The 2016/17 Penarth Youth Action ‘councillors’ outside Penarth Town Council’s HQ at West House . PYA is now leaving the premises to set up in Barry. (Penarth Town Council requires that PYA members attending council meetings should not be identified).

Penarth Youth Action – the “youth council” which claims to represent  all the youth organisations in the town – is leaving Penarth at the end of this month.

The organisation has given notice to Penarth Town Council that it will be vacating the two rooms it occupies at the council headquarters at West House in Stanwell Road, and is said to be moving to the so-called “Space Project” – a  ‘hot-desking’  undertaking based at the Vale of Glamorgan Civic Offices in Barry.

The “Penarth Bench” was designed by local architect Chris Loyn (foreground) with input from PYA members. Also in the picture are Martin Gossage of the Penarth Town Council “Momentum” group (standing) and the Leader of the Labour-controlled council – who was Mayor in 2016/17 Cllr Mike Cuddy

Penarth Youth Action (PYA) says it “works with decision-makers to make sure young people’s views and ideas are taken seriously.” PYA had – for example – a major input into the development of the so-called “Penarth Bench” – installed outside Barclays Bank.

PYA’  “youth councillors” – aged between 11 and 18  – are said to be “primarily elected by young people from schools and youth organisations within the town”.

In October 2013 a PYA representative informed Penarth Town Councillors in an open council meeting that young people were using the bus stop at Elfed Avenue as a venue for drug-taking and alcohol consumption   – and that the drugs being taken were  “not just cannabis – but heavier drugs as well”.

Penarth Town Council immediately attempted to censor the PDN report and demanded the PYA representative who had given the report should not be named.  The council also declared that the minutes of  PYA meetings –  which are supposed to be regularly presented to Penarth Town Council and form part of the official minutes of council meetings –  would henceforth be “bowdlerised” to prevent the full public reporting of PYA deliberations.

The “West House Annexe” is the ugly grey building on the right of West House itself

The two vacated rooms at West House are to be taken over by Indycube Ltd a “cooperative social enterprise”  which provides “co-working workspaces where people from varied backgrounds, disciplines and job roles can work together and share resources “. Since 2016 Indycube has been occupying –  on a “trial basis” –  part of the West House Annexe – the grey office extension at the right of West House.

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  1. John Jo Penarth says:

    What a mad world, does everyone under 18 now have to have their faces blurred, perhaps to save photo editing time they could wear some sort of head covering?

    • David Day says:

      Quite. Why on earth would anyone want their face obliterated by a noxious grey cloud, even in a photo? Surely they are proud of themselves and of the contribution they wish to make? People used to love getting their picture in the local news so that their contribution could be seen. Did the people themselves require this or is it a meddling piece of nonsense from the council and its policies. Can anyone explain?

  2. Anne Greagsby says:

    Does that mean the generous grant from the town council can now cease and be given to a more worthy local youth group? It seems the only action from ‘Penarth youth action’ was a supporting role to the secret momentum/future projects group! I would like to see funding for a Penarth access group which is sorely needed.

  3. Dan Potts says:

    Why of late are the council and local “charities ‘ becoming more and more secretive ? It’s only natural to assume they have something to hide ? If they where more open they may get more respect .

  4. Chris David says:

    So the censoring Il Piccolo Fascists may very well have driven the grown up brains from West House. The only thing confidential about council meetings, reports and minutes should be matters of personnel.

  5. Grey local says:

    Wouldn’t it have been nice if the PYA had let the townspeople know who there are what they were doing?
    The Penarth Times would have been a good place to start as the local paper. The continuing secrecy of the Council should be giving caause for concern to the ratepayers who fund them

  6. snoggerdog says:

    “mr silverheels whos that masked rider behind you” “dunno kemi sabe but he keeps calling me tonto when everybody knows my name is jay silverheels.

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