The former Avalon Antiques Shop in Vuictoria is set to be totally renovated and become “Beauty Box” – opening next month

A new beauty business called “Beauty-Box” is taking over the premises in Victoria Road formerly occupied by Avalon Antiques.

Work has just begun on fitting out the premises and its hoped everything will be ready for an opening at the beginning of December. Fuller details will be provided closer to the opening date.

Meanwhile the shop and surrounding premises – including the former Ty Gwin Wine Bar (now The Florist)   has been making a cameo appearance in the BBC Saturday night medical soap series“Casualty”

The former dark blue Avalon Antiques shop on Victoria Road is next door to shoe-shop Ogam Igam  (and is in the left hand background of this screen shot from last night’s episode of the BBC medical soap  “Casualty”) . The ‘Avalon Antiques’ shop is to become the new premises of “Beauty Box “ which is due to open next month. The BBC Casualty  scene was filmed inside the former Ty Gwin Wine Bar

The BBC filmed the scene for Casualty inside the former Ty Gwin Wine Bar : Suffice to say that in the light of what was about to happen to them, both these Casualty characters would have been well advised to have made a note of the telephone number on the familiar Gimber Motors poster visible on Royal Buildings across the road

The premises which will become the new Beauty Box shop are next door to the shoe retailer Ogam Igam – both of which were to be seen in last night’s BBC prime time medical soap Casualty  during a scene which was shot inside the former Ty Gwin Wine Bar.

What was Avalon Antiques has featured in several tv series made in Penarth, including the Antiques Road Show and a comedy series for S4C .

UPDATE: Thanks to those correspondents who adroitly spotted that the Casualty location was the former Ty Gwin Wire Bar and not Foxy’s as originally stated.




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  1. penarthblog says:

    Good luck with your new enterprise.

  2. Mo Farah's pacesetter says:

    That’s not Foxy’s, it’s the now closed Ty Gwin!

  3. Vic T says:

    That looks more like the interior of the now closed Ty Gwyn wine bar not Foxys.

  4. I always enjoy spotting Penarth and surrounds on a Saturday evening whilst watching Casualty. The combination of Penarth Blue Lias Limestone and Penarth (Cogan Brickworks) bricks, especially the yellow ones, is a uniquie feature of Penarth architecture.

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