David Melding Conservative AM for South Wales Central – which includes Penarth

David Melding, a Conservative AM for South Wales Central, which includes Penarth, has proposed all citizens in Wales should be subject to a random –  but compulsory – ‘call-up’ to require them to serve on public bodies – just as they are for jury service.

He says that – just in the way people are picked for jury service – a percentage of citizens should also be randomly selected to sit public panels including local health boards and other such bodies.

Everyone in Penarth would be compelled to serve on public bodies if they were randomly selected  to do so, and would be expected to devote at least a day a month to civic duties for a minimum period of a year.

He proposes that local residents could receive a letter in the post asking them to serve for perhaps one day a month for a period of a year or more .

Melding – who is largely unknown outside the Welsh Assembly –  has made it clear the notion is his own personal idea and isn’t official Conservative policy.

He says he  wants to create what he calls a  “citizens’ service”  which would also have input into local decision-making – currently the province of elected councils. It could -he says –  consist of anything from 600 people to 6,000.

He’s also proposing another change in the way Wales is governed by creating a “Second Chamber” for the Welsh Assembly which would scrutinise and amend decisions made by the current Labour-controlled Welsh Assembly

Melding has also said  hopes that a ” new Youth Parliament for Wales” will start next year to succeed the so-called “Youth Assembly for Wales” which was discontinued in 2014 .


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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    Why Mr. Melding is not Leader of the Welsh Conservatives has always been a mystery,
    Commendable as this idea is and worthy of support (as is his obvious bid to become Presiding Officer in the future) there are greater concerns ahead of the Assembly post Brexit.
    When changing their policy on devolution the Tories accepted partial self-governance for Wales
    The Tory Brexit hardliners and UKIP would close down the Assembly as soon as we leave the EU having negotiated their severance pay first of course. Leaving Mr. Melding with nowhere to deliver his brilliant new idea to other than entrusting to them to the all powerful Westminster dictatorship and the likes of Johnson and Fromage

  2. Johnabutt says:

    Stalin or Hitler would love such ideas, perfect for filling up the vacancies for their mates.

  3. Colin Beynon says:

    More cost to the community!!

  4. Ann Other says:

    Anyone with the slightest acquaintance with governance would be able to advise this gentleman that serving for short time periods like a month and as a lay person on boards dealing with complex, long-term matters is a complete waste of everyone’s time. Facile.

  5. The Tax payer says:


  6. snoggerdog says:

    dont the swiss do something on these lines,in groups though.

  7. John Powell says:

    It’s a fresh idea, but suggest the need for fiduciary responsibility is given due consideration !

  8. Frank Evans says:

    The next step is the new Labour Youth Party complete with momentum red shirts. This just sums up Welsh Labour’s move to the left.

    • Dr. Strangeglove says:

      He’s not Labour – he’s a Conservative. This just sums up Frank Evans move to the drawing board.

    • June Lewis says:

      What sums up “Welsh Labour’s move to the left”? A few statements by a Tory nonentity? Thank heavens for Frank Evans,

  9. Vic says:

    Don’t you just love that word ‘Compulsory’ ? We’re already forced to be on a jury and to sign certain documents with threats of a fine and prison. Free country my a***

  10. AK says:

    ‘He also proposed a second chamber for the Welsh Assembly’

    More jobs for the boyos and higher taxes to pay for it

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