If you dare peek between your fingers  – it may all look uncannily  familiar. That creepy building is the former Headlands Hotel – now part of Headlands School. As for the Halloween zombies – most of them were apparently living Rikashake members …but then no-one did an actual head-count

The gaunt and forbidding Victorian Headlands building in St Augustine’s Crescent has been turned into a horror-film set populated by blood-soaked zombies.

The building – which is so stark and atmopheric it makes Hogwart’s look like Disneyland – was originally the Penarth Hotel before it became a Gibbs children’s home after WW1.Now it’s no longer in use and the charity Action for Children and Headlands School are accommodated in more modern building on the Headlands site.

Zombies fill the forecourt of Headlands School for the Halloween Horror production

The idea for turning the old building into a movie backdrop came from RikaShake – a small Barry-based fitness business which each year aims to give something back to the local community as a thank you

For the past 3 years the business has staged – on Halloween – what it calls the “RiKaShaKe Halloween Thriller” to raise money for children’s causes. It turns out that the blood-soaked shrouds worn by the “cast ” of zombies are fancy dress costumes worn by RikaShake members who, this year, chose the Headlands Action for Children School as their good cause.

The school caters for children of between 7 and 19 years of age with learning difficulties where they learn to adjust and develop social skills .

The “Living Dead” showing off their post-mortem moves in the RikaShake Penarth video

During the performance each of the Zombies stands on a mini-trampoline for the spectacular dance routine – a tribute to the original Michael Jackson production “Thriller

The appeal is aiming to raise £2,000 towards the cost of sending children from Headlands on a “once in the lifetime” trip to New York that the school’s drama teacher is attempting to organise .

To view the video via YouTube – press the arrow in the centre of the screen.

So far the appeal has raised £186 and donations can be given on line on https://chuffed.org/project/halloween-thriller


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  1. Craig says:

    Thank you so much for this excellent write up.

    As mentioned in the article we are a fitness business in Barry and by no means film makers but we believe the movie tuned out amazing considering the lack of filming equipment we had!

    The drama teacher mentioned in the article is actually one of our members and has told us lots about the school, the pupils and the help and support the teachers provide for the children at the school. So it made sense to hold this years Halloween Thriller at the amazing looking Headlands School in an attempt to raise money for the actual school.

    Hopefully, with the help of this article now, we will reach the £2000 target!

    Thank you in advance to anybody that donates and thanks again Penarth Daily News.

    Craig & Jordan (RiKaSysTemZ®)

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you Rikashakers for a brilliant start to my morning. I loved the way you built the suspense of the video only to surprised us with the hilarious bouncing zombies, I haven’t laughed so hard for ages. My kids also loved it, so now I know what to get them for Christmas. Keep bouncing and good luck with the fund raising.

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