The “Severn Link” high-speed ferry passing the Outer Wrach navigation buoy off Penarth as she set out on a test run from Penarth to Ilfracombe on  May 25th 2010

The idea of a fast ferry service linking South Wales to Ilfracombe has been revived by the Conservative MP for North Devon Peter Heaton-Jones 

Mr Heaton-Jones has reminded the the Secretary of State for Wales – Alun Cairns (Conservative MP for the Vale of Glamorgan) that the idea of a regular ferry service linking lfracombe and South Wales has already come under consideration by a commercial company and has asked whether the Wales Office would support such a project

Alun Cairns has told Mr Heaton he would be happy to hold discussions with him about the idea – which the Welsh Secretary states – would help bind the two regions – North Devon and South Wales together.

In 2010 Severn Link Ferry Services considered setting up a  high-speed catamaran service running from Penarth to Ilfracombe . The trip would take about 90 minutes – far quicker than the equivalent road journey.

The “Severn Link” ferry was to have had accommodation for 300 passengers

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  1. penarthblog says:

    This has been doing the rounds for decades. When a resilient business plan comes into being, maybe it will happen.

  2. Aahjnnot says:

    I suspect that a frequent ferry service linking Penarth to Weston Super Mare would be hugely popular with both day trippers and travellers between Wales and the West Country. The crossing would take 30 minutes compared with a horribly congested 80 minute drive and would provide an environmentally friendly alternative to the motorway.

    Many other parts of the world use ferries to shorten coastal journeys in that way, but I suspect that the massive tidal reach in the Bristol Channel would make a suitable ferry terminal prohibitively expensive. In the Mediterranean, ferries are able to work off little more than a dredged channel and a concrete jetty.

  3. Local Eye says:

    Brilliant idea. Let’s hope they can put a decent case forward. I’d use it for sure. Unless a barrage is built with a road over then this is the next best option.

  4. Mrs Diff says:

    What’s the point to this. Some of us remember the ill fated hovercraft

    • whatsoccurin says:

      yes-agree-cannot see it getting off the ground-it would never be economical-the Bay is well served by water buses and is used but I would imagine they struggle to make a profit.

  5. snoggerdog says:

    time & tide wait for no ferry.——man

  6. Penileaks says:

    What we need is a small RO/RO from Cardiff or Barry docks (Penarth docks ruled out by the bay barrage), to Minehead during the 3-4 months of the summer.
    There are lots of small ones plying their trade in the Scottish isles and a similar one for the Bristol Channel crossing would i’m sure be popular during those months.

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