Used hypodermic needles dumped in the St David’s Crescent area  of Penarth where local children playing in the grassy areas could easily pick them up

Some residents of the St David’s Crescent area of Penarth are becoming so  concerned about the number of used hypodermic needles –  which they say are littering local grassy areas and roadside gutters –  they’re now considering taking matters into their own hands.

One local resident –  Mr Ross Howard –  has taken to his Facebook page to call-out the addicts and the drug dealers who supply them –  and has threatened to “put them to sleep

The bus stop at St David’s Crescent, Penarth. There are several open grassy areas and woodlands nearby which are allegedly used by drug addicts.

On Facebook Mr Howard sends an explicit threat to the drug users  “You have been warned, Now the next time I see [ any of ] you f***ing filthy junkys walk out the woods I’m putting you to sleep. I’m constantly at risk picking them up from St David’s field where dozens of youngster play.”

Another local resident – Shane Bennett –  backs up Mr Howard and comments on Facebook :-  “Scum bags mate! Make sure your careful picking those up i would bag them an take them to the copshop and tell them theres an issue! Good on you though dude 👍 

More than 20 local people joined in the on-line discussion on the problem – and none of them had a good word to say about the drug takers.

Part of the lively debate on Facebook about the paraphenalia left behind by drug takers at St David’s Crescent, Penarth

Another local resident asks for Stephen Doughty – Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth – to look into the matter.

Another local resident says in the Facebook discussion:-   “Dirty ***** **** scum, my 13 year old son was playing over there with his mates last night.

Mr Howard suggests local children are warned and then he volunteers to “pop back over later to check it out”. He calls the perpetrators “Sick evil w@*****s  – can’t wait to see them [ i.e the drug users ] doing it”

A local woman joins the on-line conversation saying “I’m fuming about this still… has anyone got in touch with you?”.  Mr Howard replies that no one has contacted him yet.

PDN has asked South Wales Police for a comment  – which will be added to this item when received.


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  1. Max George says:

    A difficult problem which is not helped by the tone and language of these comments. Neither set a good example to the children we seek to protect.

    • Birkett says:

      That’s what Facebook does to people; I’m sure the debate would be more sensible and focused ‘in the flesh’, rather than becoming a name calling competition.

  2. Chris Williamson says:

    It made me laugh where you use asterisks to avoid typing out swear words, but pasted a screen shot of the Facebook comments showing the swear words in full.

  3. Rio says:

    This is serious concern. At least Ross has put it out there, and your issue is the swearing of a seething parent whos kids are at riask of HIV. Hep etc. Grow up, say or do something positive.

  4. Locallady says:

    Just to be clear the person who posted this on his Facebook says it was found ‘off the path in the fields’ (ash path) which can be accessed from St Davids Crescent and not the Crescent itself or the park so not actually in the Crescent. I have lived in St Davids Crescent backing onto the park for a number of years and I’ve got to say it’s one of the quietest and friendliest areas I have lived. It also very safe, I have never seen any drug paraphernalia in the area. However, I did when I lived in the town centre years ago. Anyone with children or dog walkers should be careful where they wander into fields or woods wherever they live, sad but true.

    • ohmy818 says:

      People shouldn’t have to “be careful” though!! Adults and children alike should be able to walk carefree in woods/parks streets etc. People like Ross shouldn’t have to pick up stinking dirty drug hypodermics and put him self at risk from needles hat someone has left. If they want to use drugs that’s their choice bit they should not be putting other people at risk with thier selfishness.

  5. Lucie says:

    That’s no the only hot spot in Penarth,the lane by st Peter’s church is just as bad,it’s a disgrace .Is that why are Council tax is going up to clean are streets…..Joke

  6. ohmy818 says:

    Sadly this kind of issue is not just isolated to Penarth it is a national problem. Doesn’t make it right though. Why can’t the people who choose to inject poison in thier bodies also choose to do it safely where no one else can be put in danger.

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