’s flounce, reminiscent of Harry Enfied’s “Kevin”, allied to the fact that we listen to Bethan Jenkins as “the sensible one” probably means that Vaughan’s career is dead in the water. We still need to know if the Health Board are employing staff without police checks, and why they did not use the “balance of probabilities” when assessing all the allegations against Kris Wade.

  2. Mark Foster says:

    The lovely Bethan looks like a Qantas hostie I knew in Papeete. Oh sorry its not a hibiscus in her hair its a bloody Plaid Cymru daffodil painted on the wall behind. I think they’re trying to con u.

  3. Peter Church says:

    Don’t you just love Vaughan Gething, you too can become minister for health, you just need to know enough people in the Labour Party!!
    Welcome to the single party state; Wales.

    • Penarthur says:

      He must know all about health, being a solicitor and professional trough snouter, sorry politician!

  4. PB says:

    Gething has done very nicely for himself out of representing working people, including a nice expensive house with a nice view (even nicer once those troublesome trees were coincidentally cut down by his labour chums). He has. No background in health or anything much else but that doesn’t matter when you know the right people. His major skill is taking a selfie and tweeting it. But he’s another lightweight, he must answer the questions about Kris Wade. Why were no checks ever done? Why weren’t allegations followed up properly? What influence did Wades father play in the investigation? If Gething can’t or won’t answer then his career is over.

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