The Post Office is asking local residents for their views about setting up a new post office branch at the One Stop convenience store in Cornerswell Road, Penarth

The Post Office is carrying out a public consultation on proposals to open a new branch post office at the Cornerswell Road One Stop Shop (a Tesco franchise)

The NEW post office would be officially named “Cornerswell Road Post Office” and become one of what the Post Office describes as its “new local-style branches” in which the Post Office runs “alongside an established local shop and create a more modern and convenient retail experience for customers in newly refurbished premises”.

The One Stop shop in Cornerswell Road is an independently run Tesco franchise

It’s planned that there will be  two tills on the retail counter dedicated to serving post office customers in a “modern open-style branch” . The new Cornerswell Road Post Office will be open until 20:00 hours (eight pm) 7 days a week and the “ majority of Post Office products and services will still be available”.

The Post Office embarked on a 6-week public consultation on September 6th 2017  – but unfortunately the Labour-controlled Penarth Town Council didn’t get around to placing the consultation details on its website until  October 5th – and didn’t give it any prominence even then. The consultation closes on October 18th .

A Post Office poster advertises the current consultation which closes next week

The Post Office is hoping local residents can answer these questions:-

  •  How suitable you think the new location and premises are and how easy it is to get
  • Are the new premises easy for you to get into and is the inside easily accessible?
  • Are there any other local community issues which you believe could be affected by or
    affect the proposed change?
  • If the move were to proceed is there anything we could do to make it easier for

The Post Office says the comments of residents “will not be kept confidential unless you expressly ask us to do so by clearly marking them In Confidence”.

Local residents can take part in the consultation by logging-on to this Post Office website  on and then entering the code number for the proposed new Cornerswell Road branch – which is 27261199


The former Wood St Post Office which closed at the end of August and may now be succeeded by a new Post Office branch at the local One Stop shop.

The proposed new post office would replace the former sub-post office at Wood St that closed on August 30th this year and is to become a dental surgery.

If the proposed new Cornerswell Road Branch is agreed, then it would open in December  or January 2018. The proposed new branch premises would have a wide door and level access at the entrance and there would be a hearing loop installed  – and there will also be space for a wheelchair.

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  1. Dizzydeb says:

    One Stop, tacky, awful fascia, surely they could do better. They really spoil our streets, shopping centres and villages!

  2. Geoffrey says:

    This seems a good idea – it’s desperately needed.
    Just a stone’s throw from their old P.O. it will save the elderly the walk to Glebe Street, and also should bring business to the shop.
    It would take the heat off the Glebe Street P.O. too, currently like the Siege of Mafeking.
    Hope it works out OK for them.

  3. john64 says:

    The article states “will be open until 20:00 hours (eight pm) 7 days a week ” but at what time will it open. The shop currently advertises that it opens at 8.00 am) but frequently does not open on time and has been known to still be closed as late as 8.30.

    • NewsNet says:

      The Post Office says the new Cornerswell Road Post Office would open at 08:00 Monday to Saturday inclusive – and open at 09:00 on Sundays.

  4. Rob says:

    It has to go somewhere but I suspect parking will be an issue. I just hope they move the blue badge parking from the original post office. That’ll take months if the Vale have anything to do with it!

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