Last night Penarth Town Council’s “Events Committee” was told that nobody on the council’s secret “WW1 Group” could think-up any events to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War

A special committee, set up by the Labour-controlled Penarth Town Council to initiate and organise events  in connection with the 100th anniversary of the First World War, has thrown in the towel and surrendered.

The committee was originally established in April 2014 and was supposed to come up with ideas to mark the centenary of the start of the First World War, some of the major events during the 4-year conflict and to bring four years of events to a close with next year’s 100th anniversary of the end of the “War to End All Wars” .

A “crocodile” of WW1 soldiers blinded by gas

The committee was “hosted and administrated” by Penarth Town Council and included councillors, so-called “stakeholders” and representatives of various local organisations.

Penarth Town Council  regarded this committee as being so important that ordinary members of the public were not allowed to sit-in on its meetings. The committee said at the time it would be  co-ordinating a “myriad of events to mark the anniversary of the outbreak of the war, The then Town Mayor declared  “Penarth can be proud of the unique way we are working together to orchestrate future events”.  

Keith Howells former chairman of the Penarth Council of Churches walked out in support of banned journalists

Journalists  were ordered to leave the first meeting and were banned from attending subsequent discussions. The chairman of the Penarth Council of Churches, Keith Howells, was so incensed by the  committee’s attitude to reporters he walked out of the meeting .

However now – three years on –  the committee has run out of steam, and can’t come up with any ideas for marking the historic day in 1918 when the guns fell silent.

In an internal  report to the council, the Town Clerk, Emma Boylan, says A lack of potential projects arose from this group, and attendance had declined. A decision was taken among all members to suspend meetings until such a time as a suitable commemorative project was presented. This remains the current status “

The only idea left behind by the moribund committee is to plant an oak tree – somewhere or other – nobody knows where.

The tree may be provided free of charge by the Woodland Trust – from whom “a decision is expected imminently” .


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  1. Chris David says:

    Banned public and journalists! Il piccolo fascists strike again. Now that’s a real irony. Well here’s an idea. Stage War Horse at the Paget Rooms. Proceeds to a relevant cause and councillors pay double as a penance. Probably not enough notice for this now but these brainiacs had four years. Still- worth asking?

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    Other than try the bloodied hands of Lloyd George (Liberal Democrat) posthumously for War Crimes and systematic slaughter of generations I see very little to be achieved by teaching the populace about this unless the political , genocidal warmongering truth is told about the most shameful episode in our government’s history.

    Lloyd George’ War Criminal on conscription .
    “You must organise effort when a nation is in peril. You cannot run a war as you would run a Sunday school treat, where one man voluntarily brings the buns, another supplies the tea, one brings the kettle, one looks after the boiling, another takes round the tea-cups, some contribute in cash, and a good many lounge about and just make the best of what is going on. You cannot run a war like that.” He said he was in favour of compulsory enlistment, in the same way as he was “for compulsory taxes or for compulsory education.”

    The Military Service Act specified that single men between the ages of 18 and 41 were liable to be called-up for military service unless they were widowed with children or ministers of religion. Conscription started on 2nd March 1916. The act was extended to married men on 25th May 1916. The law went through several changes before the war’s end with the age limit eventually being raised to 51.

    The then Lord Northcliffe owner of the Daily Mail received a large number of threatening letters because of his compulsion campaign. Tom Clarke, who worked for Northcliffe, saw the contents of these letters, commented that one said: “Warning to Lord Northcliffe… If the compulsion Bill is passed you are a dead man. I and another half-dozen young men have made a pledge – that is, to shoot you like a dog. We know where to find you.”

  3. Anne Greagsby says:

    Let’s hope they abandon the other secret committees and task and finish groups. No imagination from any of them. Public meetings could solve these problems.

  4. The Roadsweeper says:

    Flaccid fubberlumpers… the worst bunch of amateur councillors in a while.

  5. John Powell says:

    Lloyd George was not a Liberal Democrat.

  6. John Powell says:

    Why not let a thousand flowers blossom, as it were, and put energy into Penarth in Bloom!

  7. 92 and a social butterfly says:

    14 – 18 War. Committee established April 2014. Bit late. Useful to be aware that proper prior planing prevents p*** poor performance.

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