Who ‘ya gonna call when your MOT Test is due? The Vale Council is the new kid on the block.

It’s now possible for private and business motorists to get annual MOT Tests carried out on their vehicles by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

This little-known council MOT service is one of a series of income-generating services carried out by the council which are now set-out in an internal council report.

There’s now an alternative to MOT tests carried out by commercial garages

Until now, the MOT testing service  been largely regarded as a facility for the council’s own fleet of vehicles and lorries – and was also “available to council staff”  – but now any member of the public can ask the council to carry out an MOT test .

Amongst the other less well-known services which the Vale Council currently offers (or plans to offer) – are: –

Website Advertising
In September 2016, the Council entered into a partnership with the Council Advertising Network to provide advertising space on the Council’s website.

School Meals Catering Company
It was the Labour administration of the Vale Council which in April this year set up the council’s first local-authority trading company. The new company will provide the council’s school meal service and is to “ explore a range of commercial opportunities to maximise revenue which will be invested in schools”.

Advertising on Roundabouts and Boundary Signs
A tie-up with the media company Immediate Solutions provides “advertising opportunities on the Council’s roundabouts and boundary signs.

Income from Council Buildings
The Vale Council has renovated a number of its buildings in order to lease them out to external organisations.

The council provides a number of memorial services, including memorial trees and benches in Country Parks, as well in open spaces. The Penarth Pier Plaque Scheme is reported to have “proved to be extremely popular”.

Public Sector Collaboration
The Vale Council’s Legal Services Department currently provides support to Cardiff Council for childcare services – an activity which is said to generates income and “enable increased staffing levels”.

Payroll Services
The Vale Council’s payroll service currently “provides support to a number of schools and other organisations, including Town and Community Councils and the Glamorgan Voluntary Service.”

ICT Services
The Vale Council’s highly-regarded Information Communications Technology Department (ICT) already provides services to “a number of schools across the Vale to generate income” . The Vale Council also says it now develops and supports websites for town and community councils. Penarth Town Council is not amongst its clients.

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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    The Vale of Glamorgan as usual disclaim any responsibility for what they advertise in our name and at our expense on their website. (or anything they do in our name)
    They would be better off financially doing this on Facebook for next to nothing and with an average clickthrough rate of up to 1.6%. Typically this is seven times higher than the Vale will get
    The Vale disclaimer which could have been written and approved by Pontius Pilate may be found on the Website.
    “The promotion of any advertisement on the website is not an endorsement or recommendation of any form from the Vale of Glamorgan Council of that advertiser’s products or services or of any company or organisation. Similarly the Council does not accept any responsibility for errors, omissions or for any consequences arising when visiting third party websites when following an advertising link.”

  2. Jon Ratcliffe says:

    I have been talking my car’s there for years. It is a legal requirement for them to carry MOTs for the public. They will not however carry out any repairs, even if it is headlight adjustment. Only take cash or cheque but it is well worth it.

  3. Colin Davies says:

    I’ve had my car MOT’d at the Alps, service was very good and price similar to surrounding garages, main point is because they don’t carry out repairs there, there’s no incentive like other local garages to fail a car for something that another garage might pass just to make some extra income to “fix” the fault

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