The now vacant plot of No 14 Clinton Road, Penarth .The original 1920s house collapsed during redevelopment work. Plans  to build a new replacement house were refused and now a new plan (see inset)  for a  replacement house of different design has been submitted to the Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mr Sid Gautam  – the owner of the Clinton Road house which collapsed whilst being redeveloped last year – is to have another go at building a house on the now vacant plot.

Mr Gautam had undertaken an ambitious redevelopment of No 14 Clinton Road – a classic pre-war detached home which he was extending and remodelling and was to have featured a new subterranean basement – excavated underneath (and at the rear of) the original house.

The original No 14 Clinton Road was built in the 1920s and blended with the street scene

The basement under construction at the rear of the original house. Some of the key load-bearing parts of the old house appeared to have been held up only by pieces of 4X2 timber

In June 2016 the rear walls of the original 14 Clinton Road collapsed into excavations for a proposed basement extension, leaving the roof of the house perilously perched in mid-air – before it too collapsed

The roof of the house – left without support – then collapsed into the excavated garden  along with the rear walls and west wing

Only the front walls of No 14 Clinton Road were left standing but these too were later reduced to rubble for Health and Safety reasons a few days after the original collapse  (Photo AC Williams)

Without warning about two-thirds of the house [which appeared not to have been sufficiently well supported]  collapsed into the excavated rear garden.

Eventually Mr Gautam gave instructions for the remaining front facade of the building (which miraculously was still standing)  – to be  pulled down.

THE MARK II HOUSE: As no council permission had been given for the total demolition of the original house – and clearance of the entire site – a so-called “retrospective ” planning application was submitted to the Vale Council along to with plans for the erection of a completely new bespoke- designed house on the now-cleared site.

The proposed front and rear of the Mark II Clinton Road house .

Mr Sid Gautam is making a 3rd attempt to develop new home in Clinton Road

The Vale Council, however, refused to allow construction of this new house  –  saying it was “a poorly designed, incongruous and cramped form of development that fails to respect the existing character and appearance of the immediate surrounding area”.

Mr  Gautam appealed against the Vale Council’s decision – but the Planning Inspectorate rejected his appeal – ruling the proposed replacement house “would be unacceptably harmful to the character and appearance of the site and the locality.”

THE MARK III HOUSE: Now a second plan for a new house – built to different dimensions – has now been submitted by Mr Gautam:-

The proposed new (Mark III) house is of a modern – box like design and would have 6 bedrooms and room to park at least 4 large SUVs ( 4X4 Sports Utility Vehicles)

In this latest planning application Mr Gautam admits that the design for the previous new house had been  “subject to several objections from neighbours who raised concerns over the inappropriate design and size of the new works, with concerns that the proposal would adversely affect the character of the building itself and that of the wider area.” However, at this third attempt, Mr Gautam is clearly not expecting all the local residents will necessarily enthuse over his latest design –  and says  “somewhat similar objections are expected to be submitted with the current application.”

The rear of the proposed new house would not be visible from Clinton Road. Likle it’s predecessors it too features a basement built out into the rear garden

Mr Gautam also acknowledges  that his latest scheme  for a 6-bedroom house “would produce one of the larger properties on Clinton Road”  but that the “amenity space”  provided in the plot [ i.e the front and rear gardens and driveway] would be  63% larger than the footprint of the house itself. 

As for parking, the application states that there would be enough on-site parking in the plans to cater for “a minimum of 4 large SUV’s [sic]” – and that even more cars could be parked in the grounds if they were “smaller types”.

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  1. Anon says:

    This man has no respect for the local community. I hope it “collapses” again.

  2. Oh dear says:

    If the previous house planned was poorly designed, incongruous and cramped form of development that fails to respect the existing character and appearance of the immediate surrounding area this looks much worse. But by happy ‘chance’ now gets the house he wanted! Is there a condition that no business will be conducted from the ‘house’?

  3. sjleworthy says:

    Love to hear the planners’ comments on this

  4. Grey local says:

    How convenient was it for the existing house to be torn down!! The next door neighbours must be worrying about possible damage to the foundations of their properties. Surely the house should be built to be in keeping with the surroundings. If he wishes to build a mansion type house perhaps he should have bought a plot of land in a more suitable area instead of causing his prospective neighbours so much trouble by trying to overbuild in this street.

  5. snoggerdog says:

    “overbuilding” is very popular in penarth,about six properties in maughan lane have had tonnes of earth & clay removed from their back gardens immediately at the back of the pilot pub their is a significant dip in the lane which im sure is a drain/sewer collapse. also these small lanes wernt built for the huge trucks that have to reverse the whole length of said lane. i have asked for gates to be erected— the answer as you guessed NO,barry has the gates,we have the trucks & when the drains have to be dug out the taxpayers will have the bill

    • Jane Foster says:

      Is that what the huge pile of rocks on the road by Paget Terrace is? I nearly fell over it when it first appeared walking home one evening in the dark.

  6. Penarthur says:

    Unluckiest? What a joke.

  7. Fishhenge says:

    Jail the scum! Destroying my home town indeed.

    • Peter Scurfield says:

      Fishhenge – why don’t you tell him yourself and possibly include your actual name. But you probably won’t as it’s much easier being a keyboard warrior with an even stupider anonymous name.

  8. The Milkmaid says:

    Not Dr Sid’s architect’s finest hour.

  9. Peter says:

    Typical penarth comments from others

    No one was injered when the house fell down

    Good luck with new house

    • Peter Church says:

      How dare you take my name in vain. This new house is out of keeping and ugly to a point of being repugnant.
      He should be made build an exact replica of the house he and his builders destroyed.

      • Peter Scurfield says:

        You obviously have no common sense or planning knowledge and on top of that no taste in modern building design. I think it is a well thought out design and I have looked through all the planning documents.

      • Penarth realist says:

        Me thinks these supporive posts on the same day might come from someone connected with Dr Sid!
        This new house is totally out of keeping. I urge the council to reject.
        Anyone can submit a letter to tell them it’s wrong for the area.

  10. Grechla says:

    Hurray for innovative modern design in the 21st century. Good luck with your application Mr Gautam.

    • Oliver Samovar says:

      Agreed. I have looked over the plans and the idea is great. and I think it would look very modern and we need more of these in Penarth

  11. Steven says:

    Please update the Doctors photo. In real time

  12. The local community says:

    Very disappointed with the local council for letting this person continue with his charade. I wonder how long it will be before they grant him a license to convert his “new home” into a Botox clinic? Shame on you!

    • Oliver Samovar says:

      Read the planning statement you fool. It clearly states that there is no intention of carrying out any commercial activity from the premises. And what has your idiotic comment got to do with the planning application at hand? Nothing.

  13. Frank Evans says:

    Maybe you are fool for being taken in by the good doctors attitude to penarth planning

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