The scene yesterday at the ram-packed parking ground at the Penarth end of the Cardiff Bay Barrage where ticket machines refuse to accept old or new £1 coins.

A warm and sunny October weather brought hundreds of people to the Penarth’s Cardiff Bay Barrage parking ground yesterday – only to experience chaos when they attempted to buy parking tickets.

Queues built up as people struggled to persuade the machines to take their coins. It proved impossible to get the machines to accept new 12-sided £1 coins – and even the old round £1 coins wouldn’t work  – [They’re no longer legal tender after  23:59 on Sunday October 15th]

The finicky machines repeatedly rejected both the old and the new £1 coins and refused to print tickets for the lines of waiting motorists.

Large signs spell out the complex procedure for buying parking ticket – but don’t tell motorists what to do when the machine won’t accept UK coinage .

Before paying for their ticket drivers have to decide which of four languages to use. English is the last on the list and the  second and third languages aren’t specified.

Adding to the confusion were the impossibly prolix and confusing instructions. The machines instructed people to choose the language in which they wanted to complete the transaction from 4 different options.

The first choice is Welsh – English is choice number 4 . Motorists speculated the middle two were probably Arabic and Somali.

The next task in the never-ending rigamarole is to enter the registration letters of the car to be parked by pressing indistinct buttons on a tiny keyboard with hard-to-see yellow lettering. Many drivers had to return to their cars to get their reading glasses – and then go back a second time for credit cards.

The machines also urge people to pay for their parking tickets by texting a mobile phone number – but by this point many drivers decided give up trying to pay for tickets altogether and opted to take a risk on getting a £25 penalty fine for not having a ticket.

As there seemed to be no attendant at the car park, those who opted not to pay all got away with it – saving themselves  £1.50 an hour – and a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Honest drivers s waiting in line trying to pay for parking at the one machine which still – sort of – working at Penarth end of the Cardiff Bay Barrage

Other motorists congregated around the one machine that still seemed to be working and found it took at least three minutes for each transaction to be completed .

Every single space in the Cardiff Bay Barrage parking ground was taken yesterday. The facility is  operated by the Labour-controlled Cardiff Council.


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  1. AK says:

    Several of the machines over in Cardiff Bay have taken to giving their instruction in Welsh only.

    They are ridiculously complicated, requiring three key pads. You also need to know in advance how long you are going to be parked for.

    Thank goodness for my legs and my bus pass !

  2. Plainjane says:

    Pushes folk to park in the streets around and above the marina. On nice weekends parking is impossible. Council have so far have refused residents/restricted parking for those living on the streets close to the Marina & Barrage – Reason cited that it brings people into the area. Can’t see what benefit people parking free in the Vale to access Cardiff brings?

  3. Chris David says:

    Parking problems in Penarth / Cardiff! Well there’s a novelty. Yes AK I’ve fallen foul of the machines Cardiff Bay side. It’s easier to just clog up the side streets and walk half a mile. Never catch on in Penarth mind 🙂 So why have the machines got a couple of non EU languages topping English? Or even just there!

    • Mark Foster says:

      Its because the majority of the population on the Cardiff side of the barrage are from Somalia, Libya and the Middle East. They voted for Stephen Doughty, and English is not their first language. Thats why the Cardiff City Council built the Sahara Cafe.

      • Ray Pearson says:

        You don’t need evidence to spread lies. I suppose this illustrates your perverse sense of humour. I think you should abandon YouTube and start educating yourself.

      • Chris David says:

        OK both of you -Mr Foster and Mr Pearson show us your evidence.

      • Mark Foster says:

        Just take a walk up Bute Street and through Grangetown, Riverside, Leckwith and Canton and you can see for yourself, Ray Pearson. Are you blind?

      • Ray Pearson says:

        No, Mark Foster, I am not blind, but I am partially sighted, and registered blind. However, there are none so blind as those who will not see. You are an ignorant man, full of bigotry and ridiculous, childish ideas.
        You have stated that a majority of those that live in Cardiff – on the other side of the barrage – are from Somalia, Libya and the Middle East. That is a lie. You made it up, and you have no evidence, nor can you prove it.
        You have made the claim, so it falls upon you to provide proof, which you cannot do, because it is not true. There is no obligation for me to provide evidence because I have not made any claim – I simply refute your assertion.
        What can be claimed without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. I am calling you a liar and a racist bigot. Produce your evidence.

      • Ian McLennan says:

        The people of Riverside, Leckwith and Canton certainly didn’t vote for Stephen Doughty – those areas are part of Cardiff West constituency. A modicum of fact-checking shows this racist nonsense to be fantasy and fabrication.
        Again, Chris David too, has fallen hook, line and sinker for the unfounded claim that the spare buttons were for ethnic minority languages. Hopelessly gullible, and prone to confirmation bias!

