The controversial  Victorian “coach-house” and associated yard in Sully Terrace Lane, Penarth

A proposal to convert an existing back-lane coach house  – with a controversial planning history –  into a 2-storey dwelling is to come before Penarth Town Council’s planning committee later this week.

The application is at the rear of Numbers 16 to 20 Sully Terrace and is in respect of an existing brick-built coach house in Sully Terrace Lane which it’s proposed to convert and extend into a “new 2-bedroomed dwelling with associated external amenity space”.

The site under consideration includes the 2-storey “coach house”/warehouse and an adjoining – partly covered yard

Local residents say the building  is in fact a Victorian warehouse and storage yard which has been associated with a number of controversial planning infringements in the past.

The building was said to have been owned by Mr Tom Levitt Oliver (85) –  who neighbours say lived on the premises in a wooden ground-floor structure.

On his premises the late Mr Levitt-Oliver is said to have lived in a converted ship’s wheelhouse and slept in a now-removed nose-cone of a scrapped Vulcan bomber.

Mr Levitt Oliver had been taken to court on a number of occasions for allegedly infringing planning laws and at one time was facing large fines for failing to comply with a notice to clear building rubbish from his property .

Police found Mr Levitt Oliver dead on the premises 2 years ago.

Unknown to the local authority – the late Mr Levitt Oliver is also said to have built a separate house on Sully Terrace Lane which the council officials apparently didn’t find-out about until local government re-organisation in 1974

Mr Levitt Oliver is also said to have built – without any prior planning permission – a separate adjoining house on Sully Terrace Lane which was only discovered by local government officers in 1974. He then succeeded in getting retrospective planning permission for that dwelling – as a fait-accompli –  in 1976.

The Victorian red-brick warehouse which is part of the latest planning application is alleged to have been “modified” by Mr Levitt Oliver – again without planning or building consent – and one local resident believes it is internally supported by temporary “Acrow” props.

The site for which planning permission is now sought, is said to have been inherited by two of Mr Levitt Oliver’s relatives, one of whom has submitted the planning application to build a 2-storey home on the premises.

The back-lane  garage in Windsor Terrace Lane which is to be converted into a residential apartment.

Penarth Council has usually refused to support such “back-lane” applications in the past. However, recently the Vale Council over-ruled Penarth Council and gave permission for a recently-built back garage in Windsor Terrace Lane to be converted into a residential annexe which would be associated with a main house on Albert Road.

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  1. Fishhenge says:

    It was the nose cone of a Canberra bomber.

  2. Frank Evans says:

    If this gets the go ahead then we can all sell off our gardens!

  3. Anne Greagsby says:

    Back lane infill should not be acceptable in a conservation area and is frowned upon in the town plan. It sets a dangerous precedent, if it is allowed. Penarth will have more and more of these applications from greedy developers and home owners. They should use the garages for the purpose for which they were intended. The town council must put more pressure ion the VoG planners to respect Penarth residents wishes.

  4. The Tax payer says:

    I must say it looks better than the new Billy banks mind 👍

  5. Peter Church says:

    Shameful greed!

    Turn it back into storage as it was intended.

    Can all of Plymouth road and Penarth now chop their back gardens in half and sell them for a few hundred thousand?

  6. Ellabell says:

    There is a house in Alberta place/sully terrace which has built a garage at the bottom of the garden, turned it into what looks like living accommodation and has recently added a glass roofed ‘extension’ does this have planning permission??

  7. A Local Resident says:

    I would urge everyone who reads Penarth Daily News to object to this planning application.
    Anyone can object to a planning application, you don’t have to live next door.
    Who knows it could be a new house at the end of your garden next.

    Quote 2017/00897/FUL and e-mail your objections to

    If every back lane and garden is turned into a new house, it won’t be the garden by the sea any more.

  8. Guido says:

    If I recall correctly, I believe there is actually a previous but now lapsed residential planning permission for this site of circa late 1970’s.based on the existing two storey building.

  9. Penileaks says:

    I can’t see how the VoG can really object to this, as they are actively pushing for St Paul’s Church to be partially demolished and turned into social housing and after attending the Newydd Housing Association Paget Rooms presentation of the proposals yesterday, the main access to the accommodation, certainly via a motorised vehicle or bicycle, will be via the rear, from the lane.
    What is the difference in this application and this is only for one unit, the St Pauls one is for 15, 3 storeys high and many with windows directly looking into nearby properties.
    A small, 2 storey coach house conversion should sail through and why not ?

    • Frank Evans says:

      Difference is its in a dark unlit back lane with nothing but garages along it. A great place to live…Not!

      • Penileaks says:

        I at least partly agree. It is a dark and unlit back lane, just the same as Chapel Lane and Arcot Lane, but the latter suffer from endless dumping of rubbish into the bargain and I don’t suppose that this will ever stop. Much nicer in Sully Terrace lane.
        In the end, if someone is unhappy with the position of the house, they will not buy/rent it I suppose.

      • VicT says:

        Well don’t live there then Frank!

      • Penarth realist says:

        Back lanes turned into housing developments.
        Welcome to victorian Britain v2.0
        Next we will have children chimney sweeps.

  10. Penarth realist says:

    Amazing. Garages turned into family homes while house builders sit on huge land banks without building so as to keep prices up by restricting demand.
    This development is ridiculous.

  11. Frank Evans says:

    These sorts of development are the nearest thing to creating money out of thin air. At the stroke of a planners pen your old garage can become a quarter of a million pound hovel. The weird and wonderful uk planning system. Can extend my house up 20 storeys? ?

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