Two Vale of Glamorgan Highways vans were on the scene clearing up the damage this morning (Photo J McLaughlin)

A Vale of Glamorgan Council Highways team has been at work early this morning to make safe one of the 20 foot high  lamp standards on Beach Road after crash which happened just before 05:00 am this morning.

A black Skoda Fabia car – evidently travelling at high-speed down-hill – had  veered across onto the wrong side of the road, clipped a tree, smashed into the wrought iron railings of Alexandra Park and then collided head-on with the tall ornamental lamp standard,

A council engineer repairing the damage at the scene of last night’s crash. The lamp standard hit by the car is now leaning at an angle.

Council engineers on the scene this morning carried out temporary repairs to the lamp standard and made it safe – but more extensive repairs will be required later. They also placed absorbent material on the ground to soak up oil and fuel from the crashed car.

The damage to the railings of Alexandra Park was photographed by the Vale Highways Department. The scored line in the pavement was gouged  out by the out-of-control car.

The car had hit a road sign, mounted the kerb, scored a deep gouge in the pavement and ricocheted off the park railings – leaving a large hole in the fence before then smashing into the lamp-standard head-on .

South Wales Police say a 22 year old local man has been arrested on suspicion of driving while being above the legal alcohol limit.


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  1. Mike Yorke says:

    I hope the insurance of the driver cover the costs for the damage and I hope the council pursue the claim rather than the tax payer paying for it!

  2. David Moorcraft says:

    Given the sharp right-hand bend at the foot of Beach Road; the simple concrete panel walls and the sheer drop onto the beach below, I’m still surprised that our valiant Vale Council haven’t put a protective crash-barrier around the bend, as they have done at the top of Dock hill leading to the Custom House.
    No doubt there’s a good reason ?

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