The revived GPG Food Festival returned to the Kymin at the weekend

The popular “Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (GPG) Food Festival” successfully returned to the Kymin at the weekend .

After disappearing from last autumn’s town calendar, the GPG organisation itself had almost gone out of existence last year – but is now back in business and so is the Food Festival – now in its fifth year. following last year’s enforced break.

Making a first appearance at the GPG Food Festival was Fauvette– the specialist Penarth cheese shop which is based in Glebe St

In October 2016  GPG’s members had  voted in principle to wind-up the organisation once an audit of its accounts had been completed – in the wake of an  Emergency General Meeting.

However in March this year the bilingually-named body rose again like Lazarus when its remaining members  decided to keep going after all – saying that this was  “felt to be the best way of enabling the continuation of our major projects” .

Several members of the public attending the Food Festival signed-up for “Shop In Penarth” discount cards . The Shop In Penarth scheme was formally re-launched yesterday at the GPG Food Festival

Gwyrddio Penarth Greening had been  the driving force not only behind the GPG Food Festival ( which was first launched in 2013) but also the original  Shop in Penarth” scheme (which it launched in 2010). In the latter scheme, shoppers can claim  discounts from local retailers on production of a “SIP” (Shop in Penarth)  card .

A new version of the “Shop in Penarth” was launched at the Kymin in yesterday’s food festival . A new membership card – looking like a credit card – has replaced the £1 original and is now priced at £2. 

The Shop In Penarth scheme also issues explanatory leaflets and now has an on-line website at www.shoppenarth.co.uk. This website displays an up to date register of all the businesses participating in the scheme and the discounts they offer for cardholders. The idea is to retain as much as possible of the discretionary spend of Penarth consumers within the town itself – to the advantage of the local economy.

After a quiet start, the bright sunshine brought in the customers to the GPG Food Festival. This year there were no bouncy castles or live-animal displays

GPG says it operates the Shop in Penarth in conjunction with key Penarth businesses, the “Penarth Times” weekly newspaper and “Penarth Town Council” .

Penarth Town Council has promoted the Food Festival on its Facebook page – and accommodated it in the Kymin- but in the past some councillors have considered GPG as being too closely aligned to the Green Party.[ GPG’s former chair, and Food Festival organiser Anthony Slaughter, has fought several elections as a Green Party candidate and has been Deputy Leader of the Green Party in Wales] .

The GPG Food Festival now seems firmly re-established in Penarth’s annual event-calendar

Some members of GPG had blamed Penarth Town Council for launching “Picnic Penarth” which was considered to be a tax-payer-subsidised rival to the GPG’s own  Food Festival . The competition from “Picnic Penarth”  was said to be one of the main reasons why last autumn’s  Food Festival was cancelled.

However the success of yesterday’s event proved the Food Festival – despite a turbulent 12 months –  has retained its attraction for local residents



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  1. Dan Potts says:

    GPG needs to stand up to Slaughter and get rid of him, he is just using the organisation and it’s members to advance his political career

  2. 92 and a social butterfly says:

    Well done, thanks for all the yummy food. Really lovely it all was.

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    Well his plan doesn’t seem to have worked as his political career seems almost non existent

  4. Archie says:

    Where was this advertised. We live nearby and had no idea that the festival was taking place.

  5. ptvapenarth says:

    A great Food Fest for Penarthians and visitors from away. Locally produced and cooked, and promoting all the best about our town’s food offerings. Well publicised with good posters, online “twitters” and a new website at http://www.ShopPenarth.co.uk, promoting some 50 Penarth businesses offering massive discounts to careful and discriminating shoppers. Just £2 from good retailers. Well done GPG !

    • Archie says:

      Not well publicised. Never saw a poster and I shop in Penarth daily. Don’t do twitter. Pity as we have always attended previous events. Needs to be addressed next time

  6. Anne Greagsby says:

    Did the audit of gpg accounts ever happen? I’m concerned that all money collected for the new shop in Penarth scheme is going through gpg which is completely unaccountable, isn’t a charity, has no public meetings and isn’t audited. Self effacing Patricia Griffith is the founder of gpg and the shop in Penarth scheme and should get the credit, it was only when self publicising Slaughter took over as chair the organisation went into decline, so he should retire and allow this to become a democratic membership organization for the whole community once again.

    • Frederick says:

      ‘…completely unaccountable, isn’t a charity, has no public meetings and isn’t audited’.
      That kind of carry-on seems to be par for the course in Penarth.

    • Jon Williams says:

      Yes Anne, I gave GPG a donation when they said they where going to refurbish Wordsworth Park, they did nothing, years later the council have finally done it. Where has all the money we gave in good faith gone ?

  7. Birkett says:

    Was a really nice little event, well worth calling in on. We ate, drank and signed up to the Shop In Penarth scheme.

  8. Grey local says:

    At last a function where people could wander around in comfort and sample the goods without being crushed. The Kymin venue with its wide grassy spaces was a very nice change from the council event in the station car park where people were crammed in and there was no room to sit down unless you squatted on the pavement. The Kymin should be used more for future events.

  9. Max Wallis says:

    Happy to re-join a relaunched Shop-in-Penarth! I asked to see the accounts, as they had some£7000 I believe, and have clearly spent some on the website and relaunch. The accounts are within GPG accounts, I was told, though SiP is selfstanding with funds ringfenced for the project. To see SiP/GPG accounts, an AGM is expected next February. Open to all SiP members, by rights, not just the GPG remainers I’d expect.

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