Lord Elis Thomas . The remark attributed to him was allegedly made when he was in a sedentary position in the debating chamber of the Welsh Assembly

Penarth Assembly Member Andrew R T Davies – the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives – has dissociated himself from an internal row going on within Plaid Cymru –  involving that party’s former leader Lord Dafydd Elis Thomas

From a sedentary position, Lord Elis Thomas – who last year resigned from Plaid Cymru and now attends the Assembly as an Independent – is alleged to have called other Plaid Cymru members in the Assembly Chamber  “that bunch of right-wing shits”.

The alleged comment couldn’t be picked up microphones in the chamber of the so-called “Senedd” but it has apparently caused considerable offence to Plaid Cymru AMs – who, it would seem,  object to being described as “right-wing”.  Some  may also have been disappointed that Lord Elis Thomas made the alleged comment in English rather than in Welsh.

Plaid Cymru AM Adam Price says Lord Elis Thomas made his comment during a debate on prisons

Adam Price of Plaid Cymru has now written to the so-called “Llywydd” [ i.e. presiding officer]  Elin Jones – asking her to intervene and determine whether the comment is “in keeping with parliamentary language”.

Price also said that when Lord Elis Thomas allegedly made the off-colour remark,  Andrew R T Davies (Conservative AM for South Wales Central which includes Penarth) was sitting in front of him. Price went on to claim that Mr Davies had confirmed to him that he had heard the phrase which is alleged to have been uttered.

Andrew R T Davies Conservative AM for South Wales Central which includes Penarth

However, now Andrew R T Davies has issued a statement dissociating himself from Adam Price’s remarks and  saying ” I am incredibly disappointed that Adam Price has chosen to associate my name with what is essentially an internal spat between the Plaid Cymru Group and its former leader. Adam Price’s unwarranted use of my name in respect of this event is the height of bad protocol, and something from which I wish to disassociate myself entirely.”

Mr Davies says “With an internal war still raging within the Plaid Cymru Group, I would appreciate it if I could be left out of any future spats they choose to embroil themselves in.”

Meanwhile the Commission of the Welsh Assembly has confirmed that it has received a formal complaint about what was allegedly said by Lord Elis Thomas and that Lord Elis Thomas has been asked to comment.

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  1. Algernon says:

    Meanwhile, at Westminster….

  2. Penileaks says:

    This spat just shows how pathetic the complainers are doesn’t it.
    They are more upset by allegedly being called ‘right wingers’ in English than they are about being labelled ‘sh*ts’
    They all need to get on with their day job, the one that they are very well paid for…..BY US !

  3. Ann Other says:

    Golly! The children are squabbling again. (Very good joke in the penultimate sentence of the third paragraph, by the way.).

  4. Regrettably the word “shit” has found its way into modern English and from dictionaries I’ve looked at can mean a “contemptible or worthless person”. With this in mind I consider this to be acceptable “parliamentary language.”

    It’s time these people stop behaving like children in an infant’s playground and give their full attention to running the country. (I apologise profusely to infants for comparing them with politicians.)

  5. Chris David says:

    Ahhh so precious. The lot of you- grow up and get on with real business. Like failing health, education, care in the community and oh-the £18 billion annual budget deficit you squander as in £23 million for an awareness of women in the workplace campaign. Jeezzzz- What a bunch of dorks.

  6. Woody says:

    What a waste of the Commission’s time, investigating someone making a passing comment under his breath which wouldn’t even be included on the official transcript. The Presiding Officer should tell them to get over themselves but she won’t as she doesn’t seem to be doing a very good job. We need a bit of passion in the Assembly – its soooo dull. Politely waiting your turn to speak and not saying anything impolite doesn’t have any impact either on the policies or the electorate.

  7. John Powell says:

    As if, there’s nothing else going on in Wales to be concerned about.
    It would be funny if it wasn’t so very PATHETIC !

  8. Peter Church says:

    The assembly is a “talking and vanity” shop.
    New report says the Assembly overseas offices 🙂 haven’t created a single job in Wales.
    Instead its provide valuable assistance to UK airlines by Assembly Members going on taxpayer funded holidays. 😦

  9. PB says:

    We all know that most politicians couldn’t function in the real world where there’s no committee to run too when people at work aren’t very nice to you. The language they normally use is designed to exclude the proles and create the elitism that most of them claim to hate. But sadly there are too many on the gravy train now to challenge the way things are done, they just fail into line. None of this lot deserve the time we waste listening to them. From Plaid (the real welsh UKIP) to Gething (an expert in health despite having no medical background) to Davies (the Only Tory in the Village) to Carwyn (I’m in charge but it’s all Westminster’s fault). All useless third raters.

    • GR says:

      Plaid the real Welsh UKIP !!!!! you must be joking. Plaid constituencies in Wales voted to remain …the similarities between the Tories and UKIP are overwhelming/not forgetting of course some of Labours strongholds voted brexit. … the remaining three comments you make about Gethin, Davies and Carwyn I couldn’t agree more.

      • PB says:

        Plaid are as anti English as UKIP are anti Europe. UKIP are accused of wanting to drag the uk back to the 50’s, Plaid seem to want to drag us even further back. They want to be the party of wales but seem to have very little to offer like the rest of the parties in terms of creating a country capable of standing on its own two feet. The worst case scenario for wales is we get tax raising powers and have to find the money to pay for all the crazy schemes coming out of the Bay instead of holding out a begging bowl to Westminster or the EU

    • Penileaks says:

      All a bunch of right wing….and left wing…….and expensive shits in my opinion !

  10. Saunders Lewis says:

    Hello good people of Cymru Wales, its Saunders here, talking to you from deep down.
    I heard this phrase and it doesn’t bother me at all, I was very right wing in my time too you know.

    I have to go now as I am attending a “coping with fire” lesson with Paul Joseph and few of his friends.

    Nos Da everyone.


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