Tributes have been paid today to former Welsh Labour Government Children’s Minister Carl Sargeant – whose body was discovered at his Deeside home this morning

The Conservative Assembly Member for Penarth – Andrew R T Davies (South Wales Central) has today paid tribute to the sacked former Welsh Labour  minister Carl Sargeant who was found dead at his home in Deeside today.    

Mr Davies said today of Mr Sargeant – who appears to have committed suicide – “Parliament has lost a stalwart, and many of us have lost a friend. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with his family, friends, and our colleagues in the Welsh Labour Party.”

Carl Sargeant

Mr Sargeant – who was until last week the Welsh Labour Government’s  Minister for Children and Communities – was  abruptly “removed ” from his cabinet post by First Minister Carwyn Jones – allegedly following a number of allegations made against Sargeant by women.

The nature of the allegations and the identity of the women who have made the complaints – some of which are said to date back several months or years – has yet to be made public

Carl Sargeant represented the constituency of Alyn and Deeside as a Labour AM and was married with two children.

Today the leader of the Labour Party –  Jeremy Corbyn  – described the development as “deeply shocking news”.

It was only yesterday that Welsh Labour Government First Minister Carwyn Jones had  appeared on tv to explain for the first time why Mr Sargeant had been “removed” from office

Only yesterday Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones had appeared in a tv interview to be justifying his decision to fire the Sargeant – even though an investigation into the allegations made against the ex-minister has not yet begun.

Carwyn Jones said yesterday that “I heard of the incidents. I asked my office to speak to the women involved.  Ummmm …we heard from them what the nature of the incidents actually ….were . And as a result of that I thought there was no choice but for the matter to be investigated”.  [ In fact on Friday Carwyn Jones had immediately “removed” Mr Sargeant from his cabinet position and Sargeant was also suspended from the Labour Party ]

Today, in a marked change of tone, Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones said the death of Carl Sargeant was what he described as “a great loss to our party and to the Senedd” [i.e. The Welsh  Assembly].

The Welsh Assembly’s business for today has been cancelled as a mark of “respect” for the former minister . It is now unclear whether the formal investigation into  as yet unspecified and unproven allegations made against Mr Sargeant will be carried out.

Before today’s developments, the investigation and the pre-emptive firing of Mr Sargeant was  declared to been initiated to “avoid embarrassment” to the Labour Party.


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  1. andrewsketty says:

    I am sure some people reading this will not share my views given the tragic events today involving Carl Sargeant but I thought it was shameful journalism by BBC Wales when I saw that interview last week with Elliw Gwawr saying how she was the subject of unwanted advances by politicians.I think this even more so now.
    Apparently even last night Carl Sargeant was telling friends that he still did not know what he was supposed to have done. Frankly I can believe this!
    And as for former government advisor Cathy Owens interview on BBC Wales over the weekend saying how harassment of women in politics had gone on for many years – but she had never spoken out before. With the impending mess at Cardiff Bay no doubt its a business opportunity for her new consultancy Deryn
    All in all a very very nasty taste while a family in NE Wales are now in mourning

    • whatsoccurin says:

      Agree with most of the points raised-Sargeant has been around long enough to know that (male) teachers, care workers and others have been the subject of these sort of allegations for years, and whatever happened from here on in, his reputation would be tainted. As for women saying that this sort of harassment has gone on for years-did they not think, “if I do not report this, some other woman will also be targeted”?-they may have thought this but preferred to keep their grievance to themselves, probably for years, until it suited to make use of it. At the end of it R.I.P. Carl Sargeant.

  2. Mr Craig Jones says:

    All in all a very sad situation. A family devastated, colleagues and friends in morning.
    To be accused of something, especially if you are a public figure and not to be told what that something is or who the accusers are is shocking treatment.
    Both CJ and those in leadership positions at the Welsh Labour Party need to have a long hard look at themselves and think could they have handled this a bit better.

    • The Tax payer says:

      Totally agree. So sad for him and his family and some people need to take a long hard look at themselves.

  3. Derek Smith says:

    Awful news. RIP
    Maybe those in political life who’s twitter accounts have been alight with the “Go girls, get even mantra”, might want to consider the effect that such unproven allegations have on individuals.
    Let proper justice take it course.
    Anonymity for the accused and the accuser.

  4. Louiseholistic says:

    Incredibly sad. But not an excuse for the Senedd to be closed for the rest of the week.

  5. John64 says:

    Whether you agreed with Carl Sargeant’s politics or not, he was one of the better ministers in the Welsh Labour Government (not a difficult achievement!).What a situation, to be sacked for allegations that nobody knows what they were, by people who we don’t know who they are and by a First Minister who does not know what he’s doing. Only one certainty; Carwyn Jones’ behaviour in all of this was not appropriate.

  6. Ann Other says:

    Jones and the Labour Party have serious questions to answer. They have departed from normal practice in dealing with this terrible case. Firstly, he should not have been sacked because accusations have been made. It is the core of justice that the accused is innocent until proven (proven) guilty. He should have been suspended, perhaps, if to do that would have made the investigation more secure. Until the case is tried we don’t know whether the accusers are sound, or vexatious, or mentally unstable, or truthful, or what. Secondly, it is utterly wrong to refuse to let an accused know what exactly is alleged. Jones seems to have been swept along on the current tide of hysteria about sexual propositions and activities. This is a sign of a weak man. A reliable man with a sense of the principles of justice would never, never have departed from the fundamental principles of justice, and this poor man would not have died .

    • whatsoccurin says:

      agree-Carwyn is not the most obnoxious politician around but this is a glaring error of judgement-to dismiss (not suspend) a loyal colleague. prior to any investigation and without informing him of the nature of the allegations, seems to imply that he (Cawryn) just wanted to ride the wave of hysteria sweeping around politics at present-were they three separate allegations or had the women colluded together? Carl’s initial response was to fight to clear his name, but he must have known that this was impossible in the present climate.-Carwyn has to resign I think.

  7. John64 says:

    Yes, it is all riding on a wave of hysteria but in the normal way of things our political masters will be hoping that the wave will pass and something new will happen. Of all the so called “scandals” Carl Sargeant has been the first real casualty but this time, perhaps, the wave will not pass. Jones, Corbyn and their ilk can make their statements but the cause of this poor man’s death is now in the hands of the coroner. I hope he is thorough and the truth comes out. Does he have the power to call the accusers to give evidence? Jeremy Corbyn and others have stated that Carl Sargeant had the full support of the Labour Party; it appears that full support did not go far enough. All words, no deeds!

  8. Maggie Reece says:

    The Welsh Labour party has the feel of some autocratic one party state more akin to the dark days of Stalin in the Soviet Union
    This morning, Labour’s women and equalities spokeswoman Dawn Butler was asking for a public inquiry into the very poor handling of the affair. But one hour later after “speaking” to Carwyn Jones, she said Labour have handled it well. Shocking, truly shocking.

    This is more like a 3rd work dictatorship rather than Wales.
    Carwyn Jones should resign, instead of offering his hollow platitudes.

    • Honest labour Voter says:

      I have just heard Carwyn Jones comments on TV. “its important to show respect”
      This had made me so angry, Carwyn was protecting the Labour Party first and foremost and still is. The only regret he has, is that it has shone a light into how undemocratic the Welsh Labour Party has become.
      He won’t resign, he will hang on with his finger nails to the bitter end.

  9. Geoff Skinner says:

    He seems to be braving it out, even though most in labour think he should now go.

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