The enormous and artificial Labour-voting constituency of Cardiff South and Penarth,represented by Labour MP Stephen Doughty, would disappear. Doughty –  who opposes the majority of people in Wales who wish to leave the EU – would no longer represent Penarth.

Penarth and the Eastern portion of the Vale of Glamorgan would have its own MP under new proposals published today (Tuesday October 17th 2017) by the Boundary Commission,

The new boundary proposals  would see the total number of MPs in Wales being slashed from 40 to just 29 .

The new parliamentary constituency proposals supersede an earlier plans announced over a year ago and take into account the latest views which have been expressed in public consultation to the Boundary Commission for Wales

Under the new boundary proposals Penarth and Barry would be in the new Vale of Glamorgan East constituency.

It would mean the end of the Parliamentary constituency of Cardiff South and Penarth where the overwhelmingly Labour-voting area of South Cardiff – including Splott and Llanrumney    – has always dominated the  more moderate East of the constituency which includes Penarth, Cowbridge and Sully.

The Bounday Commission says “the advantages of the proposed constituency would outweigh the benefits of retaining the existing Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff South and Penarth constituencies. One of the main reasons for this is that the proposed constituencies of Cardiff will now be retained within the principal authority of Cardiff. This, in turn, allows the formation of other constituencies in the South Wales Valleys to run in a natural north-south direction, as opposed to creating constituencies which run east-to-west, crossing the valleys. This proposed arrangement would also see the three main population centres of the Vale of Glamorgan retained within the eastern split of the existing Vale of Glamorgan.”

The new proposals represent  the most fundamental change  since the Boundary Commission first established in 1944,

In Cardiff itself the number of constituencies would be cut down from 4 to 3 .

The Western part of Vale of Glamorgan would be joined with Bridgend in a separate Parliamentary constituency – (indicated on the map as No. 21).

The proposed new constituencies across Wales would – under the new boundaries – now have broadly similar numbers of voters and also take into account the size, shape and accessibility of constituencies along with local authority boundaries.

The Boundary Commission says this is not the final set of proposals. There is now to be a new 8-week-long public consultation . The Commission’s final proposals will be submitted to a House of Commons vote in  October 2018.

Prayers are being said today for the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth, Stephen Doughty

Co-incidentally today the arcane organisation “Praying for Politicians” has announced on Twitter this morning that it is praying today for Stephen Doughty (Labour MP for Cardiff Suth and Penarth).

Praying for Politicians” describes itself as “a Christian initiative that encourages wholesome and positive talk towards politicians and encourages daily prayer for politicians.”

However a Conservative voter in Penarth told PDN this morning that with the publication of today’s new Boundary proposals, her prayers had already been answered .

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  1. June Lewis says:

    More moderate voters like the ones on here you mean?

  2. David Moorcraft says:

    Penarth has historic links with Cardiff, not Barry or Bridgend. Our jobs and daily lives are generally entwined with our near neighbour. As for politics, like many others, my parents came from “Labour” zones like Grangetown; Penarth comprises a wide diversity of views.
    Like many Penarthians I know, I would like Penarth to be closer to Cardiff than the Vale, although I’m pleased that the previous, inept Labour regime in Barry was swept from power.

  3. Philip Rapier says:

    I suspect Alun Cairns will be going to Church in his Brown Corduroy Trousers and praying for a low turnout.. An 86 per cent turnout in 1950 produced the historic result as Coun Dorothy Rees of Barry became the first woman MP in (South Wales ) Lady Megan Lloyd George (Lab) the warmongers daughter preceded her in Carmarthen (West Wales)
    According to wiki———————
    “The constituency was created for the 1950 general election, and abolished for the 1983 general election. The majority of the electorate (61%) passed to the new Vale of Glamorgan constituency where they formed a majority (76.8%) of this seat. The district of Penarth which formed 23.6% of the constituency joined the majority of the Cardiff SE seat to form the new Cardiff South and Penarth.”
    The historic 1950 result includes Penarth.
    Dorothy Rees
    M Evans
    John Emlyn-Jones


  4. Frank Evans says:

    Bye bye doughty ☺

  5. john64 says:

    Forgetting any political “advantages / disadvantages” and whichever party has control in Westminster, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff or Barry this would appear to be logical. The new constituencies will represent (roughly) the same number of electors and geographically be manageable. The present Cardiff South & Penarth seat covers a narrow coastal strip from St. Mellons to Sully with central Cardiff having to be crossed and covers two unitary authority areas. The proposed new seat overcomes these difficulties.

  6. Jayflan says:

    Surely Penarth has a closer affinity with its neighbour Cardiff, than it does with Bridgend and the wider Vale?

    • NewsNet says:

      Under the new proposals Penarth would be in the “Vale of Glamorgan East” constituency along with Cowbridge, Sully and Barry. Bridgend however would in the “Vale of Glamorgan West” constituency.

      • penarthblog says:

        Some reports suggest that Cowbridge would be in the VOG West constituency, clarification needed.

      • NewsNet says:

        The Boundary Commission October 2017 proposals state that “The Commission therefore proposes to create a county constituency from:
        20.7 a. The electoral wards within the existing Cardiff South and Penarth BC and County Borough of the Vale of Glamorgan of Cornerswell (3,885), Llandough (1,454), Plymouth (4,419), St. Augustine’s (4,913), Stanwell (3,178) and Sully (3,531); and,
        20.7 b. The electoral wards within the existing Vale of Glamorgan CC and County Borough of the Vale of Glamorgan of Baruc (4,636), Buttrills (4,175), Cadoc (6,842), Castleland (3,096), Court (3,031), Cowbridge (4,997), Dinas Powys (6,139), Dyfan (3,983), Gibbonsdown (3,646), Illtyd (5,951), Peterston-super-Ely (1,828), Rhoose (5,158), and Wenvoe (2,122).”

        It is therefore being proposed that Cowbridge would be in the Vale of Glamorgan East constituency, but of course this – and the rest of the proposals – will be subject to further public consultation and a vote in the House of Commons.

  7. Mark Foster says:

    Surely its time for some forced migration or ethnic cleansing to solve the Penarth White Supremacist problem. After all, it was done to the suburbs of Cardiff.

  8. Bob Williams says:

    Gentlemen, I use the term lightly. As a boy who was born in Grangetown and proud to be so, I moved to Penarth in my teens. I am a white man with scores of friends from all sections of ethnic backgrounds. I find your obnoxious comments, both insulting and totally uncalled for. It is insults like these which only go to fuel more racist hatred in this fine country. I can only assume that your two brain cells were not functioning well when you made these trashy remarks. I have found the people of Penarth very welcoming to people of all nations, and NEVER have I seen a white supremacy person in all the years I have live in this town. Please keep your racist and insulting comments in the gutter, where they clearly belong.
    Bob Williams

    • Dr. Strangeglove says:

      As you can see, I agree with every word you have written, and think it’s about time the paranoid racists, such as Mark Foster, who regularly displays his ignorance and bigotry here, were shipped out. They don’t belong in the world I see around me, and use lies to promote their twisted opinions.
      I’m with you, Bob.

  9. John Powell says:

    As Penarth has 6/8 cllrs from the Labour Party, am not sure how this would automatically benefit the Tories, esp as we’d swap s cardiff for Barry!

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