The new modesty panels installed on the windows at Penarth Town Council

The Labour-controlled Penarth Town Council has now installed “modesty panels” on the first-floor windows of its headquarters at West House in Stanwell Road – presumably in order to prevent the public catching an unguarded glimpse of what is going on inside.

The new privacy panels bear the Penarth Town Crest and are made of an obscuring tacky plastic material similar that used in pubs to emulate frosted-glass

The sticky plastic allows light through,  but ensures that the 20 staff and the councillors who work inside the building cannot be seen by council-tax-payers from outside.

Similarly, council staff are no longer able to enjoy the view outside the building during working hours.

Flaking paint is visible on the wooden window frames of West House . The new modesty panels adhere to the inside surface of the original glass

The installation of the panels – which change the external appearance of West House – has not been debated by the council .

It is not yet clear whether such modifications are permitted in the Penarth Conservation Area – which imposes strict rules on changes in windows.

The unusually designed “nine-over-one” windows of West House are the 1880 originals – installed when the original farm house was demolished and the Victorian mansion was built as his home by Cardiff outfitter Frederick Jotham.

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  1. Mrs Diff-icult says:

    How much did that cost are we allowed to know?

  2. sjleworthy says:

    Things go on in there?

  3. Hywel says:

    What an unnecessary and ugly thing to do, akin to vandalism of beautiful original windows.
    What is the matter with them?
    What do they have to hide?

  4. Oh dear says:

    Seems our town hall is obsessed with privacy!? Meeting behind closed doors, secret committees with secret membership and now this!? They didn’t even consult their ‘customers’!? It’ll be a wall around West House next….

  5. Our council are not the first organisation this year to improve the safely of those within their premises by undertaking such modifications. Indeed there are other buildings in the area which have had a similar treatment but which has gone unreported. There has been a significant rise in terrorist activity during the year and any responsible organisation will have reviewed the safely and security of their property.

    I spent most of my life working at a premises judged be at great risk of terrorist attack with the associated worries and can only commend the council for undertaking this work.

    At least this has undertaken in a much more sympathetic manner than I’ve observed elsewhere.

    I find it very sad to read this criticism of the council’s action in the present security situation.

    • The Tax payer says:

      Yes. I’m sure West House would be very high on the terrorist list with all high powered meetings that are held to discuss things such as the number of park benches that are required !!

  6. Bob says:

    If they all this money they should reduce our council tax and half the number of employees. It’s our fault we put them there. We need a clean out and get ordainary people to serve on a reduced council or just do away with the council all together and save some money

    • Billy Bees says:

      Members of the Council are already ordainary (sic) people. You could be one of them if you stood up to be counted instead of moaning on here.

  7. Deadly Serious says:

    Such is the state of the world today, I’m considering installing a protection system – not unlike the steel, bullet-proof shutters guarding the villain’s volcano-based HQ in You Only Live Twice – on the windows of my house.
    You never know who might be looking in, and what they might see.

  8. Andrew Worsley says:

    Yes im sure Penarth will be seen as a target of terrorists , so we must use that ‘catch all’ excuse to justify things the public do not approve of. I mean just imagine the headlines and the news coverage if Penarth became the target of Isis or similar , ‘UNTOLD SEAGULLS CAUGHT IN TERROR ATTACK’ .. or maybe ‘TOWN CLOCK TARGET OF BOMBERS’.

  9. Vic says:

    Does this mean the senedd is next? Built with glass all around for transparency and openness. Not so our council.

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