      • Chris David says:

        If you read and try to digest McLellan you’ll find I asked a question- not made a statement. Along with other requests for information from some spout-ers. Petard hoisted McL ! Subtlety and content not your strong suite eh! Being of mixed race I find these bigoted tennis matches between the PC and cultural extremists quite amusing.

      • Ian McLennan says:

        Your question was “why have the machines got a couple of non EU languages topping English?” this is a question, but it is based upon a non-factual speculative gag, which you swallowed whole.
        Incidentally, I think you’ll find that a majority of the occupants of the British Isles – including Mark Foster – have DNA that will indicate racial mixing. There is really no such thing as ‘racial purity’ in most of the modern world. When you claim to be of ‘mixed race’, how many generations? We can all claim mixed race over just a few generations.

    • Ray Porter says:

      There are only two languages, English and Welsh. Then there are two spare buttons. But hey, why spoil a story on a technicality.

      • Chris David says:

        Wow McLennan, you excel yourself. However there was never such thing as racial purity- try species. Its subject you should Google before you make yourself look even more foolish. Oh and just to give you a starter that’s not exclusive to the British Isles. “Swallowing whole” ! you’re gullibly gagging and despite thinking you can read minds show a simplistic all round ignorance.

      • Ray Pearson says:

        It helps if you read instead of skimming. Also, the definition of ‘species’ is a group of living things that can reproduce with each other. Homo sapiens is a species that can reproduce with each other (but not with animals of a different species) and produce viable offspring.
        Any nominal subdivisions of Homo sapiens are classed as ‘races’ in the same way that domesticated dogs are subdivided as ‘breeds’.
        What I actually wrote was that there “is no such thing as ‘racial purity’ in most of the modern world”. This is why the racist idiocy of certain individuals is based on falsehoods and ignorance.
        Because of your inability to make your meaning plain – perhaps a deliberate ploy to employ a smokescreen to obscure your ignorance – it is really difficult to see what point you’re making. But I don’t need Google to tell me that you have a poorly informed take on many subjects.
        You clearly assumed that the two spare buttons related to other languages, which was a spoof. Otherwise, why ask the question about ‘non EU’ languages ‘topping’ English? Read more carefully, Mr. David, because other people do, and see through your obfuscation.

      • Ian McLennan says:

        As Ray Pearson’s live-in carer, we share a computer. The previous posting was mine, not Ray’s.

      • Chris David says:

        Pearson-Mc so you state “Any nominal subdivisions of Homo sapiens are classed as ‘races’ ” Were not biologically subdivided you fool(s). Jeez what a (pair) of muppets. Modern “man” is predominantly Cro Magnon which in most cases contains 2/3% Neanderthal genome. Neanderthal was another (Sapiens) species but very closely linked so when we bred we could produce offspring capable of breeding. There are some exceptions in Africa which are pure Cro Magnon- probably because their ancestors didn’t travel north to interbreed and than travel back. Again, humans- that’s Cro Magnon are not genetically or biologically subdivided. We are collectively known as Homo Sapiens, or in the modern biological and genetic sense Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Ruddy hells bels. The term race (in modern times- not YOUR ark time where biological confusion really existed) is merely given to describe for example colour or even cultural differences. Listen forget your confusion over parking machine blank language buttons- you shouldn’t be using such machines, try your Amazon button and order Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari. Good in depth layman’s intro and the doppelganger obsticutor carer can read it to the numbskull.

      • Ian McLennan says:

        Once again, Chris David, you have shown your inability, or unwillingness, to read and comprehend what others have written. At no point did I claim, or even imply, that race is a biological subdivision. In fact, I was at pains to state that the notion of race is a nominal construct. Did you not get that? Furthermore, in the modern world, the boundaries between one race and another are increasingly blurred because, ultimately, there has been so much mixing, genetically, of humans that the concept of racial purity is meaningless and arbitrary.
        It amuses me to think of all the neo-Nazis getting upset when their DNA results show they have African, Asian or Jewish genes mixed in with their supposedly ‘pure’ European genes. This is why I scoffed at your claim to be ‘mixed race’, as if that was exceptional. Most people are the same, and the only thing that makes you exceptional is your belief that this is unusual.
        By the way, I read the book you recommended a couple of years ago. I have also read thousands of other books, and recommend you try another book now in an attempt to broaden your mind.

      • Chris David says:

        “subdivisions, Homo sapiens, classed, races, domesticated dogs, subdivided breeds” You’re barking Woof. Thanks McL/ Pearson, (confused?) what book would you suggest? Can I offer you a Greenwell’s Glory? This turned out to be fun 🙂 Now- back to parking- on top of simplifying machines that actually work I would make all councillors responsible for “no change given” machines to do community service for dishonesty and pay to have the machines changed! Ha that’ll get em!

