The Vale of Glamorgan official car – parked in a disabled slot at Tesco in Barry in August

The Vale of Glamorgan has confirmed that is has carried out an internal – and confidential  – investigation into how the council’s official Skoda saloon car  came to be parked in a disabled parking space at the Cadoxton, (Barry)  branch of Tesco Express.

The car is normally used to convey the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and senior council officers to official functions and is normally parked at the Council HQ at the Barry Civic Centre.

A council spokesperson has said  “Unauthorised parking in disabled bays is completely unacceptable and a matter the council takes extremely seriously.”

The incident, snapped by Steve Durbin –  the father of a disabled child –  is said to have happened on August 7th during the council recess  when there are few if any Mayoral engagements carried out. The Vale Council says an immediate investigation was launched as soon as the incident was brought to its attention.

The council now says that the investigation “has now been concluded and, though details of any procedure involving an individual are confidential, I can confirm action has been taken in line with the council’s disciplinary policy.” This would appear to suggest that a member of council staff may have been disciplined over the matter .

Mr Durbin –  who was unable to use the space because the Vale Council car was occupying it –  has said “Vale of Glamorgan mayoral car parked in disabled space at Tesco Express – so I, with disabled son in car, could not use it. No badge, only driver present. Set an example please Vale of Glamorgan council! Yes, there was plenty of space in car park.”

The previous Labour administration in the Vale of  Glamorgan Council laid down  the rules for the use of the Mayoral car . The Labour policy – which has not been amended by the new Conservative adminstration – was that at  the civic car is to be “used by the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor. The Mayor doesn’t drive the car himself but is driven by a chauffeur. The civic car can also be used by the Leader of the Council and the Chief Executive.”

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  1. Fishhenge says:

    The mayoral car is a Skoda!!!!!!

    • Philip Rapier says:

      There are enough ego trip gas guzzling cars in the Councillor Spaces in the Barry Dock Kremlin (aka Vale Council Offices) without encouraging them.
      The wholly useless and superfluous office of Vale Mayor will no doubt have a 007 Aston Martin when the St Athan Plant opens.
      007 -James Bond- dob 11/11/1921 is 96 years old as is the average age of the all male Vale of Glamorgan Cabinet’s Policies.
      Stop Press — Labour Controlled Cardiif continues to forge ahead with new Arena Project as Vale remains in Dark Ages along with the Bristol Tories it seems who are very jealous of our Capital City.
      From Wales on Line 11 Oct 17
      “But now Bristol’s Conservative group leader for Bristol City Council, Mark Weston, has said that Cardiff’s perceived progress has caused embarrassment to the Bristol much-delayed (arena) project.”


      • Rob Weston says:

        Mr Rapier, I believe that you were once an elected representative. In the light of your contributions here I find that horrifying.

    • P O’Neill says:

      Errrr…….yeah. And if it were a Bentley how would you react?

  2. Mrs Diff-icult says:


  3. The Deputy Headmaster says:

    Offensive choice of car. Should be buying British.

  4. Peter says:

    Hope he gets a fine like the rest of us would

    Talk about setting the standard 😂😂😂😂

  5. Emma says:

    Wondering if it’s the same driver that crashed in Morrison’s petrol station a few years ago.

  6. Paul says:

    I was joKE AK

  7. Mrs Diff-icult says:

    Anyone know the significance of the numberplate? Must be worth a couple of quid for the empty coffers

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