From Cliff Walk the new house on The Paddocks should look like this – but its now the subject of a planning enforcement investigation. There is to be a sub-ground-level basement swimming pool, garden, and recreation room

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has launched a planning enforcement investigation into a new house which had seemed destined to become one of Penarth’s most expensive and desirable homes.

The house is being built on a hitherto vacant plot at No 16 The Paddocks  and is still in the early stages of construction.

The ultra-modern dwelling would overlook Cliff Walk and the Bristol Channel would  take full advantage of the sea views to the rear with panoramic windows and a balcony, giving cliff-top vistas of over the Bristol Channel, extending almost the full width of the house .


Work seems to have stopped the site. The sub-ground-floor basement swimming pool and garden area are under construction in the lower foreground and the ground floor is supported on steel girders

However the Vale Council’s planning department is now investigating an alleged case of  “unauthorised development ” which is “not in accordance with Planning Permission 2012/00873/FUL”. 

One unusual feature of the house is that, although from the road –  and from Cliff Walk –  it will look like a very modern  two-storey house,  it is to have a hidden surprise in the form of an extra floor, a garden and a swimming pool all to be built below built below ground level at the rear of the plot –  closest to Cliff Walk.

An artistic impression of the house in which the  rear wall (separating it from Cliff Walk) has been “removed” on the graphic to show the basement floor garden and swimming pool. That actual rear wall has been temporarily demolished during building works but is due to be reinstated.

A section of the rear wall which separates the plot in The Paddocks from Cliff Walk has been temporarily removed but is surrounded by safety barriers.

The plans – approved in 2013 – say that the “lower ground floor” would contain  recreation facilities, a sauna, a games room and an indoor/outdoor swimming pool with an external patio and lawn area – all below ground level.

However cliff-top strollers would not see any of this, as – when completed – it will all be hidden behind the wall which separates all the homes in  The Paddocks from the public area of Cliff Walk  (or at least it will when the rear wall is re-built) . The present wall  has been demolished – presumably as a temporary measure during construction and would be re-instated on completion.

Safety barriers have been erected on the green sward of Cliff Walk

An artistic impression of the front of the new house which is being built within “The Paddocks” development

The front of the new house at The Paddocks – as it actually looks at the moment

It is not yet clear which specific part of the approved plans is allegedly not being complied with.

Local residents say construction has now come to a halt and there has been no activity on the site for some days.


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  1. sjleworthy says:

    Looks completely part of the existing environment wouldnt you say? 😛

    Ok, so it looks different, certainly not my cup of T, but planning is planning. Something has obviously been amended since permission was given with submitted drawings. Question is, what? As it all looks out of place whatever. Dems der rulz though of course.

  2. AK says:

    Flat roofs leak.

  3. whatsoccurn says:

    Beautiful location-what struck me is the depth that they were excavating-apparently the swimming pool will be below ground level-must have been a nightmare for the neighbours each side.

  4. Mark Foster says:

    They forgot to make the Labour Party contribution. LOL.

  5. cogan nomen says:

    There must be a lot of locals jealous of
    This superb development .

    • Geoffrey says:

      Why do people in this town assume ‘jealousy’ a default reaction? Weird way of thinking – says more about you, I suspect, than anyone else.

  6. Peter says:

    Looks amazing crack on 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  7. Dave says:

    All the houses along the cliff walk are slowly getting extended or modernised with glass balconies, bifold doors etc etc. This makes sense to enjoy the location and why not. Some of the newer houses there whilst quite big are not very well designed. Its amazing how design moves on or fashion maybe. I am no designer but what I don’t understand though is some boxy designs around Penarth that might be painted pastel shades are still just boxes. Maybe future design 2050 will see them knocked down and started again. Some designs stand the test of time some don’t I wouldn’t might betting which ones won’t, but this one is probably not one of those.

  8. Paul says:

    You will never know Dave

  9. Grechla says:

    All houses are essentially ‘boxes’ – people just seem to have a prejudice against the ones without triangles on top!

  10. Paul says:

    Well said grechla

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