      • Ian McLennan says:

        So, when you have clearly demonstated that you don’t know what the word ‘nominal’ means, you rapidly end the thread, going back to the original subject, and making light of it. Slippery and evasive tactics to compensate for poor debating skills.
        But let me change the subject…

  4. Penarth says:

    “The facility is operated by the Labour-controlled Cardiff Council.” THere we have it. Problem solved. Labours fault

  5. AK says:

    Since Arabic is the official language of Somalia, I suspect PDNs comment on language was entirely tongue in cheek.

    Such a shame it leads to another of Foster’s rants.

  6. GWR says:

    Rather than state English as last ..a negative tone …look at it as English fourth along ! Some people often creates a very negative and destructive tone at anything Welsh ! And indeed anything Labour !

    • Tom says:

      Rightly so – it’s a pathetic piece of self-centred grandstanding to put Welsh “first” and English “fourth” to try and make unwitting visitors think Welsh is more evident and relevant than it is.

  7. Mark Foter says:

    Ray Pearson and Ian McLennan, here is the proof. These are the figures for the numbers of people I passed on a 3 mile circular walk today:

    1. Corporation Road, Grangetown – 23 African, North African, Middle Eastern – 20 White British, Northern European
    2. Clarence Road to Mount Stuart Square – 12 African, North African, Middle Eastern – 17 White British, Northern European
    3. Bute Street 17 African, North African, Middle Eastern – 16 White British, Northern European

    Please note that the White British or Northern European around Mount Stuart Square and in Southern Bute Street work in the offices there or are more probably ushers or waiters in the Labour Party Welsh Assembly restaurants. Please note that most of the African, North African and Middle Eastern women wore hjabs , niqabs or burkas. For residents the figure is therefore 55% to 65% majority North African or Middle Eastern whose first language is not English, as I correctly wrote.

    • Ian McLennan says:

      Wow! You’re even more of an idiot than I’d imagined. You were asked to provide evidence. This is not evidence.
      You clearly do not have a logical mind, and do not care about accuracy – as shown by the fact that you are unable to spell your own name!
      If you want to conduct a reliable, objective and empirical study, you have to repeat your walk every day for months, and at different times of the day, taking into account factors such as the weather conditions, the day of the week, etc.
      Quite how you could possibly imagine what a person’s first language is just by looking at them beats me.
      I think we can safely dismiss this ‘evidence’ as meaningless, even if we accept that you are capable of counting over ten without removing your shoes and socks. However, as you are prone to making things up, it is hardly a reliable guide.
      Let’s have some real evidence, not this hearsay nonsense.

    • Ray Pearson says:

      Classic confirmation bias. Nothing to see here.
      Why didn’t you include Riverside, Leckwith and Canton, as you originally cited? It’s very selective, so your account, in three areas known for generations as homes for ethnic minority populations, tells us nothing, and certainly offers no ‘proof’ of anything. Back to the drawing board. And don’t put that pencil in your mouth!

    • Solomon Binding says:

      I drove down Bute Street, along James Street, crossed Clarence Road bridge, into Corporation Road to Penarth Road yesterday at 6pm, and I found your figures to be utterly wrong, not just by one or two here and there, but by hundreds along the route. An objective survey would destroy your conclusions, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you just made it up. Your ‘proof’ is unsound and untrustworthy, to say the least.

      • Mark Foster says:

        How can you count people going back and forth to work in offices etc. at 6PM when you’re driving in the rush hour? Are u dopey?

        Here are today’s figures at 11AM to 12 noon for the circular route Tudor Street, Ninian Park Road, Sloper Road and Penarth Road:

        48 African, North African, Middle Eastern – 33 White British, Northern European
        Once again most of the women wore hijabs, niqabs or burkas.

        The bigger problem is evident in the playground at Ninian Park School on Sloper Road. There were 200 kids there and about 10 were White British or Northern European. Are you accusing me of making this up too?

        Globalisation has enabled them to destroy an indigenous people’s country and democracy without going to war, unless the British aristocracy wakes up.

      • Solomon Binding says:

        I must apologise, Mr. Foster. I had no idea you were a complete fruitcake who hangs around primary schools watching children.
        Incidentally, my passenger was doing the counting, and yes, I do believe you make things up, and your reports are untrustworthy.

  8. Ben Dover says:

    I went to the machine and within my wallet, I had the following coins. I had ten new one pound coins and ten old one pound coins. They all got rejected, so I decided to go to the bank in Windsor Road, get a nice new ten pound note, before going home.

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