Last year Cllr Rosemary Cook and her husband were amongst the team of town councillors clad in yellow Health and Safety tabards collecting for charity at the now-defunct Christmas Parade

The forecast is that it won’t be a Yellow Christmas for Penarth town-councillors this year.

Council officials have informed town councillors that at this year’s Christmas Lights Switch on they will not be expected to wear yellow high-visibility “Health and Safety” tabards or to rattle charity collection-tins under the noses of local residents – as they’ve been required to do in previous years .

Former Penarth Town Councillor Neil Thomas (right) patrolled the opposite side of the Xmas Parade. He was to lose his seat in Cornerswell in May but was elected to the Vale Council for St Augustines

Details of the 2017 Christmas Lights event were given at this week’s  meeting of the council’s Venues, Facilities and Events Committee .

Town councillors were told –  perhaps to their relief – that this Yuletide they will have no obligation  to act as crowd marshalls, or to walk in the procession [there isn’t any procession this year] or to collect for charity.

The only sure way of distinguishing between yellow-clad  St John Ambulance volunteers, town-councillors and Police Community Support Officers was that it was the councillors who were asking for money.

On previous Christmas Lights Switch-ons councillors have been prevailed upon to discharge variety of functions associated with the event – although sometimes it appeared as though at least one or two were less than enthused about being dragooned into helping out.

Committee chair Rhiannon Birch (Labour Cornerswell) wanted to double-check this change of policy and asked the Deputy Town Clerk “So we’re not expected to wear tabards and carry buckets then?.

The Deputy Town Clerk confirmed that there would be no need for councillors to do that this year unless – as he said to laughter – they particularly wished to bring their own.

He went on to say that this year councillors would be welcome to attend but there would be “no formal role” for them, although any assistance they could give in terms of “meeting and greeting and hosting” would be appreciated .

Santa Claus and his spouse won’t be riding in a horse-drawn carriage to Windsor Road this year – but will be present at a children’s grotto

This year’s Christmas event takes place from 15:00 to 17:00 on Sunday November  19th entirely on Windsor Road – [there is no lantern parade along Stanwell Road this year] .   A stage will be installed on the pavement outside the St Fagan’s pub  with entertainment which will be provided by the Vale Council-subsidised local radio station Bro Radio

Comedian Owen Money is to switch on Penarth’s Christmas Lights on November 19th

Unfortunately the Mayor Cllr Ken Lloyd will be unable to be present –  but as previously announced, the celebrity carrying out the switch-on this year will be the tv and radio personality Owen Money who will carry out the ceremony for the council free of charge (he will also be appearing in pantomime at the Paget Rooms in January).

Santa Claus has also agreed to attend the event but rather than – as in previous years – riding through the streets in a horsedrawn carriage, will this time be appearing in a “grotto” in Windsor Road.

There will also be fairground-rides,  food and drink stalls and “live animals” on display .




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    “Poor” Penarth !

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