Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies AM with members of the Docks Incinerator Action Group (DIAG)

Penarth’s Conservative  Assembly Member Andrew R T Davies has called for the Welsh Labour Government to use its powers to halt the development of the huge waste incinerator currently under construction at Barry Docks.

It’s being forecast that with prevailing winds from the South West, the pollution plume from the chimney’s of the incinerator will reach Penarth.

The forecast on Plume Plotter of what’s coming Penarth’s way from the Barry Incinerator

Mr Davies, who is MP for South Wales Central, and the leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly has pointed out that the plant has not yet received an Environmental Permit from the environmental watchdog body Natural Resources Wales (NRW). He says that the regulations give Welsh Government Ministers  the power – if they choose to use it – to direct the NRW not to issue a licence.

The NRW, Mr Davies says, would have no choice other than to comply with the Cardiff Bay ruling – effectively giving Labour ministers a veto on the whole scheme.

The hapless  former Welsh Labour Environment Minister Lesley Griffiths – who was behind both the Barry Incinerator project and the scheme to dump 300,000 tonnes of mud into the sea off Penarth- has now been relieved of environmental brief 

Mr Davies had  written yesterday to the “Welsh Cabinet Secretary for the Environment” – Lesley Griffiths – asking her to intervene.  [Leslie Griffiths is the Labour minister who is also behind the scheme to dump 300,000 tonnes of radioactive mud off the Penarth foreshore] .

Tonight however Mr Davies finds that Lesley Griffiths – who had made some ill-judged statements about the radioactive mud scheme –  has now had her Environmental brief taken off her.

The First Minister Carwyn Jones has today given the brief on Environmental Affairs to  Hannah Blythyn who is appointed as “Minister for Environment”

The text of the Conservative leader’s original letter written yesterday to Ms Griffiths ( reproduced below) will now have to be re-written and addressed to Ms Blythyn

The letter from Andrew R T Davies AM had racked up the pressure on Welsh Labour minister Lesley Griffiths. It seems to have worked. Today Griffiths lost the Environment Brief


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  1. Dizzydeb says:

    Good, just what Welsh Labour need, keep up the pressure, they’ve become far too complacent!!

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    Highest Breast Cancer and Lung Disease rates per capita in the U.S, is said to be found where there is an over reliance on Biomass i.e. Wood Burning for Domestic Heating in States such as. Massachusetts.
    Biomass Business gets very rich. We get, disease, overcrowded Hospitals and even longer waiting lists.
    Well done Andrew proud of you.
    I will become ashamed of the Welsh Government should they be complicit in this frightening project. Living with the existing Chemical Plant and Hinkley is bad enough as it is.

  3. Peter Church says:

    This will never be stopped too many vested interests in it.

  4. Geraint says:

    How anyone can think of putting an incinerator slap bang in the middle of a large town is beyond belief.
    It seems to me like something from somewhere like Russia, so-called ‘government’ not giving a damn about the health of the people (as long as they’re all right themselves).
    Plus nuclear dumping off Wales.
    What is the so-called ‘Environment Minister’ doing about this?
    As it’s Labour, I doubt any other of the so-called (slavishly left-wing) ‘media’ will pick up on this.

  5. DL Jones says:

    Is there a public record of the way that local councillors have engaged with this development?

  6. Jamie says:

    What about the people in Barry?
    When you read up on the health implications of this kind of incinerator it seems inconceivable such a thing should be allowed to proceed.

  7. Papa Lazarou says:

    Come on Labour put the people first…disgraceful

  8. Peter says:

    Majorly bad move for campaigners to suggest Penarth might be affected. That hate-filled Labour lot in the Bay will be tripping over themselves now to fire up the incinerator, fuelled by the thrill of getting one over on the ‘posh’ people with big ‘ouses.
    Better to focus on Barry – and with good reason. Why should they have to inhale toxic fumes and endanger their health?
    I’ve never heard anything like it – an incinerator in a large town like that.
    Shame on the Welsh Government.

  9. Simone from DIAG says:

    Great to see such support here in Penarth!
    DIAG are a non-political group from Barry, Penarth and Sully, we are a 40+ working group with 5,000+ active Facebook members, 10,000+ names on the petition…..we have more heads than the Hydra!
    We have been investigating and studying the whole process from Planning to Permit stage and there are lots of unanswered questions.

  10. Dennis Morgan says:

    The people of Penarth should be very concerned about 1 thing – the emissions plume will bring CANCER to many, many thousands of residents There is no doubt, no scaremongering, no sensationalism in this statement. There is just the simple truth. The pyrolitic process that would operate in this incinerator, is inherently deficient in the combustion process – it does not follow the requirements of stoichiometric combustion. Thie means it creates unstable by products in the combustion process, including DIOXINS, Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), Volatile Organic Compounds and many other FATAL, not merely dangerous, emissions. The volume of such products will run into many thousands of TONNES per annum, a significant percentage of which will cover the Penarth area ( St Cyres School is in the direct plume path for example). The dangers to community health are enormous and unremitting. By way of Benchmark, the town of Grignon in the French Alps in the late nineties and early 2000’s suffered, over a period of 20 yrs, 230 cancer fatalities in a standing population of some 1800 citizens. At the moment, responsible French Public Officials are being and have been charged with manslaughter for the wanton act of greed and treachery towards the village. The pyrolytic process at the Barry Incinerator will pump higher volumes of equally and more deadly elements into the onshore winds that will persistently engulf Penarth. Look up the Grignon disaster and do the maths. Penarth, like Barry, Sully, Dinas Powys and Cardiff Bay will face a Cancer induced Tsunami of DEATH. The Welsh Government, The Vale of Glamorgan County Council and Natural Resources Wales are fully aware of these facts surrounding Biomass waste to energy processes. They all know – do not be in any doubt about this. I have asked this question of First Minister Carwyn Jones many times and I ask it again – How many cherished, innocent and precious children have to be killed in the most unimaginably horrific circumstances before the delinquency of the Welsh Government Planning Process is recognised

  11. John Powell says:

    am amazed
    That so many in penarth just
    Don’t believe the radioactive mud story’

  12. Cheryl says:

    It would be great if more people from Penarth, Sully, Dinas and Wenvoe supported DIAGs campaign against the Incinerator….it is not just a Barry problem it is a problem. It’s a problem for everyone who wants to breath clean air.

    • People get what they deserve says:

      I agree with you, Cheryl. The trouble is many of the people in Penarth consider themselves “too posh to campaign” (though they are anything but posh – a vulgar word rather in keeping with the aspirations of the town).
      By sitting on their running-toned rears, look at what these wannabes have let happen to Penarth. Sadly, this is a place where people appear largely out for themselves, and are careful what they say for fear of upsetting someone who might be “useful” to them.
      I also believe they suspect campaigning comes over as a little “rough and ready”, a little too “trade union” though go a generation or two back, and their (far nobler in spirit) forefathers were probably on the picket line.
      Result = toxic mud and fumes.

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