Mr Justin Horton – whose daughter Emelene requires the use of a wheelchair – has been told by the Vale of Glamrogan Council he could have to wait up to three years for the installation of a disabled parking space outside his home – even though it has  already been authorised

Well known Penarth retailer Justin Horton has been told by the Vale of Glamorgan Council that there could be a wait of up to 3 years – until  2020 – for a designated disabled parking space to be installed outside his terraced home in Queen’s Road.

The parking space was applied for to help the family cope with the needs of their disabled schoolgirl-daughter Emelene who requires sophisticated mobility equipment .

Justin Horton runs the popular children’s clothing shop “Funky Monkey” in Penarth town centre

When Mr Horton made his request in April [to the then Labour-controlled Vale Council]  –  officials told him that it had been accepted …. but added that there could be a wait of up to 3 years as only 10 such bays are budgeted for in each financial year.

Mr Horton – who runs the popular Funky Monkey children’s clothing store in Penarth Town Centre – has told MediaWales that his 7-year-old daughter could be aged 10 by the time the necessary disabled-parking markings and signage are installed.

He stresses that he’s not trying to jump the queue  – just publicly drawing attention to long wait faced  – all over the Vale –  by disabled people.

The Vale Council spokesman is quoted as saying “Every application is a high priority for those concerned and so while we have great sympathy with the family’s circumstances we are not able to prioritise individual cases.To do so would require our staff to undertake a subjective analysis of each application and more importantly would unfairly raise expectations for other applicants who felt they had equally strong cases for a priority need. We therefore implement all approved applications in the order in which they are received, something which was explained to the family at the time.”

In Queens Road Penarth parking spaces are hard to find after 5 pm

The Vale Council also points out that there is a “lengthy legal process” involved in the installation of the disabled bays but that are normally installed “within 12 to 18 months of application”. As the current waiting time now exceeds this, the council is “looking to supplement the disabled parking bay budget with other highway funding to install a greater number of bays in 2017”.

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  1. Lm says:

    If they stopped spending money on things like the useless and ugly viewing platform and similar projects they could afford this
    Their priorities need to be addressed!

  2. Tom Tom says:

    Why should it be the authorities responsibility to guarantee him with a parking space. He has chosen to live in a terrace house. Buy a house with a drive if your little girl is that ill.!! He needs to get his priorities right.

  3. St Augustine says:

    Wow! you’re all heart!!

    That’s a really mean-spirited comment to make. I can’t imagine why you’d post that.

  4. Grey local says:

    Just how much does it cost to paint white lines on the road to establish a disabled parking space? Has the cost of whopite paint gone up so much? Surely not.
    With the very limited parking available in Penarth such spaces should be a priority.
    Also it is an shame that people still post such ignorant comments as the one above from tomtom. Perhaps he will have the good grace to apologise.

    • VicT says:

      It’s not the cost of the paint that will be the issue it will be the legal processes which the council have to go through first. They will have to amend the Traffic Regulation Orders in place for that stretch of road and probably go through a consultation process first. It shouldn’t take 3 years though, I’ve done some in the past for a change of parking regulations and speed limits and those took just over a year but it does vary for each location.

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